It's been a long time! FIRSTLY The outline of this story is by my friend Marie who can't be bothered with writing but wants comments on her idea! She asked me to write for her as a challenge to see if I could fill out a halfway believable story about her "unheard of" favorite pairing... you'll see... Yikes! Wish me luck! :P

November 3, 1970

Two girls sit on a couch inside a tiny apartment in San Francisco, sharing a bottle of liquor. The apartment belongs to the redhead. The blonde isn't her roommate, but spends most of her time there anyway. They're best friends, both fresh out of high school and quite sure they're grown up.

This blonde is also quite sure she's in love with this redhead. She's felt this way for almost a year, able to think of little else. Thanks to the alcohol, this feels like the right time. The room is quiet and somehow she finds the courage to kiss her friend. After brief hesitation, the redhead kisses back. Then stands, and takes her hand, and leads her to the bedroom.

Laying in an unmade paisley bed, the blonde's heart pounds as she's touched where no one's ever touched her. It feels good, but she can't completely enjoy it. It's already too far along to say she isn't ready. She hadn't had this in mind, at least, not tonight.

Obligated, nervous, she returns the favor without knowing how. It takes some time, but is worth it to hear her best friend exhale her name.

When it's over, they look at each other and smile. The blonde has never been happier. They sleep.

Morning comes.

The next kiss goes wrong. In the light of day, the redhead is disgusted.

Angry words are exchanged, but the blonde is mostly on the receiving end. She's thrown out of the apartment. At home she resolves to bury her heartache, crying only in secret, but often. There is no confidant to share this burden.

That night is never mentioned again. They still see each other, but it's never the same. Stories spread. The friendship quickly withers.

From then on, the blonde decides put it out of her memory, and never make a mistake like this again. And make lots of new friends. Male friends, because she likes men, men only, and men a lot. She's growing into a beautiful young woman, so it isn't difficult.

One night stands become commonplace. She's good at it, and can afford to have high standards. She likes to have a good time. Because some nights, when a man is making her body feel good, she can forget that her heart feels bad.