Broken and weak, they lie together at last
White surrounds this dreary day
Betrayed by the memories of their past
Lost are all elements of play
Abandoned in this cruel and unforgiving world
Cast away as no more than prey

Somber aura inflicted upon them
Some things can never be changed
Set in stone forever as they are, unless

The path is to be diverged

To draw strength from within can be a challenge
Will they arise again?

White. Everything was white. The canvas of his mind was blank, as if all sanity had left him, and in a strange sense…it had. Nothing made sense; the pieces of his puzzle were jumbled up and broken, and nothing was fitting together.

His mind was at a standstill, while the rest of the world moved on, leaving him behind. What had he ever done to deserve such torture? What crimes had he committing? Nothing came up, but that was to be expected. After all, how can one think, much less, concentrate, when all they can see is white? When all they can feel is white? Can they really be expected to function in one piece? He sure as hell didn't think so. In fact, the only thing he could sense other than white was a faint beeping in the background…wait…that wasn't right. His world was supposed to be filled with absolutely nothing. Was there a security breach? His mind began to run a million miles per minute. Was it possible that he wasn't trapped?

His eyes flew open, and he jerked out of his fetal position only to draw back in pain.

"Walker, you're awake!"

Yeah…well this is kind of like an intro to the new story I'm working on – that's why it's so short ^-^ YAAAAY Haha :) I've got the plot all figured out and everything! (This is very rare for me) It just came to me while I was playing basketball in the street with my sis…weird I know, but anyways, I hope you liked it. Stay tuned for the next update! :D

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