There was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" Allen yelled, sprawled on the bed; momentarily forgetting formalities. He didn't notice the large man in a suit that entered though until after he looked up from his incredibly interesting smuggled sweets.

"Are you Allen Walker?" He asked, unfazed.

"Y-Yeah. Oh! You must be here to take us to the exam. One moment, I'll go get my roommate." He scurried over to Kanda's bed where the samurai was napping, or so he thought he was…

"Kan-" A hand grabbed his wrist, flipping him to the ground.

"I'm up." He growled. Allen pretended to be in pain to keep up their charade. Kanda's move had been a little bit risky…It could be thought of as some weird foreign martial arts, right? He could never be too careful.

"Ow! What was that for, baKanda?"

"Just shut up, let's go."

"Hmph, Mr. Grumpy Pants woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Oh, sorry, I forgot. You're always like that!" Allen tossed his head pretending not to care.

"This way." The man at the door escorted them out of the room with a blank expression on his face, swept of all emotions.

"O-Okay." Allen replied hesitantly. He was not looking forwards to this, and neither was Kanda based on the scowl he was wearing. Actually…scratch the latter. It could've just been his normal face…

As they walked, he looked around so as to attempt to spot anything of suspicion. He tried, he really did, but despite his effort nothing was found. Everything was blank…again. Except this time, unlike the hospital, everything was a dull gray.

"Over here." The guide stopped in front of a piece of the wall. Using the same procedure the former man used for their room, he opened a door. He held it open and signaled for them to enter. Allen thanked him and dragged Kanda inside.

A enormous man in a midnight black suit sat at a desk, looking over them with frost-glazed eyes. "Welcome to the institution, boys. Are you ready to take your entrance exam?" A smirk grew onto his face, rivaling Kanda's and sending shivers down Allen's spine.

"Yeah…" Allen answered, not entirely sure of what to do. Kanda just 'che'd'.

The new man rose, summoning them closer. "This academy is no joke. The training is not easy, and our motto is only the strong survive. Graduates of this school have been known to accomplish great things in life. Do you wish to proceed?" A curt nod of Allen's head sent him onwards. "Very well, this way."

The room was littered with junk; piled to the ceiling, and seemingly endless. Lost toys, food in mint condition and even weapons claimed it as their home.

"Please," the man said, his arm gesturing to the chamber of wasteland. "Pick three items."

"What the fuck is the point of this? You call yourselves a martial arts academy yet this is your grand placement test?" Kanda yelled, missing the point entirely.

"You'll see." The man replied, eyes glinting. Glinting eyes were never a good sign.

"Psst! Kanda," Allen whispered, trying to grab the samurai's attention. "This is obviously one of those magical fortune telling tests!"

"What?" Kanda asked, giving the Moyashi a 'WTF are you crazy?' look.

"Keep your voice down. Now listen to me, we must keep our image up." He glanced at the man who seemed to be oblivious still. "Pick something really stupid. I know you would normally pick up a weapon, right? I would probably pick food, but let's pick something really wimpy. Like a doll, okay?"

"I'm not going to pick a doll."

"Komui told us to keep a low profile!"

"…You mean that's all he said?"


"I'm not done yet! So, all this time when you were spurting crap about 'hiding our abilities', Komui didn't even mention that? It was just your interpretation?!"

"Yes, but how else do you suppose we go about doing it?"

"We don't have to act stupid Moyashi. You already do that enough on your own anyways." Kanda ignored Allen's protests and continued. "Just stay average."

"Oh…I never thought of it that way."

"Any day now!" The man shouted. Allen scrambled away from Kanda, but less scatterbrained now as he was no longer acting 'stupid'. The only thing left was to decide what exactly an 'average' person would choose. Well…it was a martial arts school. Perhaps a weapon was the right choice, but he was so hungry…

"Moyashi, hurry up!" Kanda hollered from besides the man. He held two katana, and a plate of soba. How he had managed to find soba in this huge pile Allen would never know. Seriously, he'd been searching just as long as Kanda and the most interesting thing he'd found was a half eaten donut…

"Sorry! Coming…" He said, grabbing the first three things closest to him and dashed towards the waiting man and Kanda.

"Che, about time."

"Whatever, baKanda! I bet you didn't even…" He realized that the room had suddenly gained a serious air.

"That was only the beginning of your evaluation. Now, the real test shall begin!" The piles of trash began to descend, giving way to something much greater. It seemed to be…a platform. As it escalated further, it became evident that this was indeed a fighting mat. The room was now bare, save the platform now raised about five feet off the ground. "You are to fight each of my pupils. These are the ones handpicked by me to lead the eight class levels – the best of the best, so do not feel discouraged if you don't pass even the first level. The representative that you first lose to shall be the class you are placed into. The most common class for beginners to get into is the white group, the most basic. However, some will get to yellow, and others to orange or green even. Now I ask, which are you? Your weapons consist of the three items you have chosen. The testing is individual. Which of you would like to go first?" Allen and Kanda exchanged glances.

"You go, Kanda. We can both just stay in white for now, okay? But make it look like you're trying."

"Whatever." Kanda replied, tossing aside the soba and one of the swords. He inspected the weapon as he lifted himself gracefully up onto the stage, scoffing at the low quality of the katana. Allen rolled his eyes at his comrade's shiny movements. Showoff, he thought, crossing his eyes and assuming a crisscrossed position on the floor to inspect the items he'd chosen. To be honest, he was extremely disappointed. There was a 6" knife, a half eaten donut, and…a broken watch. Those were really weapons to take over the world with. He rolled his eyes as the man began to talk, well yell again.

"WHITE REPRESENTATIVE, ENTER! STEP FORTH AND TEST THIS NEWCOMER!" A hole opened on the mat and a scrappy looking boy dressed in a white gi(1) appeared. Allen found himself wondering how much money exactly was in their budget for making things appear from the ground. "What is your name, newcomer?"


"Kanda, hmm? Japanese?" Kanda gave him a look clearly asking if he was stupid. "You entered so gracefully and chose a katana to fight with. Perhaps you will be able to reach the elite ranking group of Noah!" Allen held his breath at that remark. The teacher had been paying attention after all…

"Actually, I was raised in Britain!" Kanda replied, raising his voice and putting on a British accent that very much resembled a certain other ahem, person.

All they could do was stare, and stare, and stare some more because, well that had been amazing and absolutely horrifying at the same time. The narcissist slash sadist, Kanda fucking Yuu had just put on a practically flawless British accent and totally erased all parts of his personality for about two seconds.

"Kanda…that was…terrifying." Allen replied shakily, still recovering.

"It was fucking perfect and you know it!" Kanda screamed back, defending his acting skills.

"It was not at all!" Allen replied, all traces of doubt had vanished.

"I bet you couldn't top it!"

The teacher, now completely drained of patient had lost his temper.

"Don't you two take anything seriously?! You shall both be placed in the probationary class!"

"I thought the lowest level was white though?..." Allen said.

"Well, I didn't think either of you would make that class, but I was proved wrong. Go learn some manners, dismissed!"

"Che, whatever." Kanda replied as he stalked off smirking as he hopped off the podium with a flip and a roll landing. Leaving a scolding Allen to keep up with him as he headed towards the exit where yet another military man was waiting to escort them.

"Listen up soldiers! From here on out things are gonna be a little bit different than your average fucked up school. Got it? Good. Now, as I was saying, we don't run things the same here. We run it better. So, run twenty laps around the field then meet me back here. Each one is a mile. GO!" The probationary teacher finished. He was a large man with short blonde hair and a muscular build. He wore shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

Allen sighed along with his fellow classmates as they all broke into a jog. He sprinted out in front until he realized he had to keep a low profile. This really sucked. He could be done in no time had it not been for Komui's little rule…

"This is fucking shit…" Kanda grumbled as he passed Allen, running just a bit ahead of him so as not to be suspicious. It wasn't quite working though…the two of them had the best toned bodies out of the entire group, yet they were in the very back. Not to mention, they were the oldest.

"What are you doing? Try! Put some fucking effort into it! If you're going to fail, fail trying!"

"Yes, sir!" Allen replied, picking up his pace a bit. That teacher was someone that would scare one easily, but it didn't affect him. Perhaps it was something from his past…He heard the teacher scolding Kanda now. He just hoped they could keep up the façade. That entrance exam had already caused enough trouble for one day.

"Fine, whatever." Kanda grumbled in response making Allen tense up. Kanda could probably pound this guy, and it wasn't really in his nature to hold back.

"I want a yes, sir! Not a 'fine, whatever', understood?" The teacher asked, mimicking him.

"Yeah yeah, whatever." Kanda said, ignoring his orders.

"Twenty extra laps for being a smartass!"


"You want to make that fifty?"

"I really don't fucking care!" Allen, seeing the danger in letting this conversation drag on much longer, ran past Kanda, nudging him hard on the arm as a warning. Kanda glared at him, but he could see the realization in his eyes as well.

The instructor snorted, "Fine by me."

"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir." Kanda spat.

"Ah, that's more like it. I like you. A hundred extra laps!" He patted Kanda on the back. "I'm doing you a favor, kid. Now, RUN!" Allen sighed having heard the entire thing. They were already not fitting in. Apparently…feigning mediocrity had proved to be an awful lot more difficult than they'd anticipated.

When he'd finally finished he jogged back over to the teacher.

"You're the last one, shortstack!" Allen groaned at the familiar nickname.

"Sorry, sir!"He replied, sitting down with all the other students earning sympathetic stares he didn't care much for.

"As punishment, you will be my dummy!"

"Y-Yes, sir!" Allen said, trying to stumble as though he were actually scared.

"You will be the demonstrator for the exercises today!"regardless

"Yes, sir." And just like that he was placed in the spotlight.

"This is what you guys will do next, got it?" He asked, scanning the sweaty faces for any sign of rebellion. "AND YOU TOO WHEN YOU'RE DONE!" He yelled at Kanda even though he was all the way across the field.


"DO YOU WANT ANOTHER 20 LAPS?" Kanda didn't reply. "Heh, that's what I thought." He turned back to the waiting students and looked at Allen. "You look like you're in pretty good shape. Did you take the entrance exam?"

Allen's face paled, "Yes…sir."

"Is that so?" He raised an eyebrow. "In that case I will see you after class for the advancement exam."

"Yes, sir." Allen gulped. He didn't think Komui would want them to move up this quickly, but if he wanted to gain their trust he had to act like he was trying. It wouldn't be very believable if a guy with abs like his came in and couldn't do one pushup. He looked at the kids in this class. They didn't exactly resemble the image of 'athletes'. Their parents probably forced them…

"Your first exercise will be pushups, sit-ups and pull-ups. One hundred of each, that's the standard." He checked his sheet. "Johnny!"

"Yes, sir?" A little boy with puffy hair and chubby cheeks asked biting his lips. He looked to be about ten. Maybe they really didn't have a chance of not sticking out in this group in the first place…

"How about you show the class what you can do?"

"What about him?" He asked, pointing at Allen.

"Did I ask him to do it?"


"Just get your fucking ass over here and do it, or are you scared?"

"No, sir." Johnny answered, walking past Allen with shaking legs.

"Assume pushup position!" He kneeled down, his arms and legs unstable beneath him.

"Down! One, Down! Two, Down! Three, STOP! Your form is atrocious! Any volunteers to help out this miserable soul?" Crickets chirped in the background. "Okay…hey, YOU!" He yelled out to Kanda who was still running.









"WHY?"Kanda asked, still shouting from across the field.



"JUST GET OVER HERE!" Kanda sighed and cut across the field so as to get to his impatient teacher quicker.

"What do you want?" He snarled. The teacher looked at him for a moment, finding it a bit suspicious that not a bead of sweat could be seen on him.

"You don't seem to be tired, so you will be the class model!"

"I don't feel like it."

"Kanda!" Allen whispered into his ear, nudging him. "Behave!"

"I am not a dog."

"It doesn't matter! The same principles apply."

Kanda rolled his eyes. "What next? You gonna pull out a bone and tell me to roll over? Just fuck off."

"I will not, baKanda!"

"Shut the fuck up!"

"Both of you get over here!"

"…" Damn…that was unexpected. There argument had gotten slightly out of hand.

"Pushup position!" The teacher yelled as they assumed their stance. "Down! One, Down! Two, Down! Three, yeah! Get your fill of looks class, 'cause these boys are doing 'em right!" He looked at them exuberantly. "You guys are dismissed to the white rank class."

"Yes, sir…" Allen replied, leaving the field to go who knows where. He'd probably just go back to his room. "Coming Kanda?" He received a 'che', but was followed. Not an actual word was spoken until they reached the door.

"What the hell? Shouldn't we've stayed in that fucking slacker class?"

"…No, it's fine. A teeny bit of strength is okay I think. Just don't show any previous training."

"How would I know if I even have training?"

"Ugh, just deal with it!"

"Whatever. Let's go train."


"The place that guy showed us."

"What place?"

"I don't know, but I can feel my body wilting just standing here!" Kanda pointed at his highly defined arm in an attempt to back up his statement.

"Kanda, you just ran like fifty miles."


"Yeah, so let's just go back to the room. You can train with that katana Komui gave you."

Kanda scoffed. "'That katana' has a name you know."

"Actually, I didn't know. Care to enlighten me?"

"Mugen. I'm going to train."

"I'm coming too!"

"Moyashi can't train."

"Why?" Allen whined jokingly.

Kanda frowned. He'd been serious… "They're too small."

I'm sorry I kinda died for a while…I got surgery for my knee and stuff so…yeah ^^; but umm…I finally finished it! Haha, well I hope you enjoyed it. I'll try to update quicker next time but that probably won't happen. Blame school!

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