A/N This Is My first MLP story which was inspired by two users called ThomasR and Kwiteshy, who wrote really good stories on Fluttershy, I love their stories and there should be more of them! Anyway, we should get on with the story aye? *Brohoof!*

Chapter 1: My Only Friend.

It's hard living in a school of brony haters. Sorry, I should introduce myself. My name is Jack Dolan and the school I go to is Bairnsdale Secondary College. (A/N My Name and School Is actual Information, No Joke!) I have no friends. Everyday I'm called gay by random people, my life is full of name calling. The whole school knows, but they don't understand, no. None of them do, at least I have friends that are bronies, but sadly, they're only online, it makes me feel better though. Fluttershy is my favourite pony, the others are okay, but Fluttershy is the cutest because she is so shy. One kid at school said that Fluttershy was the most horrible thing to happen on this earth. I don't know why I didn't hurt him, he deserved it, but I just ran off crying. I'm 14 and I CRY? What sort of person am I? I should've hurt him on the spot. I guess Fluttershy made me this way, not that I hate it.

Now, my family, that's a different story. They seem to only just tolerate the things I keep in my room. My Fluttershy doll, no I don't care that they are called dolls, that's what they were made to be called, so I'll call them that. Thank the gods I have a laptop, or else I would only be able to watch my little pony at school, which I don't get much time for, and I'm not allowed to, the teachers won't let me. I was called up to the principal's office for watching the show during my multimedia class. "Why do you watch these shows? They're for little girls" My principal asked. "Because I have no other friends, so I watch my little pony to make myself feel better" I replied plainly. "Well don't you think if you…" My Principal was cut off by my phone; the ringtone was Fluttershy telling me that someone was trying to contact me, again, very cute." I'm sorry Mr Clairntine; I have to take this call, its important. "But wait JA…" but I was already out the door.

I answered it hesitantly, because I wanted to hear the rest of the ringtone. But I did anyway. "Hey Jack!" My Online Friend said. I lived in Australia, so did he, but on the other side of the country. "Hey Bill, why did you call me?" I don't really get many calls but when I do, they are normally good news. "I'm going to bronycon!" He answered ecstatically. "Oh gods, I'm so envious of you right now!" I replied back, happy for my only friend. "I've already packed my things, my mum is waiting for me now out at her car. I won't be able to contact you for about two months; my mum has decided that this will be a family holiday. I'm sorry you can't come" He said with regret. "Don't worry its cool guy" I said, disappointed. "Stop calling me guy, it's a bad habit" Bill said with distaste. "Okay, bring me something with Fluttershy on it, okay?" I asked. "Sure, but Rainbow Dash is better" said Bill with pride. "Let's not start this again, shall we?" I asked. We argued who was the best all the time, but it was all in fair competition. "Okay, my mum is really getting pissed now, got to go NOW" he said, anxious to begin his overseas journey to the legendary bronycon. "Okay, I was talking to the principal just before" I said.

"Okay, well bye" Bill said, and hung up. I walked back into the principal's office and sat down. "I heard what you were talking about" Mr Clairntine said. "What! How did you hear?" I asked in shock and surprise. "You mentioned something called… ponycon?" Mr Clairntine asked, intrigued. After that, I just went into brony overdrive, talking to him about everything he wanted to know. "Well, I think that's a good idea for you and your 'brony' pals" Mr Clairntine said. "I only have one, and he is going" I said sadly. "Well, don't let me catch you again. "Okay" I replied. Little did I know that was the last time I would see the principal for a Long time. Since Multimedia was the last class I had for that day, I was relieved to walk out of the school gate. I was a fairway down the street when I saw the main bully: Max Deklan and his mindless followers."Hello, faggot" he said cruelly. "What do you want, Max?" I said, a little nervous. "I want you to stop watching that gay faggot my little pony shit, you retarded brony" Max said the word brony like it was some terrible disease, like the black plague. "You know I'm never going to stop, it's like asking you to stop bullying me, it will never happen" I said firmly, but I was still really nervous. "Well I guess I have to do what I did last time" Max cracked his knuckles. He took a step towards me. His lackeys mirrored his movements, trying to intimidate me. I was scared; I didn't know what to do, I just made like a scared rabbit and ran into the woods off to my left where I thought I would get away, but I just ran into a bigger problem, something that I will never forget… A/N well, how was that for my first MLP: FIM story huh? See Everypony later! *Brohoof*