Swipper, No Swipping! Swipper, No Swipping! Swipper No- Ok! I'm not really feeling the script!


I mean come on who in the hell would say "No Swipping"? I think the script needs a few changes.
I need a script people!

Dora for the love of God, please please please Shut Up! Let the director do his job and we can do ours.

And another thing who's idea was it to make me friends with a fuckin monkey? This monkey gets on my last damn nerves with his crappy spanish. Boots I'm sorry to say but you suck at spanish, take a Goddamn class!

Whatever I'm only here because I didn't get the job as Curious George.

Boots just shut up for a sec. Mr. Director can we please take a break.

Fine you all get a 5 min. break!

2 hours Later... D:

Boots put down that Bud Light and tell me what you think of the script I wrote!

Uhh Dora? I don't think children from the ages of 2-5 want to see you shoot Swipper 9 times while your laughing and stuffing money into your bra! I didn't even know you wear a bra? How old are you again!

Look whatever I'm going to show the director my masterpiece!

If you show the director your so called "masterpiece" he'll replace you! Remember how I told you about me being chimp #4 in Rise of the Planets of the Apes but got fired because i changed the script!

Boots calm the hell down I got this I'll just show the director and producers, they are going to love it!

7 seconds later... =o

So you got fired huh?

Uhhh, No way! My masterpiece was soo badass Tim Burton wanted to make it into a movie!

You soo got fired!

Shut Up!