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Oneshot: A Little Hope

A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.

- Stendhal

May 2, 2019

~From the View of Rose Weasley~

"I am sure all of you are in common knowledge of the significance for this particular day. For this is the day when over fifty brave men and woman, young and old, laid down their lives in the campaign for peace in the battle against Lord Voldemort's evil forces..."

A sob barely escaped Rose Weasley's mouth as the headmaster rang off a list of those who had not survived the Battle of Hogwarts. One of them were her late Uncle Fred, her Uncle George's twin. Even after all these years, Rose never knew the whole story about who and what happened during the Battle but upon the annual memorial service and the eve of her 13th birthday, her parents had sent her a lengthy letter detailing every single thing that happened during the great Battle.

In her lifetime, Rose Weasley had only experienced thirteen (this one included) Memorial Days; six of which she could remember. But none had affected her in this way, because for the first time, Rose understood the pain of the ones lost and the gut-wrenching suffocation of losing your loved ones. Her grandfather from her father's side had recently fallen victim to sudden heart failure.

Even magic couldn't cure him and Arthur Weasley passed into the heavens, leaving behind more grandchildren he could count and a passed love for tinkering.

Once more, Rose bit back a sob and attempted to stop the steady stream of tears as the school surged forward to pay tributes to the dead.

"It's okay, Rosie," said her best friend Pramila Thomas who clutched her hand in comfort, "It'll be over soon."

Rose mutely nodded, brushing the red hair from her eyes. If this were a normal school day, people would've been shooting looks at the girl who sobbed. But today was a day of mourning, and there was not a single happy face in the morose crowd for each had, at least, lost a family member or friend to the Death Eaters.

Rose clutched her wand tightly and moved forward. At the head of the Great Hall, below the teacher's tables (which were vacant out of respect) a ginormous oak table stretching from one end of the room to the other across; had been set. The table overflowed with portraits of the deceased, flowers, magical floating candles and a giant Hogwarts crest. Rose's eyes traveled all over, as the Ravenclaw House- who had just paid their respects- moved back. The entire Gryffindor House scattered, looking for particular portraits or candles to light or flowers to water.

Rose found that one particular portrait of a laughing redheaded man, his wand lit, waving crazily. She couldn't help the smile that slid on her face when she watched her Uncle Fred's wand explode in his face, his hair singed and his face blackened as he continued laughing.

They said he died with his last laugh etched on his face.

Just as Rose bent down to place the ever-wilting tulip near the picture, a hand knocked with hers and the flower fell into a pool of wax from a melting candle.

Fuming, Rose turned, just in time to see a steady stream of Slytherins (for a better lack of a word) slithering in beside them. And in front was none other than...

"Scorpius Malfoy," Rose spat.

It wasn't a question, it was a statement. The so-said boy looked up and for once, he wasn't smirking or making a snarky comment.

"What?" he asked hoarsely, his eyes as cold as steel.

Ross inhaled deeply, trying to control the tears- damn these fragile girl hormones- that were threatening to spring for no apparent reason.

"Watch your hand, you git. People actually want to lay down flowers, you know," she said harshly, sniffling in the back of her hand. The last thing she needed was to cry in front the school's biggest git, who, by the way, was her worst enemy as well.

Rose expected a smart retort from Scorpius, a standard sarcastic response. What didn't expect was him saying in a soft tone "You're not the only one that lost a family member, you know."

This comment hit Rose like a speeding bullet. For a moment, her eyes flitted down to Scorpius's hands. He was clutching a bouquet of white roses, his knuckles reddening from strain. Her eyes moved to the portrait he was going to lay them at: a young woman with brown hair smiling grimly while she attempted to shield her face from the wind.

The question escaped Rose's lips before she knew it, "Who'd you lose?"

She received no answer for a while before Scorpius sighed and said, "My aunt. My mom's sister, her name was Daphne."

Rose mutely nodded and shakily said, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Scorpius said, "She was getting out with the other Slytherins. Even my own mother-"

Rose cut him off, "Don't feel guilty. I bet Voldemort scared them... I mean after all, he was the Wizarding World's worst Dark wizard, right? Besides, bygones are by-"

"If you're trying to cheer me up, Weasley. You are failing miserably," Scorpius snapped, his voice shaking; but not with anger, Rose realized, with sorrow.

For a moment, they stood in silence, staring at portraits, not acknowledging each other when Rose finally spoke up.

"Well, a little hope can't hurt, can it Sc-Scorpius?"

And with that she picked up her fallen flower, it's stem broken. Muttering a quick 'Reparo!' with which the halves healed, she laid it down: right in between Fred and Daphne's portraits. She bent down and blew the candle that was lit between the two. She drew her wand once more and waved it.

A beautiful wreath of pure-white lilies appeared out of nowhere; gracefully resting between the portraits.

Beaming, Rose turned to Scorpius who, it seemed, appeared to be fighting off a smile.

After a minute, Rose sighed and turned back. Just as she took a step, someone suddenly grasped her arm. She gasped as she felt herself turning to face a slightly grinning Malfoy.

Upon seeing her face, Scorpius nearly smirked but he fought it back and softly whispered:

"You're right, Rose... a little hope can't hurt. Not at all."

That was the moment that a small spark of affection ignited in Scorpius Malfoy's heart, because that was the day he learned that some things can be forgiven... and hatred for Rose Weasley was one of them.

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