Castiel hated public showers.

Not that the showers in the company's dressing room were 'public' in the sense of the word, but still.

As one of the executives Castiel never visited this part of the building which were usually only used by the workers who actually had to get dirty while on the job, yet here he was, the sound of his naked feet echoing in the empty locker room as he made his way to the showers.

Normally he would shower at home, but due to some severe water leakage he suspected originated from the flat above his, the water had been shut off in the entire building until the problem had been fixed. The fact that he had to buy bottled water for drinking, brushing his teeth and brewing his coffee was not something that bothered him much, he could live with it. Not being able to use the shower in his own damn house however, was not.

He didn't dislike public shower rooms because he thought they were unsanitary or because he didn't like socializing with other people. He disliked it because it involved getting naked in front of other people.

He had discovered in his teens that being gay, in spite of popular beliefs, did not mean that showering with others of the same sex equaled solely good things. Especially not when the hormones in your body were already constantly encouraging your dick to go rigid from more or less anything that happened around you, even when the people surrounding you still had their clothes on. He was in no way physically attracted to the other males he happened to share space with, that was not the issue; the problem was that being a teenager meant that you had no control over your own limbs and all it took was for his brain to register the fact of 'hey, naked' and then, game over.

Needless to say it had been a hard time – no pun intended.

Therefore, even though he now as an adult naturally had become more controlled of his own bodily functions, that time had left what could only be referred to as 'mental scarring' and he preferred it if he simply never had put himself in a similar situation ever again. But as it would seem, the plumbers working above his apartment had other plans.

The solution to his problem had been quite obvious from the start, and so he had made a few enquires and come to the conclusion that after six o'clock the showers in the foot people's locker room would be empty because the workers got of at four and if there was anything you could rely on it was the punctuality of a industrial worker when it was time to go home. He had arrived to find the dressing room already with the lights out which made him feel all giddy with relief and he had proceed with undressing himself and then as a second thought placing his belongings inside one of the lockers. There hadn't been any reports of theft here that he was aware of, but Castiel was a man driven by principles and neat habits; leaving his clothes out there for anyone to see just felt wrong to him.

The company shower room was rectangular in shape, the open stalls lined along the right side from the door and hangers to put your towels on decorating the left side, opposite of the showers. The cool air made his skin prickle with goose bumps as he stepped into the open space, being faced with a minor dilemma of which of the fifteen stalls he should use before picking the one in the far corner, furthest away from the door since there were no shower curtains to provide him with any shelter should someone walk in and the thought alone was enough to make his stomach tighten with anxiety. Castiel was what many people would have called a 'shy' person. Castiel himself would have used the word 'socially misadjusted'. He could handle business meetings without any trouble what so ever, gliding through conversations with company vice presidents, directors and executives like a fish through water, but when faced with saying hello to the person standing next to him at the coffee machine his entire brain shut down and he would consider himself lucky if he even managed a smile. Having someone walking in on him while he showered was as mortifying for him as should they have caught him masturbating in the lunch room.

But there was no one here now, he was alone and he resolutely unwrapped the towel from his waist and hung it on one of the metal hangers before he stepped into his stall and turned on the water.

It didn't take long until his body relaxed and the tension slipped away from his shoulders. The shampoo lathered as he rubbed it into his scalp and then proceeded to tend to the rest of his body. As he rinsed it felt as if the uneasiness of being in a public shower was being washed off together with the soap and he found himself smiling when he turned off the water to step out and grab his towel.

That's when the door to the shower room opened and someone walked in.

Castiel froze dead for a split second before he quickly jerked back into the stall once more, pressing his back against the tiled wall as if he was a burglar from a cartoon.

The new appearance whistled happily to himself as he stepped into one of the stalls down the row, Castiel could not determine which one with the way the sound bounced of the walls. Of course it had to be a man, given that this was the men's locker room, but secretly Castiel found himself wishing for it to be a woman, then at least they would both be equally ashamed if he was to be discovered. As silly as it sounded, Castiel actually felt like he was the intruder, the fact that he was a man in the men's locker room completely irrelevant at the moment. He heard the sound of a shower being turned on and Castiel told himself that now would be a good time to simply walk out, grab his towel and leave as quick as possible, but he couldn't bring himself to move. Instead he just stood there, listening to the sound of spraying water coming from the other stall and forcing himself to breathe properly as anxiety set in and made his throat constrict around itself.

He had no idea of how long he spent standing there, but the water on his skin had grown cold and he wondered silently how long this guy planned on staying when a new sound reverbed off of the white tiles. The hair on Castiel's arms stood up, his mouth fell open in shock and then it was heard again.

The moan echoed through the shower room, low and throaty but in no way discreet and Castiel's breath hitched involuntarily at the sound of it. There was no doubt in his mind about what that sound meant and when it was heard the third time he felt his body flush furiously all over.

He knew that he had to leave, that him hearing this was both indecent and unbecoming, but he realized that if he were to walk out of the shower now it would look all kinds of weird. The last thing he wanted was to start a rumor that Castiel the executive spent his evening creeping around in the shower rooms listening to people masturbating. That and the fact that his dick had decided to pick up an interest to the situation made him stay put. Walking out now would be bad enough – walking out with a raging hard on would be downright unbearable! Closing his eyes and doing his best not to think about what was happening a few meters away he couldn't help but to feel confused. What was the other thinking? Had he not seen Castiel's towel hanging there by the wall? Or did he think the towel was left behind, forgotten by someone? But he must have noticed that the lights were on, he had to know that someone else was here… Then why was he doing this?

Maybe… maybe he likes it? Knowing that someone can hear him…

The thought made Castiel's stomach knot and his skin to goose bump again, but this time it was not from the chill in the room or the prospects of being caught.

The man had begun to pick up speed and Castiel could hear the wet slapping of skin and water as the man pleasured himself. The moans were getting louder and more earnest and the sound of them made his own cock twitch and strain against his abdomen. How the hell had he managed to end up in this situation?

"Yeah… oh fuck, yes…"

The voice made a shock of arousal shoot up his spine and his eyes snapped open, his mouth barely being able to hold back a whimper. The other man was obviously had no such restrictions, altering now between harsh breaths, guttural groans and bit back obscenities as he jerked himself of faster and Castiel could not fight it any longer. He bit his lower lip when his hand wrapped around his own straining member and started moving.

"Ah shit… sh-…oh fuck…"

Castiel's hand was matching the sound of the stranger's, careful not to make too much noise and perhaps that was the reason, knowing that he had to be quiet, that he must not be heard that made it feel so sinfully good. His body was convulsing and shivering and his fingers were like fire to his skin, the dark rumble from the other man stirring his insides like he never thought were possible.

"Fuck yes, oh it feels so good… stroking my cock just like that… ah…."

The voice conjured a vision inside his head; his hand wrapped around the faceless stranger, jerking him off fast and rough with water sloshing between their bodies, pressed tightly together while his lips trailed hot kisses along the other's jaw and neck and they were coming, sweet Jesus he was coming...!

"Yes… oh yes… yes, yes, yes…!"

Castiel's vision whited out when orgasm hit him and he could feel the coppery taste of blood as he bit through the skin of his lip, forcing himself to be quiet while the man down the row rode out his own climax, the sound of spilling semen being drowned out by running water and euphoric moans. Castiel's head lolled back as he slid down against the wall and his free hand came up to muffle the harsh pants that spilled from his mouth. The mystery man was breathing heavily as well and Castiel could picture it, how he slowly stroked himself, member growing limp and pliant in his hand as he milked the last of his orgasm out. He was so distracted by his own thoughts that he didn't notice how he was doing the same to himself, slowly letting the cooling cum dribble down his hand and onto the floor.

Soon after the water stopped running and Castiel heard the man grab his towel and walk out through the door, but he didn't dare to move from his spot on the floor until the automatic lights powered off, proving that there were no more movement inside the locker room.

He got up on wobbly legs, washed himself off and quickly retrieved his towel from the wall before practically sneaking his way back to the locker where he kept his clothes. He didn't bother with putting on his tie or even his socks, instead he pulled on his trousers and buttoned up his shirt before sliding his naked feet into the shoes, shoving the towel, shampoo bottle and tie into his bag and hurried out the door with his suit jacket flung over his shoulder, doing his best to keep himself from running.

All the way to the parking lot he almost expected to hear someone call out after him and it wasn't until he was safe inside his car that allowed himself to relax even though his heart was beating so hard it made his head ache.

That had been weird… Weird, surreal and…. He didn't know what else to call it.

He met the look from his own eyes in the rear view mirror and almost blushed at himself when the almost shameful notion of what he had just done hit him.

"How the hell am I supposed to go back there now?" he demanded from his reflection, but the mirror did not humor him with an answer.