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Love: A twisted Desire, lost in despair

I don't remember the exact date I last saw him, but the year was 2314, the year the Dialogues that Tieria had mention wreaked havoc on the world and nearly killed every living Innovator in it, including Setsuna. Soon after the battle, Setsuna, and the hologram projecting Tieria's body through Veda, entered Jupiter and were never seen again, until today that is, when all of the sudden, there was a knock on my door. I ignored it and continued my crude drawing of a heart and the initials of my name and T-chan's, a nickname I made for him so long ago.

I am old in mind, but a few days ago, a cloaked stranger appeared in my dreams, his hair was spikey and his eyes a brilliant electric gold, the same gold that appeared in the eyes of both Tieria and Setsuna. The mysterious man spoke to me, his mouth moving too fast for me to understand, and then a strange feeling filled my being. I awoke soon after, unsure of what to think of this strange dream, but when I peered into my hands, I found them smooth and porcelain like, as they had been when I was younger. My violet eyes widened with surprise and I had ripped the covers from my legs only to find them long, lean, and surprisingly fit. I stretched the odd appendages out and smiled as there were no aches or pains that racked my knees.

Springing from the bed, I looked into the full body mirror that stood at the far end of my room. In it, was the perfect image from my youth, a body not a minute over 18. My hips and legs were curved and my arms boasted toned. My face was young, without wrinkles and completely smooth. My hair was its bouncy brunette curls as it had once been and even my breasts had regained their original fullness.

Another more urgent knock brought me out of my reverie. With a sigh I removed the drawing from the table and shoved it into a well-made Victorian style desk. With a huff, I pushed my seat out and made for the door, two large oak French-style doors, with gold plated hinges and large gold leafed handles. This mansion was my great-great-great grandparents, and only in my later years had I discovered it's where-about. There was one more knock, this time less assured and more drawn back and faint. Opening my full lips, just a moment longer I relished the feel, and then called out, my voice strong and bell like.

"Who is it?"

There was no answer, just another knock.

With a pout I was famous for; I gripped the large handles in both of my delicate hands and twisted. The door gave a loud groan as it slipped inward, allowing the sun from beyond to temporarily blind me. As my eyes cleared, the shadowy figure moved forward and stood in front of me, so that the sun would shield its face from my eyes. With the motion of walking, the stranger's hair moved in a manner that was oddly familiar to me, but I couldn't place it. Still blinded by the sun, my violet eyes narrowing, I asked once more for the name of the cloaked stranger.

"You should know who I am," His voice rang forth and knocked the wind out of my lungs. It was both strong and full of authority, just how I remembered it. My lips opened into a small 'o' and my hands fell away from the door and hung loosely at my sides, all of the puckered lower lip and frowned brow vanishing from my face. "I see Setsuna returned your youth, as was my request. And may I say you do look as beautiful as you did all those years ago." The sun faded behind a blot of clouds, and the shadows retreated from his body, first from his hair, the same luscious purple I remembered. His crimson eyes revealed themselves next, all of their emotions hidden behind the blood colored irises, the very irises that mesmerized me. His nose, mouth and chin became visible, still as flawless as ever, and finally his body.

His body was as lean and fit as I could have ever imagined. He was clad in a brown cloak and dressed in black trousers and a white buttoned-down shirt, the top four buttons were left unclasped, revealing his pale skin of his toned chest. Ah, his skin, so delicate looking, so unscathed, and so beautiful. Everything I love about the man included his flawless skin. Of course, all of his old scars would be gone, since this was just another body he created from Veda's consciousness that he now shared.

My lips formed the words, but no sound came out. He smiled softly, leaving me in a daze but shocking me enough to allow a small whisper from between my parted lips: "T-Tieria Er-de." A single tear shed from my right eye. As fast as lightning, his hand whipped up and caught the tear before it could fall far from my rosy cheeks.

"Mileina Vashti, it is so good to finally see you again." With that, I rushed forward and buried my face into the folds of his clothes. My sobbing filled the air and a warm hand touched my back, rubbing soft circles to comfort me. "You don't need to cry…" He was cut off by one of my sobs. I pulled back, looking up into his eyes, lip trembling and shaking as if I was chilled.

"B-but I haven't s-seen you in so long! These aren't t-tears of sadness, they a-are of joy," I smiled up at him and leaned my head against his chest. It took about a full minute and a half to get a grip on my emotion and when finally I could talk without a stutter I invited the innovade in for a cup of tea.

We sat in the lounge area, sipping a variety of tea flavors, but neither of us made an attempt to speak, for me I was to 'lost in desires' from being around Tieria, especially after so long with no contact.

Tieria shifted lightly clearly comfortable with the current silence that reined the small room. His eyes wandered freely over my body, taking in the way that my sundress fit to my body just right, complementing even the smallest curve. Only twice did I catch Tieria staring at a particular spot, the first time his eyes were trained attentively on my face, watching my expression with clear curiosity, and the second time his eyes fixed themselves onto my breasts. I shifted uncomfortably than, a light blush coloring my cheeks. He quickly averted his eyes then and looked around the room, parting his lips as if to say something, but his hair caught my attention as it fell backwards against his back, and when he once again fixed his gaze on my face, the lush purple strands fell at a perfectly straight angle, just a few inches above his shoulder. The fringe of his hair swept across his forehead, giving his hair a more complex look.

"This is quite a nice house, Mileina. How did you come to acquire such a place?" His question caught me off guard and I fumbled over my thoughts, looking for a way to explain the place.

"I received it in a will after my parents died. It's been in my family for quite a long time, even older than my Great-great-great grandparents. It's a nice place, but it gives me the creeps to be in alone." I shivered to show how much I disliked being left to myself in this large 2 story house. "When did you and Setsuna return?"

Tieria looked out the large window, as if remembering something, his eyes glazed over and his face grew distant. I was almost afraid that the entire thing was a dream. But his reverie disappeared almost as soon as it came. "A few weeks ago, actually, but Setsuna and I have been attempting to return for few years now, and only recently have we been able to find a way to reverse the effects of GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]. Even still I don't fully understand how exactly we got back, nor do I really care. When we arrived back on Earth, I asked Setsuna to make you young again. He agreed and went on his way to find Marina, to tell her he fully understood her now. That left me with finding you, and now that I have, I'm truly happy."

I blushed again at his words and fiddled with the edge of my dress. "I make you that happy?" I whispered, barely audible enough for him to hear. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Tieria move over to my side, close enough that our legs brushed each other. The move startled me, causing the blush to creep further into my cheeks.

Tieria nodded, his eyes containing an emotion I had never encountered before. I looked away quickly, hiding my face in a wave of curly locks. A pale hand appeared under the wave of curly hair and gripped the edge of my chin, pulling it up and turning it so I faced Tieria and his fiery eyes. "When was the last time you went and had some fun?"

I thought for a second, my eyes wandering over to the window and watching as the sun reached its peak. A stray hummingbird, with a beautiful green with a red underside, landed on one of the many roses that lined the side of my house. This rose was a hybrid, mixed with red and purple to create a marble like structure on the petals. It was quite beautiful and I had even named it after Tieria, the flower reminded me of his pride and flawless surface, but knowing that on the inside he wasn't created like me, but by altered genetics, as had the flower. I sighed contentedly and looked back at Tieria.

"It's been only 24 years since I had a really good time. But that year I happened to crash my car and broke my pelvis. After that I retired from my job of mechanics and returned here to live alone and build my flower garden." Tieria looked sympathetic at the young looking girl before him, finally understanding that Setsuna and he had been away for much of the girls life and missed a lot of things in the new world. "But now that my body has been returned to how it was when I was 18, I think I would love to go out and have some real fun for once. It will be really nice to spend it with you though…" I trailed off, embarrassed at the confession.

"Are you implying that we should go on a date?" Tieria ask, humor lighting his already warm voice. I nodded, gulping back a knot in my throat. "I want to be honest with you before we jump ahead into a relationship. You must understand that at our given circumstances, it would be wrong for me to become close with you. You must have married sometime in your life, and I don't want to take you away from your rightful man."

I put a finger to his lips, silencing him. A fresh film of tears filled my eyes. "That is where you are wrong, I never married, and I never fell in love again. I never even tried. My heart belongs to you, and whatever form you take, I will always love you, Tieria Erde. No man has ever captured my heart as you did when I was 13 and then again when I was 16. It would have been wrong than, but now I have lived for 66 years, have been granted my youth again. You have presented yourself to me, and I want to explore all the possibilities that I missed throughout my life, and I want to explore them with you."

For a moment, Tieria looked at a loss for words, his mouth slightly parted, and waiting for the moment to speak. But he didn't speak; instead he leaned in and kissed my lips. It was a sweet and passionate kiss, not to fast or slow but gentle and smooth. Almost instinctively I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. The kiss made my heart flutter and excitement fill my belly. But as all things end, the kiss ended, leaving the cheeks of Tieria slightly flushed, a significant change considering his complexion. "Mileina Vashti, deep down inside my heart, lies a feeling I have never felt before, and no matter how old you may be, or how you may look, my heart will belong to you." He paused allowed a soft smile to form on his lips. "I will always love you.

"Now hurry along and get dressed, I want to spend a proper date with the woman I love. The first and not the last, I promise you. It's my turn to make you happy."

I nodded and left the small lounge and headed off to my room. I picked out a pair of shorts and a nice blouse along with some sandals and thigh high stockings. I did my hair up into a loose bun and applied some lip gloss. When I was younger I had a fetish with pigtails and headbands, but today I decided to go without the pigtails and do a simple bun with a rose hair lip to accent it. Once again I gazed at my youthful body in the mirror and marveled at my flawless skin. I didn't stray too long in the mirror, the thought of Tieria waiting down stairs had me filled to the brim with excitement and I couldn't wait any longer.

With light steps I made my way through the house and down the winding stair case back to the lounge to the man of my dreams to wisp me away from my life and into another. There he sat waiting for me, sitting where he had been and gazing at the altered rose through the window. He heard my approach and a smiled at my given appearance. "This is quite a different look for you, Mileina."

I frowned somewhat hurt at his response, "Do you not like it?" I asked timidly.

"Of course not, I think it makes you look mature and beautiful. I love it." He rose and crossed the room to my side taking my arm in his. "Well, shall we be off than?"

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