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Heart: Weak emotion, strong will

The drive to our first stop was about an hour away from my house, neither of us talked, which gave me the time I needed to take everything in and process it. To be honest, I was really ecstatic about him finally coming home, and even more so, that he came to me. For years I had debated that he had forgotten about me, that they had come home years ago and just let me be. Or even that they might have died while stuck in the ELS world. All of these possibilities and more plagued my mind since the years following the disappearance of Tieria and Setsuna.

A song familiar to the both of us played on the radio. The air inside the compact sports car filled with grief that only I showed. A while ago, he had told me the story of how he had come to know how to love. There was a girl, her hair as pure as white snow and eye as bright and red as fire. My father, Ian Vashti, knew this girl, and he and the rest of the Ptolomaios crew knew her as Hanna Karima, while she was only familiar to me as the 'Girl of Fire.' The girl had died during Operation Fallen Angels. Tear's leaked down my cheeks, for the lost girl. I hadn't known her personally, but during the four years CB went silent, my father told me a little about her, about how she was first kidnapped by CB and then eventually gaining their trust and even calling the crew her family. Than the mission that took the lives of Litchy Tsery, Christina Sierra, J.B. Moreno, Lockon Stratus and Hanna Karima, was ordered and that was the end of it.

I remember a certain conversation the Tieria had with Sumeragi that I happened to overheard when I was only 12 years of age:

"Tieria, you can't keep blaming yourself for their deaths. And you especially can't starve yourself in remorse. C'mon and eat something already." Sumeragi pried but Tieria wouldn't budge from the Gazing Platform. His delicate and almost completely white skinned hand rested on the thick glass, and his red eyes were glazed over.

"It is my fault, all of it. Lockon wouldn't have died if I had just listened to you guys and taken the back-up power system. Virtue would have worked than, and Lockon and Hanna would still be he…" He trailed off, unable to continue. Tears rolled down his sickly white cheeks.

"Dammit Tieria, eat something before I shove it down your throat. I don't need you dying on me to. I know it's hard knowing that she is gone, and Lockon to. We all lost someone dear to us. We lost Christy and Lichty and Dr. Moreno. You must understand that you are not alone in this, everyone cared about her. She was just as much family to us as everyone else, but she wouldn't want you to waste away to nothing, Hanna would want you to live on with the life you have been granted." Sumeragi stopped trying and left the tray of food on the only surface in the room, the floor.

The memory brought another round of tears to my face and I sniffed loudly,I looked over and saw that Tieria had an even face, not showing the merest hint of grief towards his lost friend, or for that matter, much emotion at all. The site left an odd feeling in my stomach, but I allowed the thought to slip from my mind as we pulled up to the parking lot of the park I suggested we should visit first. The amusement park had some of the newest and biggest roller coasters to ever be created in America. This country and even the small patches of land that were visible were some of the most beautiful sceneries I had laid my eyes on in some time. There were flowers and apple trees in hordes covering the ground. Chipmunks and squirrels ran around squeaking and chirping along with the birds.


"Yes Mileina?"

"Do you remember her?"

"Who am I supposed to remember?" He looked down with confused red eyes.

I looked back surprised. "Hanna Karima, you don't remember her?"

"Never even heard of her before, why do you ask?"

I stopped mid-step and dropped his hand. He looked back and asked if I was alright. I nodded but looked down at my feet, sorting through my thoughts. He has to remember her… he couldn't have forgotten about her, could he? Unless… of course, his memory must have been damaged during the transferring of his consciousness, he could of easily forgotten something. That has to be what it is. Only a minor flaw, later tonight I will explain to him who she was again, maybe that will trigger his memory.

With a shy smile, I slowly took his hand and pulled him forward, as if nothing happened. We walked to the park, and entered through the tall arching gates. Tieria was kind enough to pay for our tickets. As we walked down the cobble stone path, past vendors and shops and kids rides, we chatted idly about what we saw, deciding on our first ride. And just like the child that had been dormant for so long, I pointed to the Dumbo ride and smiled up at Tieria. He nodded and we got in line. I laughed like a child with a new toy as the ride went up and down softly.

Eventually it ended, and we left the ride to go onto the next. The next ride we decided on was the Tilt-A-Whirl. There were no straps to hold you in, only a metal chain. I frowned and almost chickened out of riding it, but Tieria explained that the momentum caused by the continuous spinning as it climbs in speed, keeps you pressed to the back of the platforms. I smiled at his smartness and we both go onto the ride, placing our hands over each other on the bar provided for holding. The ride started, slowly and then it went faster and faster, I screamed with excitement and tried to turn my head toward Tieria and found that it was extremely hard. I tried lifting my feet and my arms, but I couldn't. My scream turned into a real frightened scream. But soon enough the ride ended and I clutched to Tieria's arm, feeling slightly green.

When the nausea passed, we got some water, and ate Kettle corn on one of the benches scattered across the park. The conversation from earlier, about some girls crazy hair style popped up again. Tieria said something about a girl that walked by, her mini shorts showing off her butt crack and her shirt rising up to show a tattoo above her waist line. I laughed so hard that I doubled over and cradled my head between my knees as the laughing caused tremors to run up and down my spine. When the burst ended, I contracted and severe case of the hic ups, which caused Tieria to laugh, a whole-hearted sound that I had never heard before.

I stared at the usually stoic man with wide violet eyes. He calmed down enough to ask what, but I hic-upped again, causing another spasm of laughs to erupt from his mouth. I pouted. "It's not that funny!" I complained, turning away from him.

"It is. And it's really cute to." He leaned in closer and sniffed my hair, causing a deep blush to creep into my cheeks.

I stood quickly, stuttering as I asked, "L-lets go get on o-one of the big R-roller Coasters." I walked forward, leaving Tieria to trail behind me. We made it to the Roller Coaster, a huge wooden ride that wrapped around almost half of the pack, going high into the air and deep underground. By far it was the scariest ride in the park, but my adrenaline was fueling my ambition and I marched into the line, which surprisingly wasn't very long. I got the farthest back seat, and waited for Tieria to catch up. When he did, it was our time to get on. I climbed into the seat and Tieria climbed silently after me.

As the park workers strapped us into the cart-like seats, my adrenaline ran cold and I looked at Tieria with a desperate look. But it was too late to get off; the carts moved forward, the wood creaking softly. I grasped the black bar in front of us and closed my eyes tightly. Tieria grabbed my hand and held it in his, squeezing my finger. I opened my eyes, and smiled back at him, but just as the smile reached my eyes, the car dropped the-who-knows-how-long drop and plunged us into darkness. I screamed my head off over and over, and with each plummeting drop of sky rocketing climb, the scream read blood chilling. By the end of the ride I was hoarse and couldn't even speak.

Tieria decided we needed a break, so we found a small café within the park and ate burgers and fries while we watched a bumper boat match across the narrow walk way. "Do you remember those first few years, after Lockon died? When I first came to Celestial Being with my mother, I was only 12 at the time." I asked, fingering a strip of steak fries.

He looked down at his empty basket and didn't respond for some time. His face was hidden behind his long purple hair. I fiddled with the edge of my shorts and waited for him to answer. Time dragged on, and I found myself looking at a young mother struggling with her toddler child who was bawling after falling and scraping his knees. She finally calmed him down enough to get him to ride the mini roller coaster. After he gets off, he started laughing and smiling, and the mother shared his happiness.

"Yes." Tieria murmured, "I remember those days. They are painful memories. Loosing Lockon was like losing a brother. I cared less about Allelujah and Setsuna, at least we knew and had some hope that they were alive somewhere. But I watched Lockon die; I heard his last words to Setsuna. I could have helped him, I could have saved Lockon, but Virtue wasn't responding and I ended up gravely injured. My wound wasn't life threatening, and it was treated quickly. Although everyone was sad, they mourned not only about Lockon's and the other crew member's sudden deaths, but about someone else. I can't remember who, my memory is blank in so many places. I've searched Veda high and low for any missing links, but the files I thought I would find, were no longer there."

I looked at him with a small smile; at least he doesn't have to live with the pain of remembering her, maybe that will be better. Gently and slowly, I placed my hand under his chin and lifted it up. "You don't have to remember, everyone forgets something in their lives, and I think the explanation for your absent memory is as simple as someone is trying to get you to forget, and I think it's for the best. Now c'mon lets go ride so more rides and swim a bit. It's really hot out here." I said and stretched my back and legs.

Tieria nodded, falling into a new mood, the silent happy type. I still found it strange, even though Tieria had always been a little looser than he was before I arrived at Celestial Being, he was still quiet and always wore a frown. Not once during the 4 years I had been with CB, had I seen Tieria smile, even when I confessed my love to him, he said nothing and left to speak with Setsuna. I'd always known him as the stoic type, not one to express his emotions except when around Setsuna. He always found interest in Setsuna, especially during the Dialogues.

We approached our next ride, but it was starting to get late, so we quickly rode it and then headed off to the Water Park. By the time we reached the other side of the park, it was almost 7 O'clock, and the water park was closing. I shrugged it off and led Tieria to the train ride, hoping the cool night air and rhythmic turning of the engine's wheels would lull away all of my thoughts.

The train ride was about two hours long, neither of us spoke, and neither of us made much physical contact. The conductor explained everything we saw with a tired voice, slurring some of his words with a yawn. I felt kinda bad for him, having to stand all day in the hot sun and announce everything over and over again must be such a boring job. The announcer was a teenaged boy, only about 16 or 17. Tall, slender, and muscled, he was quite handsome. At the beginning of the ride, the boy introduced himself as, 'Nicholas Newman, a local that lived in the town not too far from the park.

The scenery we saw was absolutely beautiful. Looking at all the plant growth and animal activity made my worries melt away. I was still smiling even when we go off the train and walked slowly towards the exit. The sun was starting to creep low into the sky. My belly grumbled, signaling it was time to eat. Tieria laughed again, and offered to take me to dinner next. I nodded, grateful for the offer but a little reluctant after he spent so much on me today.

"Where would you like to go an each, Mileina?"

"Um, I don't know. How about…hmm…Red Lobster? I haven't eaten there in forever."

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