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Chapter One-Surprise Visitor

Edward gently stroked Bella's hair away from her face. He traced a cold finger along one of her frown lines and smoothed it out. It distressed him immensely when she looked so forlorn. Bella gazed up into his golden eyes and felt comforted by his sincere expression. He had been so gentle and patient with her of late. Ever since Jacob had disappeared she had felt stressed and unhappy. She had never meant for him to feel so heartbroken about her impending nuptials that it made him run away. Every day she checked in with Seth to see if he had made any contact, but Seth's answer was always the same.

"Not yet Bella, please just let him deal with things in his own time. As soon as I hear anything I will contact you." He assured her every time.

Edward watched Bella's face become still, she was obviously thinking about Jacob again. He sighed and stood up from her bed. "Bella love, I really do need to hunt, I can't put it off any longer. I hate to leave you alone but..."

Bella came out of her reverie and gave him a small smile. "It's okay Edward, you go. I will be fine."

"Are you sure? I will be gone until the morning."

Bella looked at the dark circles under his eyes; his skin was paler than normal. He had been putting off hunting for days to keep her company so that she would not wallow in self pity about Jacob. She had to stop being selfish. She gave him another smile. "I am okay Edward, don't worry. I will see you in the morning."

Edward nodded reluctantly, leaning down he ghosted his lips over hers and smiled as he felt the familiar tremors run through her body at his touch. He finally took his leave and left via her window. Bella sighed heavily and lay back on her pillows staring up at the ceiling. She had a feeling that she would be in for another restless night, but sleep crept up on her unexpectedly and she was soon deep in slumber.


Bella felt very warm, she shifted around in her sleep trying to divest herself of her duvet and her hand connected with smooth, hot skin instead. She gasped and sat up abruptly, her long, chestnut hair fanning around her as she stared down at Jacob. His eyes were shut and his arm, which had been wrapped around her waist, caught hold of her hand and yanked her back down beside him.

"Go back to sleep," He mumbled as he spooned behind her again and laced his fingers with hers.

For a brief moment Bella allowed herself to relax into his embrace before a sudden flash of anger surged through her body. What the hell? She struggled against his hold and finally freed herself and sat up again. Jacob groaned and flopped onto his back, one arm flung over his face. "Why do you have to spoil it Bells? Couldn't you just stay asleep and let me enjoy the moment."

"Where have you been Jake? I have been worried sick about you?" Bella yelled, pulling his arm away from his face.

"Keep it down honey, Charlie will hear you and I don't really don't want to face him right now." Jake complained.

"Where have you been Jacob? Answer me?" Bella demanded again.

Jacob stared up at her and gave her a lazy grin. "I love it when you're pissed at me, you look so sexy. I love your bed hair too Bells..." He reached up and ruffled her hair. Bella slapped his hand away in irritation.

"You're an asshole. I don't know why I was worried about you anyway..."

Jacob gave her another grin and lay back on her bed, his arms behind his head. "Cos you love me, honey."

"Get over yourself," Bella snapped, glaring at him. "Why have you suddenly come back now? Have you even bothered to go and see your dad? How could you abandon him like that?"

For the first time a dark expression crossed Jacob's face. "You're one to talk Bells. I may have neglected my duties for a couple of weeks but I am not about to go and kill myself. You will soon be leaving Charlie alone forever."

Bella's mouth opened in shock at the bluntness of his words. She shrank away from him and her arms wrapped around her waist like she used to do when the leech had first left her. Jacob shifted around and pulled her arms apart and dragged her onto his lap.

"Truth hurts does it honey?" He whispered in her ear. Bella flinched.

"I want you to get out." She said with no conviction in her voice.

Jacob ignored her and wrapped his strong muscular arms right around her and hugged her close. "No."

"Why do you do this Jake? Why are you still fighting?" The question left Bella's lips unthinkingly.

Jacob became very still, she could feel each beat of his heart as he was holding onto her so tightly. "I sometimes ask myself the same question." He admitted eventually.

Bella wriggled around in his arms, all her anger and frustration had left her, and she cupped his face gently in her palms and forced him to look into her eyes."I need you to let me go Jake. I am no good for you..."

A panicked look flashed through Jacob's eyes as he clutched her around the waist desperately. "I can't, you love me?"

"I love Edward and I will be marrying him Jacob. You have to let me go and move on with your life. "Bella begged. Her fingers caressed his cheeks and she gasped as his hold on her became tighter.

"No, you can't do can you marry him when you have feelings for me?"

"Jacob, I know this seems tough now, but I know that there is someone out there for you. She will make you so happy Jake, you deserve to be happy. I am no good for you; it will be for the best once I am out of your life for good." Bella whispered.

"You're breaking my heart Bella, don't do it. I can make you happy. I know I can..."

"Of course you could. "Bella laid her cheek against his and closed her eyes. "You are so perfect Jacob; I know that you will live a full life with a girl who can give you children. You will forget about me in time I promise..."

Jacob's hold on her loosened and Bella opened her eyes. She tried to scrutinise the look on Jacob's face but found she could not read his expression at all. "Jake?"

"So according to you I will see some random chick, imprint on her and hey presto your worries over my future happiness will be solved." He said bitterly.

"That's not what I meant, I..."

"Do you love me?" Jacob demanded.

Bella sighed; she could not lie to him however. "Yes, I love you. I have already told you this."

"I love you, so marry me then?"


"Marry me?"

"You're too young."

"Bells you are about to marry a dead man, so marry me instead and you can have the kids and a LIFE."

"Like in the vision I saw when we..."



Jacob leaned in close again. Bella did not pull away as his warm breath fanned over her cool skin. "I could kiss you right now and remind you."

Bella shook her head vehemently. She pushed against his chest until he finally released her. "Jacob we both have to let each other go now. I have been giving this a lot of thought since you went missing. I am just as guilty as you, I have kept you at arm's length, knowing full well how you felt about me, but I still couldn't let you go completely. You have always known about my relationship with Edward, but you refused to give up, I am begging you to now, for your own sake."

"So you are going to cut me off, just like that? So much for being best friends, Bella." He shot back at her.

"We were never 'just friends' Jake that was another lie we kept hiding behind." Bella admitted sadly.

Jacob felt like his chest was getting tight. He put his hand over his heart and rubbed at it absently. "I don't know what to do now? I have been fighting for you for so long...why was I never good enough?"

The pain in his voice made tears begin to roll down Bella's cheeks. She crawled back over to him and slipped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder. "Jake, it was never about being good enough. You are perfect, it's me, I am the one who could never be good enough for you."

Jacob wrapped his arms around her again and they both sat on her bed in silence, for the moment there was nothing more to say, after a while both of them drifted into an uneasy sleep encased in each other's arms.


Charlie Swan opened the door to his daughter's room to remind her that he was working a double shift today and would not be back until very late. His eyes opened wide when he saw Bella and Jacob wrapped around each other in her single bed. The duvet was on the floor and if it wasn't for the fact that Bella was still fully dressed and Jake was wearing a pair of shorts, Charlie would have not hesitated to confront both of them. It was relief however that won out, Billy had been so distraught that his son had taken off that Charlie had put missing posters up everywhere and circulated Jacob's description to his colleagues in Seattle. After two weeks had passed he had begun to fear for Jake's safety, but here he was.

He shut the door carefully and tiptoed down the stairs. He retrieved his cell phone from the kitchen table and went out the back of the house. He dialled Billy's number and it seemed to take ages before he answered.

"Hello, "He said, exhaustion was clear in his voice.

"Billy I have some news about Jake..." Charlie did not bother with preliminaries.

"You do? How? Where is he?" Billy fired questions at him in rapid succession.

"He is here, I just went to check on Bells and he was with her. They are both fast asleep still up in her room. He is back, Billy." Charlie smiled as he heard Billy's gasp of relief.

"I am coming over Chief; do not let him out of your sight."

"Don't worry Billy, I don't intend to. See you in a few." Charlie ended the call and a wicked glint came into his eyes. Jacob and Bella were about to have a rude awakening.

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