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Jacob's eighteenth birthday party was a night to remember...

The light from the flames cast a warm glow over the gathered crowd. Bella stretched her arm and watched the sheen it cast over her pale skin. Even though the night was chilly she was wearing just a thin, dressy shirt and jeans. Jacob was her own personal space heater, as he always had his arms wrapped around her when they were together, she never felt the cold. She felt his lips placing soft, warm kisses down her neck and onto her collarbone. Her skin tingled at his touch and she shifted her body closer to his. Jacob, who was sitting behind her, hugged her closer to him. Her head fell back onto his shoulder and she saw the gleam of his white teeth as he gave her one of his trademark grins.

"Are you trying to seduce me again? We just had sex before we came here. You made us late for your own birthday celebration?" Bella whispered a teasing glint in her eyes.

Jacob laughed quietly. He leaned down and caught Bella by surprise as he captured her lips with his and kissed her passionately. His tongue slid between her lips and Bella gasped at the contact. They were both so caught up in the moment that they did not hear Embry and Quil creep up on them. Suddenly they were sprayed with a shower of sand as the two of them threw a bucket load over them.

"Don't you two ever quit?" Embry said loudly.

Bella squealed and scrambled onto her feet, shaking her hair to get the sand out of it. Jacob glared over at the two miscreants. Quil was doubled over in mirth and Embry just shrugged his shoulders.

"I did you a favour man, look who's coming to celebrate your birthday with ya?" Embry pointed over to the far side of the beach.

Jacob looked over in that direction. In the distance his keen eyesight picked out the shape of Charlie Swan pushing his dad along in his wheelchair. A big case of beer was loaded on his dad's lap. "Why are they here? I specifically told the old man to keep away. This is supposed to be just the pack."

Bella stopped trying to get the sand out of her hair. "MY dad's here?" She asked in horror.

"Yes, look Quil go and get Paul to hide the alcohol, we don't want Charlie seeing that." Jacob ordered.

"Why is my dad here?" Bella asked again.

"I don't know honey." Jacob cradled Bella back in his arms and helped her pick the last remaining bits of sand out of her hair.

"Oi, you get your hands off my daughter or I'll shoot ya..." Raucous laughter echoed around the beach as Charlie weaved his way over toward them. Billy was doubled up with laughter and just about caught the case of beer before it tumbled off of his lap.

"Look at their faces Chief; I think they actually believe what you just said." Billy chuckled at his own joke and gave his son a big cheesy grin.

Charlie barked another laugh and stumbled as he tried to remain upright."Yes Chief, I think you're right. Hey you two, do you realise we are both chiefs. I'm Chief Swan and he is Chief Billy..."

Jacob shook his head in irritation. Bella just felt totally bewildered. "What's going on?" She asked as she watched her dad and Billy laugh like loons.

"Bells they are both drunk off their asses." Jacob informed her as he glared over at his dad.

Bella frowned."This was supposed to be a special night Jake. Why do they always hijack everything? Remember my twentieth birthday. We were supposed to have a candlelit dinner for two and who gatecrashes it, the two chiefs over there. I bought that sexy lingerie too. I didn't get any use out of that with my dad's eagle eye on us all night." She huffed.

Jacob gently embraced Bella in his arms. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss just behind her ear. "I got to see it the next night though, remember?" He whispered.

Bella felt a shiver of pleasure spread through her body at the sexy tone in his voice. "Oh, I remember," She breathed. "You really need to get a bigger car Jake, I love the Rabbit, but we need..."

" and Chief Billy wanna...hic...wish Jake a happy birthday." Charlie burped and banged his fist on his chest. Billy began laughing again, the case of beer hit the sand with a dull thud.

"Stop whispering in Bella's ear son. Me and Chief Swan want to wish yer a happy birthday."Billy slurred. "Ready, Chief?"

"I'm ready Chief..." Charlie agreed. "One, two, three..." Charlie waved his hands in the air as they both began to sing in off key voices, the sound made all the gathered pack members wince.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JACOB, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOO YOU..."The two men drew out the last word and began chuckling again.

"WE need another beer to celebrate Chief Billy..." Charlie declared. He staggered over to the case of beer and chucked one over to Billy. The can landed five feet away and Billy glared at Charlie.

"What sort of throw was that Chief?" Billy grumbled as he tried to manoeuvre his chair through the sand to reach it.

Charlie scrambled back to his feet. He gave Bella a lopsided smile, his eyes nearly crossed as he tried to focus on her. "Bells, you know that Jacob and his friends can't have one of these beers. You are all un...underage. So leave these for...for the grownups."

Bella bit her bottom lip hard to stop herself from yelling back at him for spoiling Jacob's birthday celebration. "Yes dad," She replied, a steely tone to her voice which Charlie missed completely.

"Good girl, well me and the Chief are gonna go and sort out that dire music that Sethy is playing. You youngsters have no idea about proper tunes." Charlie gave Bella and Jake a scary smile, his moustache bristled as he swayed from side to side getting into the rhythm.

"That's right Chief, you show 'em how it's done." Billy held up the can he had managed to retrieve and toasted Charlie's amazing dance moves.

Bella turned around and buried her face into Jacob's broad chest, the laughter of the pack ringing in her ears...


Sam and Jacob chucked Charlie none too gently on the bed. He gave out a groan as he clutched his stomach. "Ooh...I don' feel great." He mumbled as he curled up on his side.

"I bet..." Jacob placed a bowl next to the bed and marched out, Sam following close behind.

Quil and Embry emerged from Billy's room. They had just settled Billy on his bed; they could already hear his loud snores reverberating through the house. "I put a bucket by his bed." Embry said in amusement.

"Those two are unbelievable; they get worse every year that passes." Jacob grumbled.

"Ah come on Jake, they are like the entertainment. Your old man and Charlie singing that duet was the highlight of the night." Quil laughed.

"I am going to destroy that CD. I thought they were going to sing 'Grease Lightening,' not 'You are the One that I Want'...ugh." Jacob cringed at the memory of his dad and Charlie warbling the lyrics to each other. Bella had turned so red, Jacob thought she was going to faint with mortification.

Sam couldn't contain his laughter anymore, he tried to feel some sympathy with Jacob but it had just been too funny. He recalled the happiness shining from Leah's face as she watched the older men's antics; she had never looked so beautiful. He strolled over and hit Jake on the back. "Come on man, Lee and Bella are waiting in the truck. Let's leave these two old fools to sleep off the drink, I mean you and Bella have the Swan house all to yourselves for the night. Charlie has done you a favour." He gave Jacob a sly wink.

"That's true..." Jacob's expression brightened up at once. "Come on, let's get out of here."

The other's laughed as they watched Jacob make a dash for the door.


Jacob switched off the engine to Bella's truck. The resounding silence made them both glance at each other and laugh. "I think the engine needs servicing again." Jacob said randomly.

Bella gave him a playful smile. "You can service my engine anytime."

Jacob tried to keep a straight face. "Bells, that was really lame." He said eventually and they both burst out laughing.

"Yeah...oh god Jake what a night, our dad's are getting worse. I have never been so embarrassed." Bella's cheeks flushed as she recalled her father's antics.

"It was a night to remember honey. We can wind both the so called 'Chiefs' up for years with what they did tonight." Jacob replied with relish.

Bella turned her chocolate brown eyes onto Jacob. "The night isn't over yet birthday boy..." She suddenly pushed the door of the truck open and leapt to the ground. "Catch me..."

"Always..." Jacob murmured before he followed her out of the truck. He caught her up within seconds and hauled her up into his arms. Carrying her bridal style he ran up the steps and after fumbling with the key, they finally entered the house.


"Which room?" Jacob asked. He gave Bella a gentle kiss on the lips before looking around the downstairs area.

Bella gave the matter some deep thought. "Well...we have done my room, the living room..."

"There was that one time on the stairs..." Jacob gave her a smug grin as he recalled that particular passionate encounter.

Bella grabbed hold of his face in her hands and rested her forehead against his."Oh yeah, that was epic...five days we were apart, what a reunion..."

Jacob's expression turned serious when she mentioned their time apart when she had gone to visit her mother in Jacksonville. "I hated it, not having you here..."

"Hush...I promise next time I visit Renee, you will be coming with me..." Bella vowed. She leaned toward Jacob and stared intently into his eyes. "Happy birthday, Jacob."

Jacob pressed his mouth to hers. Their mouths moved against each other's gently. Jacob adjusted Bella in his arms so that he was holding her in front of his body. Bella smiled into the kiss, her legs wrapped around his waist tightly, making him moan softly as her centre rubbed directly onto his erection. He walked backward into the kitchen until he bumped into the table. Bella's eyes flew open and she giggled when she saw where they were.

"Here?" She enquired.

"" Jacob deepened the kiss and turned round so that he could place Bella carefully on the table.

Bella pulled away momentarily so that she could yank the shirt off over her head, her bra soon followed. Jacob's hand slipped down to the button on her jeans and snapped it open. Bella wriggled about and finally kicked them off. Jacob pulled his shorts off and chucked them to one side. Within moments they were both completely naked. It was at this point that they slowed down as they let their eyes ravish each other's bodies.

Bella's fingers reached out and traced every groove and curve of Jacob's muscles. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation her wandering hands were causing as they stroked and caressed along his warm skin. Her hand reached the tangle of hair above his erection and she grasped hold of it and ran her fingers teasingly along his length. His eyes flew back open and he gave her an intense look, full of desire and passion. Bella loved that expression.

Jacob took hold of her face between his hands and kissed her hard on the lips. Bella gasped and she let go of him as he stepped in between her legs and entered her easily. One of his hands let go of her face and palmed her breasts, caressing the nipples before his hips began to move slowly as he made love to her. Bella's thighs tightened around his waist as she arched her back, pulling him in further, enjoying the sensation that he was inducing within her. He filled her completely and she moaned his name as he began to move faster.

Their lips met again and Jacob wound one hand in her hair as he coaxed her lips apart and their tongues met, they explored each other's mouths as their movements became more frantic. Bella's fingernails dug into Jacob's wide shoulders as she felt her body tightening around him. The release she was seeking was so close and her whole body tensed as she felt his movements speed up.

"I love you..." She managed to choke out as she finally fell over the edge. Jacob groaned as he felt her whole body shudder with her intense orgasm. He pulled her close against his body as he thrust within her a few more times before he found his own release.

"I love you too, honey." Jacob whispered as they both held tightly to each other as they let their bodies cool down from their recent ardour. Bella laid her head on his chest and listened to the frantic beating of Jacob's heart, her lips quirked into a contented smile.


Jacob lifted Bella back into his arms and carried her to the sofa; they snuggled close to each other and enjoyed the peace that had settled around them. It was not often they had the house to themselves. Jacob let his hands wander over Bella's body, his warm fingers trailed down her arm, over her breasts and eventually her thigh. He stroked along the inside of her leg and she opened her eyes and gazed at him, her lips spread into a lazy smile.

"What are you thinking about so hard Jacob Black?" She asked as she felt his hand wander between her legs,

"You..." he said, desire shining in his dark eyes.

"Yeah..." Bella sighed in contentment as his fingers caressed her gently, making her whole body shiver with pleasure. "You are so good at that."

"Bells I want to ask you something..."Jacob's lips brushed along her earlobe as he spoke, making her quiver with anticipation.

"Yeah..." She said again, her euphoria making her whole body relax against him.

"Will you marry me?" He breathed against her skin as he ghosted his lips along her neck and back up to the shell of her ear.

Bella's eyes flew open and she gazed at him lovingly. "You want me to marry you, really?"

"Yes, will you?" Jacob asked again. His hands reached up and cupped her face gently.

Bella was silent for a moment before a wide smile lit up her face. "Yes..."


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