Tier fifteen?

"What about tier fifteen?" Finn asked freeing his arm from the foil that covered his entire body and made him look like a giant Everything burrito.

"YOU STAY AWAY FROM THAT!" Jake yelled in a sudden mood swing, frowning and pointing the intrigued boy with his not laddered arm.

Finn stared at him with a blank expression on his face while still pointing what turned out to be an infamous step in "dating junk's natural path." What could be so bad about it if his brother had just told him that every other tier was special and important? "Glob, I never thought that, there are forbidden steps that we'll have to avoid when dating a girl!" the human boy replied once they started walking again.

"Hmmm, well… it's not like it is forbidden…" his older brother tried to explain while trying to figure out how to make Finn understand without messing up his brain or giving him the wrong idea "I mean, you'll have to get into it at some point of your life…"

"Really?" Finn gasped "but get into what bro?"

Jake froze realizing that he had made a terrible word choice "Listen boy, you are not old enough to get into anyone- I mean into anything- I mean! You won't be getting into nothing! Okay?" the growled in frustration "What I'm trying to say is that, you can't reach that tier unless you are ready and properly prepared to go through it…"

"But Jake…" the boy said standing in front of him "I'm ready and prepared to go through anything with her!" his eyes sparkled and grew big in a toon-like way.

The dog blushed and tried to hide his face "Finn!" he moaned, "You don't even know what you are talking about!"

"Well, I would know if you dared to tell me what's that tier about!" Finn replied impatiently.

"I can't!" the yellow dog shouted, "You are not ready, not even Lady and I are prepared for it!"

Finn gave him a puzzled look "It must be something pretty bad, if gets you into that nervous state man!"

Jake slapped his face "It's not something bad, it's something natural! Almost challenging for both and you'll probably end up falling even deeper in love with her, but get this inside your head bro, it's not your time and I won't talk about it tonight either!"

"Okay, man I get it." Finn said trying to unwrap himself and started to walk again.

Jake sighed feeling a delicious wave of relief hitting his body. He just didn't want to talk about that yet. Since their parents weren't there for them anymore, Jake knew that the heavy responsibility of telling the young teenager the "Birds and bees" story was over his magical dog shoulders but dang! The kid was growing up too fast for him.

"You can explain it to me tomorrow!" Finn shouted jumping happily around him "Yeah bro? Pleaasee…you know how much I like her! I really want to share whatever it is with her!"

"What?" Jake screeched, "That's not what I meant when I said that I didn't want to talk about it tonight!" he scolded his brother again "We'll talk about it in….mmm…" the dog mumbled rubbing his chin "Ten years! Yeah, maybe seven if you are lucky!"

"Hey! That's a lot of time!" the boy complained frowning.

"If you wanna know, then be patient!" Jake said playing wise "Good things always come with time and-…" He noticed that Finn was leaving at high speed towards another direction "W-where the math are you going?" he yelled in terror.

"I'll go ask Marcy about it!" the boy replied sticking out his tongue at him.

"Finn! No! COME BACK HERE!" the dog cried trying follow his pace "Don't you dare to ask her about that! Finn, are you listening? FINN!"