In a remote castle hidden by many layers of seals, a man sat on a throne. His eyes were blood red, and his fangs were white as the full moon on a clear night. His long silver hair draped over his shoulders, and in his hand was a wine glass filled with a red liquid.

"My lord, it appears that boy's power has awakened."

The man's servant spoke to him with the utmost respect and fear.

The man then spoke in a deep voice that would instill fear in even the bravest and most powerful beings of any time.

"So it would seem… However I can tell. His powers are still immature. He cannot willingly control them yet; before he can control them we must eliminate him once more. This time no mistakes shall be made."

The man's servant bowed deeply and spoke.

"I am deeply sorry that my last attempt on him failed, however I did not expect that devil to revive him. After I confirmed his death I left to return here, however on my way back I sensed that his life had returned, when I went back to finish the job, there were 3 devils, one of which was far too powerful for me to even think of attacking. I apologize for my cowardice; I should have brought the body with me when I returned."

The man replied to him with no hint of anger in his voice.

"You need not apologize. I am aware of the strength of that devil you spoke of. Even I would have to be cautious when approaching him, his power is monstrous."

After a slight pause the man continued.

"Send the Bloodwing twins to deal with him, tell them that when they kill him to bring the body back to me, and tell them to take the lives of any devils that get in their way as well."

The man's servant bowed once more and replied.

"It will be done my lord; I will have them sent off immediately."

Once the servant left the room, the man muttered to himself.

"I will not allow that man's half breed son to stain the reputation of the noble vampires. This time for sure, you will not escape death, Gasper Vladi."