"Well everything seems secure, but you never know..." Stormer said, he was on patrol (he drew short straw) and everything was secure. Everything? No. A shadow sweeps across a moonlit hall way. It seemed to be clad in red and blue. It made his way to the blueprint room. He saw the shadow and gave chase but missed it going to the blueprint room. The figure replaced two blueprints and left. It looked back as he ran and saw the silhouette of Stormer. He turned and saw the figure and ran after him and this time he caught him!

"I've got y- huh?" Stormer said puzzled.

"LEMME GO!" shouted the figure.

"Haven't I seen you before kid?" He asked.

"Stormer, is that you?" the kid asked.

"Yeah, what's your name kid?" he asked.

"Dave, sir." he replied.

"Did I see you run out of the blueprint room?" Stormer asked.

"Uhh…" Now Dave was stressed, "Well I, uh…"

"Out with it!" Stormer persisted.

"Would you be mad at me if I said yes?"

Stormer seemed to mull over that for a moment, "Well-l-l…" he began "As long as you didn't steal anything from there you're free to go."

"Thanks sir!" Dave remarked, and ran off.

"That kid," Stormer said, "is a nut!" and he then went off, back on patrol.

"Yes Quadal, I know! I was just gonna check if any new Heroes are gonna be made today," Zib said, "hmm we do have one scheduled for today...and another scheduled for tomorrow."

Zib started up the system and the machine started up and the blueprints went into the computer

"Hey that's weird; I thought we were having a Hero model more recent!" Mark Surge remarked when he looked at Zib's computer.

"SURGE! How dare you be so nosey?!" Zib said disapprovingly.

"Sorry, Zib." Surge shrugged.

"Now what was tha- HOLY QUAZA! You're right Surge!" He exclaimed.

"ZIB! How dare you not believe me?!" Surge said imitating Zib

"Oh well, better start then." he said, "If it's in there, it should be made, I haven't seen a 0.5 hero model in years!"

The Assembly Tower booted up and a Dave stood watching from the sidelines.

"I think you'll be one of the best heroes ever made" Dave said.

The smelting area was busy making the parts for the new Hero. Dave appeared and dropped a couple of other, special, parts in. He hacked into the blueprint system and added the final touches with help from a hijacked astro-mechanics droid.

The new Hero was just finished, then he got its first super charge, and his personality came into shape

"THE NEW HERO'S MADE! THE NEW HERO'S MADE!" Surge screamed with excitement.

"Calm down calm down" Natalie Breez said "we can go see him, or her, soon"

The new Hero walked (well stumbled) off the creation platform and tripped

"Ooof! Ow!"

"What's your name?" Surge asked, and then the new Hero's programming kicked in.

"My... Name... is..." he struggled.

"Give him some rest. He just came off the Assembly Tower after all." Breez reasoned.

"No no, I can speak" I protested, "My name's Darklite Slizer!"