Me and my brother Acziome got pushed back by an explosion.

"Take that meddling heroes!" shouted Xplode.


The training sphere turned off and they stepped off.

"We're not gonna make heroes out of you this way! Get back in there!"
Stormer scolded.

"No way Jose" Acziome said.

"That was way too intense!" I agreed.

"Ohh fine, you can go. But you have to get more training time in the Training Sphere this afternoon!" Stormer called after them.

"Alright, Stormer!" I said, not really paying attention.

Just then Zib stepped in front of them!

"I have a mission for you!" he said "There has been strange activity at the old hydro-electric plant!"

"But no-one uses that plant anymore! We use crystal power... for our buildings anyway." Acziome said

"I know but I still need you to check it out." Zib said

"Okay! We'll do it!" We both agreed

We got to the Hydro-electric plant in just under an hour. The whole place was as rusty as a 200 year old piece of metal. "Creepy…" was the only thing that came out of our mouths.

"Hmmph! Ermmgh! Ohh, it's no use! The door's stuck fast!" Acziome said.

"Let me try!" I offered. I blasted the door 5 times with my up-scaled Droideka Blaster, but I only left dents!

"Wait, dude, Remember when you slipped on the metal floor and you got charged with blue sparks? You were a lot stronger and faster so if you slide down this concrete wall here you may be able to punch the door open!" Acziome said

I slid down the rough concrete wall and was instantly energized with a new exotic power!


"Alright you megalomaniac, let's see if you can punch or kick the door down!" Acziome said.

"Huh? Oh yeah, right!"

*CLANG!* *CHUNK!* I kicked the door down and revealed a dark and damp cavernous area! Once again the only thing that came out of our mouths was "Creepy…"

We went in, and they saw a huge network of pipes.

"This place is big!" Darklite exclaimed.

"And creepy! I half expect to see a zombie jump out somewhere!"

"Well, a zombie won't, but something else might." I went to a console. "I wonder what button does the lights."
He pressed one and the lights flicked on, leaving hardly any change.

"Old hydro-electric plants; creepy lighting and rusty pipes our specialty." Acziome quipped.

"Good one." Darklite chuckled.

As they went deeper into the old plant, they had the unsettling sensation of someone watching their every move...