All that crying… (Seriously, how does he do that?!) So loud. So wet.

I turned my comm link on, "Darklite here: I've caught the person who was disturbing the scanners. Over."

"Good job! What's all that yelling? Over."

"Oh, that's the person who was disturbing the scanners. He's now disturbing the peace!" I grumbled, my hope that he wouldn't hear him getting crushed.

"Why is he yelling? Doesn't he like being cuffed? Over."

"I took the, you don't have to say over every time you know, I took the cuffs off."


"So his hands could have room to cover his face."

"Why does he need to cover his face?"

"Are you writing a book or something?!"


I sighed (How?!) "He's crying."


"Just come over here, I need your help."

"Okay… Over and out."

"Over and out."

I sighed, why is he crying (HOW, MAN, HOW?!) over all of this. He's probably mentally unstable.

"We'll help you out…" I said, feeling more awkward than I ever felt before in my life.

"Thank you." He sniffled, "My name is Jet-air by the way."

"Jet-air?" I asked, pronouncing it asbestos I could.

"Yes *sniff* that's me." Jet-air replied.

"Jet-air…?" I pondered, and then he looked at me funny.

"No, you don't pronounce it Jet-air. You pronounce it Jettair. And its spelt J-E-T-T-E-R-R-E."

"Oh! Jetterre! I've got it now."

"Hey, he's not crying anymore."

"No, you're not. Did you get over it or did you get distracted?"

"I guess I got over it…" Jetterre replied.

"Well, you're still under suspicion… I'll have to put the cuffs back on."

Acziome put the cuffs around his wrists and they took him back to the Hero Factory HQ.

"We've caught him!" Darklite announced.

"Excellent work, Darkli- Jetterre!?" Zib said astonished, "I haven't seen you since… Since you left with Stormer to go on a mission, almost two years ago!"

"Who are you again?" Jetterre asked.

"You don't remember me?" Zib asked.

"Nope, and I never forget a face. But the name that goes with it however… Anyway, I don't remember seeing you either." Jetterre replied.

"Interesting… You were with Stormer when I assigned you the mission."

"I was probably preoccupied with something while you were givin' us the mission. I get bored easily."

"That's the Teen-ager persona at work; Mr Makuro added that in for some variety."

"Did he really?!" I asked, "I thought that was the rebellion from the Hero Factory at work."

"Darks, I'm done with that." Jetterre said, "I kinda like you guys."

"What?!" I asked, shocked, "We captured you, and drained your energy! How can you like us?"

"I'm open minded." He said simply.

I looked off at the other two, confused.

"He's mentally unstable." Zib whispered.

"No kidding." I whispered back.

"Um, *ahem* Jetterre, We might have to attach a temp-core on you… Again…"

"NO! NOT THE TEMP-CORE!" Jetterre protested.

"I know you don't like the temp-core, but we need it to calibrate your personality."

"It makes me feel weird!" he protested, obviously losing the argument.

"I'm sorry but your new friends would have to agree with me, don't you?"

"Uh, what's a temp-core?!" me and Acziome said in unison.

"Moving right along." Zib segued.

I rolled my eyes, and then he got out this huge metal monstrosity, about the size of a pizza box that has been opened to the point where it's flat.

"That's supposed to go on your chest?!" I exclaimed.

"Well, yes. *Grunt* We have to come up with a lighter one." He said.

"No kidding! How much does that thing weigh?!"

"About 75 pounds." Zib grunted.

"That's supposed to go on your chest?!" I repeated needlessly.

Now it was Zib's turn to roll his eyes. He attached it over Jetterre's Hero Core, and it began glowing a little.

I stared at it, relieved I wasn't mentally unstable, then I'd have to use it!

Jetterre grimaced, and then walked off.

"Zib, I have a request I would like to make…"