America's morning grooming ritual had become a little more difficult as of late, he reflected as he picked up the file.

The Altern-Earth Alliance was healthy and thriving, and trade between the two planets was brisk. Unfortunately for the nations, immigration and emigration were as well. Alternia wasn't a marvellous environment for humans, but the Alternian Empire held several planets with no or few inhabitants which were safe for human life, and a few thrill-seekers and scientists had set up bases on the troll planet.

Human immigration was one thing. Nations, in human form, were an intermingling of what their people assumed they would look like. With increased immigration, maybe his tan had deepened and the shape of his features had changed ever so slightly, but basically he looked the same. Unfortunately, he hadn't quite got the hang of integrating his troll population. Trolls and humans cannot interbreed, so he couldn't pass the changes off as mixed ancestry.

The upshot of all this was, he was now filing down his horn stubs in front of the mirror.

He reflected as he did that at least he was better off than some of the others. Now China's jaw hinged in a subtly disturbing manner, almost insectile, and when it opened the teeth it exposed were like those of a shark. Japan was barely able to conceal his fin-like ears under his hair, Seychelles' favourite sundress clearly showed the outline of gills on her ribs, and America had seen Canada cut his hand and stain the carpet indigo. At least America could wear a hat.

He fluffed up his hair and tried on a fedora. Brought back memories of the 1920s. Ah, those were some good times. And it went decently with his suit. Hopefully none of the mortals at the UN building would ask why he was wearing it indoors.