A hero I am. A hero I am not. A secret I keep. A truth I do not say. A warrior I am. A silent knight I am. Dark colors. Light heart. Protecting people I will, for it is my duty. For the power I have been given I did not choose to have it, but I have chosen what to do with it. I will protect those precious to me. And those I don't know. It is my duty. As a citizen, as a person with power. Will I ever be free? Perhaps. But more likely than not, no. My duty is to the world. Even after I have done my job. But I guess that after one war, another is on its way. A war on my beliefs. A battle for all times. Now a first step, into another chapter.

Jaime Reyes

Odd Della Robbia


Nightwing reread the monitor. There was no way. It made sense, but this was not something he expected. But if it was really needed, then he would not deny it. The team had gone around the world and for the most part had done a good job. But that was easier with villains that spoke English. Those that didn't made things a bit more difficult. Nightwing knew that firsthand that M'gann didn't understand Jaime when he was thinking in Spanish rather than English.

So the team needed to learn. Jaime knew Spanish. Garfield new a little French (minimum). And Barbra knew German. But that was it. The team was limited because of it. He knew that first hand.

And it must have been insanely important if Batman had gone through the trouble of messaging Flash to tell him during his interstellar mission. It took a while for Flash to actually tell him of course but once he got the message. They needed a teacher. One that they would listen to. Obviously not someone older by much. The male members seemed to lack focus. Nor someone who would just hit on the member's either. He sighed realizing that his only seemingly good choice would be to get a younger teacher. One of their age or younger. Sure the guys might not listen at first but if the girls decide to be sympathetic towards the teacher then the guys would listen too.

And that brought on another point, how many kids their age could they trust who were multi-lingual? Well, he wasn't raised and trained by Batman for nothing. This shouldn't take any more than a few hours.


"Leave me alone!" cried a voice following the slam of a wooden door. Odd crouched down behind his bedroom door in a little curled up ball. Tears began to fall down his cheeks as he tried to calm down. He hated it here. He hated being in Italy with his five older sisters. His mean older sisters. He just wanted to leave. He wanted to escape. He missed being near people who wouldn't torment him on a daily basis. He missed Aelita and her naïve and learning ways. He missed Jeremie and his persistent nagging that he should really focus on his school work. He missed Ulrich yelling at him to turn the music down and then later laugh with him about something stupid Sissi did. He missed the way Yumi would look at him like a little brother and a friend, protecting him similarly to how she protected her own brother.

He missed laughing and teasing Sissi. He missed guiding Milly and Tamiya in Kadic so they could one day become famous reporters. He missed Jim's eccentric ways and his stories that he would rather not talk about. He missed the relationship attempts with the girls of Kadic. He missed the thrill of being caught. He missed sleeping in Mrs. Hertz class and saying something that would in turn make everyone else laugh.

He missed having a family. Wow. Pretty sad that he was asking for a family because his family was crap. Well it was true. His mom was never home. His dad was away working for the military (or dead for all Odd knew, he had not seen nor heard from the man since he was five) and his sisters took pride and joy in tormenting him.

"It's not fair. I saved the world countless times, freed a girl from an electronic prison, continue saving lives and live the best years of my life and now am forced to live back here in this hell hole? God… if you're out there, please send help. Please save me from here."


Nightwing looked over the computer once more. Fifteen choices. Eleven girls and four boys. He hated to eliminate the girls right off the bat but Barbra was getting a bit annoying with the fact that he had made an all-girls team and had no reason to make an all guys team. So a male teacher wouldn't add to her fire. That left a Japanese prodigy (no way as he was attending a high end university and he would have to go through a lot to get him), a boy in Congo (who had quite the criminal record so he was out), a Russian and an Italian.

The Russian was nothing to fancy. Just a normal-ish boy who knew German, French, English and Turkish. The Italian was a little more like the members of the team though. His picture was of a blond with a purple spot. He was wearing a purple outfit and had a smile almost as big as one of the Flash's. He knew Italian, French, Spanish, English, Romanian, Japanese, Chinese and surprisingly Nynorsk.

His name was what really caught his attention. His name was Odd. No seriously. It was Odd Della Robbia. He would say it was an Odd name but that would be redundant and a pun showing he had spent way too much time with Wally recently.

He seemed to be a good kid. No criminal records, albeit, at school he seemed to be very sneaky and had a certain quality to get along with just about everyone there. He was better than the Russian boy it seemed. Mr. Robbia it was then. All he needed now was an excuse to get the young Italian overseas.

"Break Break Break Dance
Break Break Break Dance
Break Break Break Dance
Here we go-o-ooo!"

Nightwing looked back at the computer. A video with Odd and a few other people. It was something he could have sworn Wally would've done. It was weird. It was different. It was creative. It was… it was perfect. A plan formed in Nightwing's head. Now whether or not it would work was yet to be determined.

One week later

Odd walked to his mailbox for his sisters yawning early in the morning. He was tired from his sisters blaring American rap music all night. Seriously? He liked music but couldn't they play some rock music? No. Why? Because they were his sisters. And they enjoyed rap music and his obvious displeasure. Two birds, one stone.

He looked through the mail to see if any of the Lyokoans had sent him anything. They had said that they would stay in contact. But alas, nothing had arrived. He knew he had sent letters the very day he got back home and then sent one two days later repeating every three or four days.

He glanced through until he came across two white envelopes with his name. There was no return address on one. The other had someplace in Gotham America. Like there was such a place. Now normally he would say it was junk mail and toss it out, but he was bored. So he would read it and have a laugh. He ripped open the envelope to find what looked like a very formal document. He raised his brow suspiciously. This didn't look like one of his sister's pranks. They were a little less formal and more of a…'you'll die in seven days' kind of girls. He began reading the paper. It was cleanly written in English.

Dear Mr. Odd Della Robbia,

"OOHH! Fancy!" he laughed out loud.

You have caught our attention that you have made a large influence in the arts community in your recent years. Your video of Break Break Break Dance, your tributes to your school with your bass and your guitar, and your writing skills for the Kadic story contest was phenomenal. You have shown that you are also very capable in the athletic department. Showing both excellent physique and skill.

We hope that you would accept our offer to come to America for an education at Gotham academy. Here you will have a high end education worthy of your skills in art and in language. Please fill out the forms inside the envelope.

We hope to hear from you.

Dean of admissions

Andrew Throcmorton

Odd looked at the paper again. This was… a prank. Gotham? America? No way had they heard about him. He didn't throw it away though. He began walking to the house. He pocketed the envelope with no return address to avoid that prank he was doomed to walk into if his sisters saw him with the envelope. He slipped into the house undetected, placing his sister's letters and his mother's bills on the counter.

He made his way to his room with the unread letter in his pocket. Once in his room he locked the door and began opening it up. He pulled out a small piece of paper and a small machine. He unfolded the paper to read the contents. Written crudely and hardly legible he struggled to make out what it said. It wasn't in Italian. Nor in Nynorsk. It was written in English as well.

Odd. When you are alone, press the button.

It said nothing more. Odd frowned. If it was a prank… he just sighed. He might as well get it over with. He pressed the button firmly. He felt a tingling sensation that could only be described as going to Lyoko all over again. The light airy and almost floating feeling. Being broken down. He closed his eyes almost relishing in the oddly familiar feeling. Once the feeling had passed he opened his eyes and looked at the small device. It was probably from Einstein.

But of course reality set in that it was probably not Einstein when he realized he was not in his bedroom anymore but rather some sort of cave. He blinked and looked around. This was weird.

"This is weirder than my dream with the potato epidemic where potatoes couldn't be eaten anymore and there were no French fries or mashed potatoes anymore," he said to himself. Being his curious self he began to walk around. He placed his hands along the cool stone walls. He smiled a little remembering the mountain sector in Lyoko and the rare caves that let in seemingly no virtual light until you realized you could see where you were and where you were going.


Nightwing looked at the monitor as it blinked an urgent message. Looking over it he let out a small smile. The teacher had just arrived. He sat up from his chair and began to move quickly, hoping that none of the team found Odd before he did. That was one bit of confusion he would rather not have.


Enemy approaching; activating plasma cannon.

"No!" Jaime hissed at the scarab as he grabbed his arm keeping the weapon from truly finishing. Jaime scowled at the little aggressive bug on his back that was hidden by his clothes, "There is no threat here. And would you stop with the plasma cannons?"

But there was humming. Jaime raised a brow and walked toward it carefully. None of the team (as far as he knew) ever took to humming. It didn't take him long to find the source of the noise. A kid, younger than he was, was walking down the halls nonchalantly and almost carelessly. Jaime walked up behind the kid and tapped him on the shoulder.

The younger boy whipped his head around and yelped.

"Whoa! Who are you?" he asked. Jaime blinked. Was he… was he a new member of the team? Didn't they usually have meetings about that? And had he even hit puberty yet? His voice was shrill and almost feminine. An innocence held in his voice.

"I am..."

Don't give him your name. Target must be eliminated.

Jaime frowned at the beetle. Paranoid bug.

"…Jaime. Y tu?"

The younger boy blinked for a second before pulling out a large smile that practically went from ear to ear.

"Odd. Odd Della Robbia."

To explain Odd's languages, it is said that he is Italian but also has family from Norway. He goes to school in France so he more than likely knows French. When he switches bodies with Yumi it is shown that he can in fact speak both Chinese and Japanese. English is useful and Spanish and Romanian both seemed like a lot of fun.

As for the dean of admissions, he's an OC that will not really be used named after a guy in my trig class that would pretend to speak with a Russian accent with the name Demetre. So if you are reading this… please review.