"You're serious."

"No I'm Odd. Though Sirius would be a cool name."

"No. I mean, you are really doing this?"

"Why not? There aren't many Italian Super Heroes so why can't I be one?" he whined, "No standards have been set yet. Though Huntress is technically Italian I don't think many people know that though…"


"… The Zatara family of magicians are Italian too…"


"Yes?" he asked.

"You can't run around like that."

"Why not?"

"Your spot."



"RUDE! THAT IS JUST RUDE! Jaime! Control your little back bug! He's mean!"

"Scarab," Jaime sighed.

"Others are coming. Cease verbal communication."

"What? You mean charades?" Odd asked. It was then that Conner walked into the room.

"Tutoring Freshman?" he asked with a smile. Jaime smiled at Conner.

"A bit. Odd is a lot of fun to talk to."

"Aw, I'm feeling the love here tonight," he fake sobbed throwing an arm around Jaime, "Won't you join us Mr. Muscles?"

Conner rolled his eyes.

"So long as you're not listening to the little voices in your head we should be good."

"How do you know about that? I just found out about it today!?"



"Whoops. I mean- Little voices? You're funny."

"He knows about the Scarab."



"Oh… so I should probably tell him?"

"He already knows you're hiding something."

"How… oh… he's in the room with us. Right. I have telepathic communications with Jaime's back bug because I have been infected with a computer virus that gives me awesome KITTY POWER!"

Conner shrugged his shoulders, "Unless you can turn into a giant spaghetti monkey monster nothing is going to surprise me," he said sitting down in a chair with a book.

"He's weird," Odd whispered to Jaime.

"I heard that," Conner commented making Odd jump.

"Hello sir. May I take your order?"

"William," the voice hissed. William looked up from his notepad to look at his customer. Everything was hidden from sight under a thick over coat, bulky hat and a large scarf. Odd for the end of summer. A prickling sensation began rippling down his back. The person turned his head toward William, eerie black was all that William could see between the scarf and the hat.

"Eh heh, William!"

William turned his head slightly annoyed to see his twin waving him over. He looked back at the customer for a moment before seeing what his brother wanted.

"One moment please."

"William," the voice hissed again as William left. He walked over to Willis and gave him a look.

"What?" William asked.

"That guy… I don't trust him."

William blinked before sighing.

"Willis, I will say… I don't either. But he's here for something. Probably a coffee. Weird guy though."

"William!" he stage whispered. William rolled his eyes.

"I can take him. And if he does have a weapon than I can count on you calling the police."

Willis looked away sheepishly.


"William," the voice rasped. The two looked back at the seated customer only to notice he was the only one in the restaurant. He stood up slowly, facing the two teens. He flickered like static making both the boys' eyes widen.

"What the hell?" William questioned. Willis looked sheepishly at William.


"For what?"

"This," he said grabbing William and throwing him over his shoulder, running out of the shop.

"What the hell!? What about dad?! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!" he yelled rather surprised how fast his twin was moving given his lack of athleticism before.

"I doubt it's going after father," he stated with concern, "It was asking for you."

"It?" he asked. His mind blanked for a second as an inky black figure appeared in his mind, shifting into other people with the same blank and cold eyes with a strange pupil. He woke from his vision after a sharp turn into a dark alley. He slipped out of his brother's arm and off his shoulder.

"What… is going on here," he growled. Willis dropped his head.

"It would seem, an old adversary lives another day."

"Willis. What is going on? That guy is strange. You carry me a long distance at a sprint and now you mention a dead adversary? Willis. What is happening?"

"I know you don't remember much, nor do you fully understand how I came to be. But to put it in simple terms, I'm not human. I'm a polymorphic specter. I took your shape during your imprisonment."

William blinked at his brother-specter person in disbelief.

"You were captured by the Scyphozoa and turned into XANA's head general."

"And you have officially lost your mind," William said patting his brother's head. Willis didn't answer that question.

"When you were recovered, I did not vanish as I had spent enough time on Earth, accumulating other forms of DNA through skin contact on a regular basis I was able to stabilize and no longer be limited to a connection from the Super Computer. Odd created a back story for me while you were recovering from your possession. Since you had no memories, I had many of mine copied for you so no one would realize you ever went missing."

"I think we should take you to a doctor Willis. You're hallucinating."

"William," hissed the voice from the shop. They looked toward the opening of the alley to see an inky dark grey figure flickering like static. William froze, he didn't feel scared, but he felt like he couldn't move. It flickered right in front of him before placing what would be an arm through his chest. He cried out in pain, oblivious and unaware that Willis was electrocuting the specter with his own hand. There was a painful screech that penetrated William's ear drum as the specter disappeared into thin air. William fell to his knees as flashes of another world bounced against his skull.

"Lyoko," he said softly.

"Anyone think the "teacher" is a bit off?" Bumblebee asked. Bart looked at her with a bit of curiosity.

"I don't know. I think he's Crash," he said with a big goofy smile.

"He's a bit different," Batgirl began, "But he seems like a good kid. He really gets along well with Blue Beetle."

"Freaks flock together," La'gann snorted. Beast boy looked away from the group. He agreed with Bart. The teacher was crash. But he was a bit off. Blue Beetle always had a smell of metal to him that no one else did, while Odd seemed to have a similar smell mixed with a strong cat scent. Like his namesake, he was Odd.

Hours later. Happy Harbor. Night.

"So teach what now?" Odd asked standing on a questionably stable roof top.

"First, tell me a bit more about Lyoko," Jaime said hovering near Odd as Blue Beetle. Odd smiled making him look like the real Cheshire from Alice in Wonderland. He was decked out in what he was calling his "Lyoko" form.

"Well, I fought in five sectors. Ice, desert, mountain, forest, and the fifth."


"Think of it like a super decked out killer lab with no real exit or entrance. We just called in Sector Five so there was really no other point in naming it."

"So what exactly did you do there?"

Odd stretched his arms as he began to describe his fighting, "Well, I'd deactivate XANA's towers. So I would fight his monsters. I had arrows and specialized in distance fighting unlike Ulrich, Yumi and William. Aelita on the other hand could use distance attacks but we had to protect her because she was the only one who could deactivate the towers. So I was the range attacker in the operations."

Jaime nodded only focusing on what he mentioned he did as a fighter and not so much the names of the other people, "So you use a bow?"

"Nope!" Odd said with a smile. Seeing Jaime's confusion and hearing the Scarab's skepticism he fired an arrow from his paw hitting an old sign, "Same old-"

He stopped for a moment as a wave of nausea overcame him. Jaime darted over and caught Odd from collapsing. He felt a twinge of Odd's sudden ailment in his head.

"This is nothing of concern," XANA stated.

"Your host is weak."

"Ugh. I thought those were gone."


"I saw William being attacked by a specter. Was that a vision?"

"Who's William?"

"A friend. And I think he's in trouble. XANA?"

"I did no such thing."

"If you didn't… and what I saw was real… than… no… he wouldn't…"

"Who wouldn't what?"

"Jeremy wouldn't turn the computer back on…"

Jaime sighed. Odd wasn't going to make much sense unless he had time to himself. He flew off with Blue Beetle to give him some space only to see a black form approaching.

"Threat. Must be eliminated!"

"Odd," It hissed ignoring Jaime completely. Jaime turned as it zipped passed him.

"Oh no you don't," he yelled firing at the form. With each hit the form seemed to turn into static. Jaime's eyes widened as he switched from plasma cannon to his sonic cannon. As the cannon activated a high pitched shriek before dissipating into nothing. Jaime sighed as he flew back to Odd.

"Where were you Jaime?"

"You needed time. I went flying for a bit," not once mentioning the thing that he fought. Odd smiled and stood up.

"Well I'm good now… Want to catch a robber?"

"There are no robberies in progre-"

Interrupting Jaime was a bank alarm. He gave Odd a look who in return gave him a cheeky grin accompanied with a bushy mustache.


"Because… I mustache them a question!" he said jumping onto another roof toward the alarm. Jaime looked where Odd was standing as the poorly set up roof gave way leaving a rather impressive hole in its place.

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