Elfen Lied

The thorns of a black rose

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Chapter 1: Lucy`s confession

Lucy was looking at Kohta with tears in her eyes. Finally after so long she had the chance to speak to him and ask him for his forgiveness. She was looking at him with tears in her eyes.

''Tell me who are you Nyu? Why do those men want to kill you? Kohta asked Lucy looking

"Kohta I am not a human, I am a Diclonius. I was born with one purpose. To kill humans. After a year for now, most of the babies that we will be born will be Diclonius and the humans will tend to extinction. But I don`t want to kill humans. Not any more" she said and she started to tremble.

"But you killed so many Nyu. You also killed my father and my little sister Kanae. They didn`t do anything to you, but you killed them. Because of you I experienced a bad childhood. My life so far has been a living nightmare. And still is. I tried so hard to forget about you yet now after all those years you appear in front of me again. Tell me, do you want to finish what you started many years ago? Do you want to kill me as well?" he asked her looking extremely angry.

Lucy couldn`t believe what he said to her. His words were like a stab to her heart.

"No,no please listen to me, I would never killed you. Please, please forgive me. I never meant to hurt you. The only thing I ever wanted was to be by your side and to love me, like I loved you. I know that your wounds are still fresh and that you still feel pain for your loss but please let me be with you. Let me try to heal you. With you I feel like an ordinary human being. With you I can finally atone for my sins. Please, please Kohta give me a chance. Without you I have no reason to live. If you reject me I will die.. Please, please.. She said and hugged him tightly.

Kohta stood there frozen. He didn`t know what to do. One part of him hated her and he knew that he would never forgive her for her crime. However, he didn`t want to lose her. During her stay to his house, he started to have feelings for her. Day by day his need for her became stronger. And when he felt the warmth of her embrace, he couldn`t control his self any more.

"I don`t think that I can ever forgive you for killing my family. However I don`t want to lose Nyu , she has become a member of my family and the most important person for me now." He said.

"Kohta…" she said and tears started to run down her face. But now those tears were tears of happiness. She finally could live a happy life with the person she loved. And for the first time in her life she smiled.

"Promise me; promise that you will never kill again. If you promise we can live together. Please Nyu promise me" he said to her.

"I promise Kohta, I will never kill again. No matter what happens, I will never kill again. I swear my love" she said and fell in Kohta`s arms.

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