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Chapter 5: Ghost from the past

Darkness was everywhere around him. He didn`t know where he was or what he was doing here, but he had a bad feeling about this. He could hear screams and voices of people who were asking for help. Where was he? He had to find a way and escape this place. He was running, trying to find a way out .Something bad was going to happen. He could sense it. He was running until he felt his legs couldn`t run anymore. Suddenly Kanae his little sister appeared in front of him. She was covered in blood and she looked sad.

"Kanae, Kanae, is this really you?" Kohta said and tears run down his face. But those tears were tears of joy. After so many years he was able again to see her. He missed her so much. He wanted to hug her and play with her like they did when they were children. He also wanted to see his father again . They were his family and he had missed them so much. If only he could return to the past and prevent this tragedy to happen. He opened his mouth to speak but Kanae interrupted him.

"Yes, Kohta i am your sister. I thought that you wouldn`t recognise me. After all it`s been a long time since we haven`t seen each other" Kanae said and her voice was cold.

"But tell me Kanae why you are here. Why did you come here and where is father? Kohta asked her.

"Father doesn`t want to see you. He is very sad. I don`t know what to do any more. The only thing he wants is for you to take care of yourself. You must be very careful brother. That girl with horns is very dangerous. I saw her killing all those people at the festival. You have to believe me dearbrother. One day she will try to kill you as well" Kanae said . Her eyes were dull. He went to touch her skin but she was cold. A bitter smile appeared in his lips. Of course she was cold. All the dead hae lost the warmth of their body and they were cold.

"Kanae, Nyu is no longer evil..She paid for her mistakes. She apologized to me and asked me for a second chance. She is a different person now" Kohta told her. Yes, Kaede wasn`t a monster anymore. She is a normal girl. She is the woman i love. She is the only one for me" he continued but Kanae`s evil laugh stopped him.

"Ha, ha ,ha you are a foolish man aren`t you big brother? You really believed to that bitch? She is lying to you Kohta. She has deceivedyou. That monster is in love with you Kohta. As long as you love her and continue to be with her everything will be ok. But do you know what will happen if you reject her or go with an other woman? She will kill her of course and then you Kohta. Yes she will kill you. She is the angel of death. That girl is a traitor and a monster Kohta, a monster.." she screamed but before she continued she felt a hard slap at her cheek.

"That`s enough Kanae. I don`t want to hear anything from you. It is true that Nyu has killed many people including you and father. And as long as i live i will never forgive her. But except her murderous side she also has an innocent side which i love. She is not a monster. She is a human like everyone else. She took something from me but she gave me love and happiness. And i love this side of her who is sweet. She loves me and i love her. She has suffered so much. She has been tortured and humiliated. She was alone her whole life. She has no one but me. I promised her that i will protect her at any cost and this is exactly what i am going to do. The past will no longer prevent me to do what i think is right . I am sorry Kanae..." he said and went to leave. He heared Kanae`s soft voice..

"This is the second time you betray me big brother" Kanae said and dissapeared in the shadows.

"No, you aren`t my sister. You are a ghost who tries to trick me. Forgive me Kanae. Forgive me father. Wherever you are please be happy in the Heaven. Now i must go" he said and suddenly the scenery dissapeared.

Slowly he opened his eyes. He looked around and saw that he was in his room and he was lying in his bed. Thank god this wasn`t real. It was a nightmare. When he was a child he used to seeing nightmares like this. He had a bad feeling about this. Whatwas going to happen from now on? He begun to worry but then Lucy`s smiling face appeared in his mind and he smiled.

"No matter what happens from now on we will face it together. Nyu, my love i promise you i will always protect you and i will never leave you alone. You can fight your dark side and i will help you. You gave me hope and you made me feel alive again.. I will protect you, i will protect you...

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