Chapter 11: Back to the Start

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I sighed and fiddled with the iPhone Andrei gave me. Ciel, Sebastian, Alisa and I had arrived back to the eighteen hundreds about an hour ago and I was still a little kooky from awakening from my comatose state. I've been ridiculously bored ever since I woke up too and it was starting to get on my nerves. I have to occupy myself until dinner time!

I wrapped my fingers around the contraption and started to wiggle it around in the air, "Rawr! I'm an iPhone and I can fly!" I stared at it blankly then shook my head and got off the chair I was sitting on, that's not working…

I made my way to the townhouse kitchen in search of the demon butler. I wasn't lying when I said I was bored so I began to skip my way down the hallway and into the kitchen. When I slammed the door open, Sebastian looked up from the vegetables he was chopping up and over to me. He raised a brow when he realised I was skipping, "Milady, what are you doing?"

I shrugged my shoulders and continued to skip around the kitchen. He watched me for two more laps before going back to chopping the vegetables, "I'm guessing this is a side effect?"

I snorted and nodded my head in annoyance, "Yeah actually… Hey Sebastian?" I decided to spice it up and do a twirl around him when he stepped back from the counter.

"Yes milady?"

I did another lap and switched to jogging on the spot in front of him, "Do you think Ciel would let you take me to town?"

Sebastian raised a midnight brow at me and went to put the chopped vegies in a baking dish, "I'm not sure. What's so important that you need to go to town for?"

I scratched the back of my head and switched from jogging to hopping on one leg. I must've looked retarded at the moment because Sebastian put his hands on my shoulders to keep me from moving, "Well, when I was in the comatose state I had dreams or better yet, I had flashbacks."

"What has that got to do with going to town?" Sebastian released my shoulders to pull his gloves back over his hands and I started to bounce around him again, "Turns out that Beaux is actually from this time and he happens to work one of the markets in town, so I want to go check it out. You know, see if it's actually true or if my mind just made fun of me!"

Sebastian sighed, "I don't believe that is the wisest choice milady." Too late! I had already bolted out the door in search for Ciel, "YAY! YAY! YAY!"

I skipped into one of the rooms and did a cartwheel, "Ciel~ Where are you~?" I glanced around the room to find that he wasn't here. I lunged my body around the corner and laughed. This is actually pretty fun!

"What are you doing Kristina?" A voice came from behind me. I turned around slowly with the biggest smile on my face. Apparently Ciel had been walking down this very hall when I decided to party my way out of the room, "CIEL! I FOUND YOU!" I laughed and flung my arms around the small boy.

"K-Kristina! Let go of me!" He said; flustered by the sudden happy-go-lucky-bear-hug I was giving him. I let him go and started to do the same thing I did to Sebastian. I started skipping around him and asking him questions, "Can Sebastian take me to town? Can he? Can he?"

Ciel tried his best to keep his gaze on me without moving, but with me skipping circles around him he found it difficult, "Stand still would you!"

I did as he asked and started jogging on the spot again, "So can he?"

Ciel sighed and subconsciously started to rub the Phantomhive heirloom that was sitting on his thumb, "He may take you to town but remember that we have to be back at the manor by five pm-!"

I hugged him again and blurted out my 'thankyou-thankyou-thankyou' before skipping my way back to the kitchen. Ciel shook his head and straightened his clothing before walking off to find Alisa.

I was too excited for some reason and I broke out into a run to get to Sebastian. I smiled and yelled all the way down the hall to the kitchen, "SEBASTIAAAANNNNN!" Once he was in my sight, I ran up to him and jumped on him; wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his torso, "He said yes!"

"…Milady, this is a hardly appropriate position you've put us in~" He said; his lips curling up into a smirk.

I coughed and tried to cover up my embarrassment by whispering in his ear, "Does it look like I care. Besides, we aren't doing anything naughty!" I pinched his cheek and jumped off of him, "I'm gonna go change and then we can leave!"

I tried to walk normally to my room but I ended up doing lunges on my way there. I made it to my room to find Alisa sound asleep on her bed. She looked so cute and I found it hilarious how Ciel hasn't found her yet. I tip-toed through the room over to the cupboard and fished out a deep red corset dress that Alexander made for me. I threw it on and examined myself in the mirror.

The dress reached to my mid-thigh and had a big bow at the small of my back. The corset went from around my chest area down to where the bow was. If you were behind me it would look like an arrow. It had diamantes lining the corset area and then poofing out when it reached the skirt. I sat on my bed as quiet as I could and started to pull on my thigh-high white boots. I smiled, grabbed my phone and snuck out of the room.

I walked in to the kitchen to find that he wasn't there so I called out to him, "Sebastian! Ready or not, here I-Hello!" Sebastian suddenly appeared in front of me. I jumped on the balls of my feet and clapped at the same time, "Yay! Let's go!"

I walked out the front doors of the townhouse and began to walk on the path to town when Sebastian spoke to me, "Milady, the carriage is here." I spun on my heel to face him and pointed at my legs, "And my legs are here! Let's walk to town!"

He sighed and followed my lead to town. It started out as a normal walk but after five minutes I began to strut, smile and wave to people in an excited manner. The people who were of high nobility gave me a polite nod, some people smiled and waved back while others just raised a brow and walked off.

"Milady, you should try and gain more self-control as of now. We have a long carriage ride back to the manor and I'm sure the young master doesn't want you messing around the whole ride back." Sebastian stated with a hint of boredom in his tone.

"You know what, you're right! I'll calm down a bit now while we search for the place in my dream and then I'll tire myself as we walk home! Good plan Sebastian!" I gave him a goofy grin and started to search for the market. We turned heaps of corners, went through crowds and even jumped through the middle of stalls and shops like they were hurdles. Well I did, Sebastian had to be all butler-like and go around.

After another forty minutes passed, I gave up and asked a couple of townspeople if they knew anybody by the name of Beaux Winters. All of them shook their heads and walked away. I was just about ready to give up when we came upon a stall near the centre of town.

I beamed, "Sebastian, that's the one!" I exclaimed, pointing in the direction of the stall that had townspeople flooding around it. Sebastian looked at the stall then at me, "What are you going to do now milady?"

I grasped his hand in mine and swung it around in joy, "Not what I'm going to do, it's what you're going to do! I want you to go up to the man in the stall and ask about Beaux! Pretty please~"

He sighed and walked in the direction of the stall.


I moaned and grasped at Sebastian's tailcoat, "Stop…please!" Sebastian chuckled sadistically and kept going. I groaned in pain and hit his back, "I said stop Sebastian!" The butler finally stopped and gazed into my eyes, "Where does it hurt milady~?" I pointed at my stomach and groaned again, "Right there…"

"Then I shall carry you back to the townhouse. If I may?" He asked, politely offering me his hand. I nodded and gripped his hand. He hoisted me into his arms and carried me bridal style back to the townhouse, "Thankyou…" I managed to mutter out before falling asleep. All the while he was shaking his head and chuckling at my childish antics.


(Andrei's POV)

The bell rang, alerting me to sling my backpack over my shoulder and sprint from the room. I quickly made my way to Alexander and Tinos' classroom, "You ready guys?" They nodded and followed me down the hall through the sea of teenagers. We made our way to the other side of the building and entered the classroom closest to the stairs; Kristina's classroom.

Sure enough, the silver haired douche bag that we've been looking for was sitting there looking at stuff on his laptop. I walked over to his desk and slammed the laptop shut. I decided to bring out the old 'get-in-your-face' act and leaned in towards him, "What do you want with my sister?" I asked in a low growl; resisting the urge to grip him by the hair and smash his face onto the desk.

He gazed at his laptop in shock before smirking and leaning back with his arms folded, "What do you care?"

I scowled at him and grabbed his shirt collar, removing him from behind his desk and punching him in the gut, "Why did you drug her, huh? C'mon tell me!" I shoved him backwards and he stumbled a bit before regaining his balance.

Tino and Alexander stood guard at the now closed door just in case someone decided to pop in during our little 'disagreement'.

Beaux coughed while holding his arm over his stomach and the other to lean on a desk, "Some punch you have there?" He took of his tie and threw it to his bag before coming at me at an inhuman speed.

Before I knew it, I was blocking a punch aimed for my face. I kept a hold of it and twisted it behind his back, "You're a demon too, huh?" Beaux managed to squirm out of my hold and jab me sharply in the ribs. I growled and ran up to him; kicking him in the knee and making him fall to the ground. I kicked him in the side but he grabbed my foot and rolled to the side; flipping me onto the floor and holding me down, "I became a demon twenty years before you were even born. I was 19 at the time; the same age your sister is now~"

Alexander and Tino made a move to intervene but I shouted at them to stay put, causing Beaux to chuckle darkly and push on my back even harder, "You had this plan well thought out didn't you, Andrei Johannesan?"

"Shut up!"

He smirked and shifted so that he was sitting on my back while holding my arms down, "Well, if your plan was to interrogate me then I guess I'll just answer them. I don't really see the harm in that." He said nonchalantly, waving his free hand in the air for effect before leaning his head on it, "What do you want to know?"

I tried wriggling my arms out of his hands but his grip on me wasn't letting up; only tightening, "Don't act stupid, you already know what I came here for!"

Beaux laughed at my reaction, "Just checking! It's simple really; I want your dear sister all to myself~" He gazed into the air and sighed dreamily, "I never used to believe in love at first sight but all of that changed when I met your sister!"

"What the hell! You barely even know her, you damn paedophile!" He dug his knee into my shoulder blade causing me to wince in pain, "Wrong actually! I've known your sister since she was six. A real cutie she was!"

You could practically feel the anger rolling off of my form in waves. I never really did lose my cool unless an idiot like Beaux, for example, came along and messed with me or my siblings, "How-?"

"The market in the middle of town! I used to work there but I gave that all up to my father for your sister. I wanted to give her a better future so I went and got a new job that paid a lot of money and eventually I became rich. But when I made it to the Johannesan manor to ask for your sisters' hand in marriage, there was nothing but an old fart sitting on the couch; slowly wasting his life away."

He shifted his position while continuing to talk, "I became enraged that the love of my life wasn't there and so I became obsessed with hunting her down and making her mine. There was a strange feeling in the pits of my stomach telling me that I had to come here. So came here, I did! I was here for about six months and that was when I saw her again. She looked so different…In a good way that made my stomach do somersaults…" He sighed again, "…I want her to be mine but you and that damn butler keep getting in the way.

I shot him the deadliest glare I could hoping that it would somehow smack some sense into him, "If you love her so damn much then why the hell did you drug her!?"

Beaux looked offended by my words, "I wouldn't dare drug Kristina! I only gave her a potion that would give me a special connection to her. That connection acts as a GPS in a way. It instantly lets me know where she is but it also lets me teleport right before her very eyes at my own will!" He said snapping his finger to show what he meant.

He let go of me, got up and walked over to his bag, "Until next time Andrei~" I watched as Alexander and Tino moved apart to let him through the door. Once he left I slammed my fists onto the table, "DAMN YOU BEAUX!"


(Kristina's POV)

I slowly cracked my eyes open before shutting them instantly. It was way too bright. There was a cool breeze that drifted through my hair, making it swish around lightly. My head was propped up against someone's toned chest. We were walking; I could tell by the way that I was being carried. I groaned and opened my eyes fully, "Sebastian?"

He was still carrying me? Did I really sleep for that short amount of time? He glanced down at me before looking ahead of himself, "Milady."

I dropped my arms from their lock around Sebastian's neck and rested them on my stomach, "How long was I sleeping for?" I asked quietly.

Sebastian chuckled at my suddenly weak demeanour, "Three minutes approximately~" I face palmed and let my head loll back. I saw people staring at us as we walked by, although I have no idea why, it was actually quite amusing to see their facial expressions. The men would look at us with respect and the women would gaze in jealousy. I giggled; women go weak in knees for Sebastian so how come I don't? I giggled until it turned into full blown laughter.

Sebastian smirked, "Care to enlighten me?" I looked up at him and smiled, "I just think it's funny how women become infatuated with you so easily. It's pretty shameful!" This seemed to quiet Sebastian completely. He blinked and then looked at me again. I looked back and I could see some unknown emotion in his eyes, "…Sebastian?"

"We are here milady." He set me down and opened the townhouse door for me. I hesitated before nodding my appreciation and walking in. It was quiet. I wonder where Alisa is. I made my way to the mini library seeing as the door was opened a crack. I walked up to it quietly and looked in. I smiled softly at the scene. Alisa and Ciel were sitting together on the couch reading the book I had gotten for Ciel not too long ago.

I could feel something making its way up my throat and I slapped a hand over my mouth quickly. Oh no! I'm going to squeal and it's getting harder to hold in. "AWWW! SO CUUUUTE!" They both jumped; startled by the sudden noise I made. I opened the door fully and walked in giggling, "Hey guys guess what?"

"What?" They asked in unison. They were both flushed and it made me all the more giggly, "I'm back~"

Alisa grinned widely, "Thankyou captain obvious." I gave her a false salute and began walking out of the room, "You're welcome lieutenant sarcasm!"

I walked out of the room and saw Sebastian standing at the door still, "You gonna move from there anytime soon?" I asked, walking up to him and shutting the door. He didn't respond so I poked him in the chest. Nothing. Is this like some habit he has; ignoring me? I smirked mischievously and began to poke him. Constantly. Still nothing. I began to whine, "Sebastiiaaaaan! Stop ignoring meeee!"

He grasped my wrists and pushed me against the wall, "I have my reasons for ignoring you milady." I frowned and gazed at him, "Name one!"

He loosened one hand from around my wrist and brushed his fingers over my neck. He leaned his face in and nuzzled my neck causing me to shiver, "Se…Sebastian, what are you doing?" I lifted my hand and pushed him away, "Why'd you do that? What's wrong with you?"

I was about to storm off when he put his hands on either side of my head, "Do you honestly want to know milady?" He was gazing so sincerely into my eyes that I couldn't think properly. The anger that was boiling up in my stomach slowly lessened as I went over his words in my head, "…Yes…And I want you to explain it fully!"

He smirked, "Alright then. As you know, I am a demon. And every individual demon has a soul mate. It's true that most demons are void of emotions such as happiness, care and love. They're simple human emotions; after being alive for centuries on end we lose all that emotion. But we can still become awfully greedy and possessive over certain things such as our mate."

I shook my head and butted in before he could say more, "Wait. Where are you getting at Sebastian?"

He brought his face level with mine, "I've found my soul mate."

"Who is she?" I asked in a barely audible whisper. I was afraid of the answer that was about to come out of his mouth. I looked away from his eyes and focused on the wall behind us.

"…You milady."

My face was suddenly wiped clean of any emotions. I was frozen. I couldn't speak. Tears brimmed my eyes. I blinked them out and let them glide down my cheeks, "But…I don't feel that way about you Sebastian…"

Sebastian wiped the tears away using his gloves, "I know milady. No matter how long it takes, I will gradually make you fall in love with me and when you do, you will be bound to me forever."

"You didn't have to say it like that! I know you are 'void of any emotions' and all but seriously, have a bit of consideration!" I pushed his gloved hand away and wiped my eyes on my own. Sebastian smirked and stood back up to his full height, "In time milady~" I laughed; maybe it wasn't as bad as it seemed but I'm still going to rebel against him. I don't want to be bound to him forever. I know it sounds mean but… I just can't.

I sniffed and walked off. This was going to take some time to get used to. I stopped walking when I felt someone in front of me. I blinked and looked up, "Oh Andrei. It's you."

He was looking down at me with concern, "What's the matter?"

"Andrei." My voice came out cracked and my eyes started to water again.

"Hey, hey! Don't cry or I just might end up with same fate and you know I hate crying." He said. He was obviously trying to cheer me up so I fake smiled. He instantly put an arm around my shoulder and led me to my room. He laid me down on the bed then crawled over to the other side and faced me, "You gonna tell me what's wrong?"

I nodded and stared up at the ceiling. "You know about the whole demon soul mate thing right?" I asked him curiously.

He nodded and began to draw circles on the sheets, "The important parts, yes."

I hesitated before telling him straight out, "I'm Sebastians'."

I could feel him stop. I didn't want to look at him so I continued to gaze up at the ceiling, "…You're joking right?" I shook my head. All of a sudden there was a warm pair of lips on mine. I could feel Andrei put his hand on my waist and squeeze gently. He put his other hand beside my head to hold his weight off me and continued to mould his lips over mine. I was shocked at him. He's my brother! This is wrong!

I pushed him away gently and he looked into my eyes, "Andrei…that was so incestuous, you know that right?"

He nodded and sat up to lean on the bedpost, "I know. That's why I did it…I know I'm not allowed to love you. Besides, I'm no match for the other two."

"Other two?"

He nodded again and gazed at me, "Sebastian and Beaux. They're way more powerful than me."

So Beaux's a demon too...I slid off the bed and walked over to Andrei's side, "So you fell in love with me even though you knew the consequences?"

He didn't move. I leaned over him and gave him a light peck on the cheek, "I'm sorry." I walked out of the room and searched for Alisa. She was probably still with Ciel in the library so I slowly made my way over there. Why is all of this happening now?

"Alisa? Ciel?" I put my hand on the doorframe and scanned the room. I saw them playing chess so I walked over and sat on the floor beside the table with the chess board on it.

"Kristina. We will be leaving after Alisa and I finish this game. Have you got everything you want to take back to the manor? I have a new letter from the Queen so we need to leave straight away." Ciel asked while keeping his one eye on the chess board and waiting for Alisa to make her next move.

"I didn't really bring much so I guess I'm all set." I mumbled, getting interested when Alisa made a jeopardising move.

Ciel stared at the board and moved his pawn; trapping Alisa's queen. He smirked and sat back while Alisa leaned forward and tried to think of a way to get back at him. She huffed a sigh of defeat and moved a piece.

Ciel made the winning move, "Checkmate." I shook my head and laughed at the cocky expression on his face, "You're too hard on her Ciel."

He looked at me innocently, "You're sister can fare pretty well on her own though. She's bet me a couple of times before."


I ran up the steps to the manor, leaving Ciel, Sebastian, Alisa and Andrei behind. One of the main doors was being held open by Tanaka. I smiled at the old man before glomping Bard, "I missed you guys!"

Bard smiled and patted me on the back, "'Ello Lady Kristina!" I smiled and gave him a manly pat on the back, "'Ello Bard."

I let go of him and spun around to face Finny, "You're turn Finny! Catch me!" I did a run up and jumped into the gardeners' arms. He caught me, spun me around in a circle and laughed before setting me back down on the floor. I gave him one last smile before walking over to Mey-Rin and giving her a gentle hug, "Hello Mey-Rin!" She hugged me back before letting go and greeting her young master.

I rested my hands on my hips and looked at Andrei. He was looking back with blank look on his face. He may seem emotionless but his eyes explained everything. I sighed and followed the three servants when they left to do their acquired jobs. They didn't realise I was following them as they made their way down the hallways, chatting to each other casually. Eventually they all split up and I was left following Bard to the kitchen. He still didn't realise I was behind him so when he turned around I jumped at him, "BOO!"

He flinched back and put a hand over his heart, "Aw, bloody 'ell Lady Kristina! When did you get there?" I was too busy laughing at his reaction to answer him so he calmed down, left the kitchen briefly and came back with meat in his hands.

I stopped laughing and watched him curiously as he pulled out a random flamethrower, "Bard. I don't think that's-!"


The whole mansion shook as the explosion went off. The impact from the blast lifted me off my feet and threw me up at the wall. My back hit it and I slowly slid down to the floor in a crumpled heap. Bard, on the other hand, was still standing in front of the meat, only his hair was poofed out into an afro and he was covered in black ashes.

I heard hasty footsteps making their way down the halls of the mansion toward the kitchen. I lay there groaning when Sebastian stepped into the room. He inspected the place before spotting me on the other side. He walked over to me and got me on my feet before facing Bard with an aggravated look on his face, "We only just arrived and already, you are managing to cause a ruckus."

Bard scratched the back of his head but before he could say anything, I ran toward him and squealed excitedly, "DO IT AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN!"


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