Chapter 2- Jinja

It was after school, and as most students made their way out of the school gates, two very unlucky boys made their way deeper inside the buildings, to the dreaded 'Corridor of Death'

'Detention…that's not all bad..' Chase smiled, hands behind his head

'It is bad Chase! How can it not be?' Bren panicked walking alongside him ' detention… my parents will kill me!'

'Just say your over at mine at the moment' Chase said

Bren was about to reply but he remembered that his father was a scientist and only came back home every few months, Chase was living alone..


The 'Corridor of Death' was named by the students because of the rows of detention and teachers lounges that dotted this wing of the building..students who came here often never came out..or so it's said

'I've never been in detention before..i wonder what it'll be like' Chase smiled opening the door labelled 'Detention'

Inside the room, it was like the beginning of homeroom, single chairs and desks was spread throughout the room, further apart than average though.

'wow bleak' Bren muttered walking into the room. He froze. In a chair at the very back of the room was the Bully, he was sat listening to two of his minions chat on the desks next to him

'Aw crag, Victors here..' Bren panicked hiding behind Chase.

Chase frowned 'The joys keep on rolling' the mocked leading Bren to the chairs furthest away from the three bullies.

Aside from themselves and Victors gang, there were three others in the room. Two were gothic guys sat near a window, gazing out at the courtyard below… clearly thinking of escaping and the other was a brown haired girl sat in the front row reading a small black book. The cover of which looked like it was old and worn off, but Chase got the English word 'Latin'

'Is she reading Latin?' Bren asked staring at the same girl as Chase.

Chase shrugged, 'To each their own'

Bren couldn't help but stare at the girl, he couldn't remember ever seeing her around

'Well well, look who's here' Victor smiled at Bren and Chase

Chase turned 'Arent you always here?'

Victor stood up tall, easily topping 6ft, his two minions, Crowel and Askem only peaked 5"9 but were equally as menacing

'Just leave me alone..whats your problem?' Bren asked

Victor slaunted across the room 'My problem is you nerd..i'm the top dog here… everyone does as I say..' he replied folding his arms

'Really?' Chase sighed ' I just thought you were a bully who picks on those who cant defend themselves'

Victor almost went purple 'I prefer King to bully'

Victor grabbed Chase by the front of his jacket and hoisted him into the air

'Put him down!' Bren cried lunging foreward, but was held back by Crowl and Askem

'Don't interefere with the boss' Askem warned Bren as he held his arm back

Chase's breath was wearing out, Victor was chocking him badly.

'I never did like you Suno- your gonna' be the last of the Suno's' Victor sneered as Chase struggled for air

'Chase!' Bren cried


A small black book was thrown at the back of victors head, catching him off guard and accidently making him drop Chase to the ground.

'Who the hell?' Victor cried spinning round

The brown haired girl had stood up and stared at him with crossed arms

'Do you mind, some of us are trying to read here' she said angrily

'Who are you girlie?' Victor asked approaching her

'you don't need to know the name of the girl that's gonna' kick your ass do you?'

Victor laughed 'Confident arent you?'

Chase had regained breath and voice 'Leave her alone Victor' he muttered

Victor ignored Chase

'Lets see how you do then' Victor cried thrusting his right fist foreward. The girl dodged to her left and watched the fist sail over her right shoulder. With force, she brought her knee up into Victors abdomen. It would've made a normal man fall in pain, but victor only staged slightly. He swung his left arm backwards, hoping to catch her off guard, but the girl simply ducked and slammed her shoulder into his ribs, making him stumble against the wall

'Gah!' he cried as he slouched against the wall holding his ribs

'Listen here' the girl smiled as she drove the heel of her left foot into the shoulder of Victor and leant foreward 'Never get in my way, never pick on those weaker then you and/…'

She pointed to Bren and Chase 'Never so much as even look at them again..or you'll have me to deal with…and you really don't want to see my angry…'

Victor nodded weakily, his ribs and shoulder hurt badly.

The girl turned and looked at Crowl and Askem.. they immediately let go off Bren and fled he room.

'Who are you?' Bren asked as the girl came back to reclaime her book

'The name's Jinja' she smiled at Bren

'Wow tense..'Chase said from the floor

'Thanks for tryng to save me there cowboy' Jinja said holding down a hand to help Chase up.

'No problem, thanks for saving my life I guess' he smiled back sheepishly 'I'm Chase and this here is Bren'

Bren simply waved

'Pleasure, just let me know if those guys bully you again, Bren, I'll be happy to sort them out'

Bren smiled, he was sure that he wouldn't get bullied again…at least not by Victor…

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