First Fanfic! Please enjoy! Includes Rocket and Zatanna

The team was running through the labs as quickly as they could.

Has anyone seen Robin? Wally asked. Everyone on his team started whipping their heads looking for the shadow of a boy.

Aw! Come on Robin! This is NOT the time to go ninja Artemis mentally scolded the seemingly nonexistent boy. The team ran into a large room. Alarms were blaring, but were soon cut off.

I'm pretty sure that was Robin. Zatanna said. The team nodded; thankful they had such a good hacker. They all were crossing the hall when suddenly a large, ripped, beastly looking man stepped in behind them.

Crap! What the heck did he take? Wally exclaimed. The team turned ready to face the new foe. The Beast lifted a flame-thrower like gun and fired. A huge gas cloud erupted from the nozzle and surrounded the teens. The air tasted like mud and choked them. They all fell trying to breathe. The cloud dissipated and the Beast was gone when they were able to breathe. The team stood up, looking around them in confusion.

What… What was that? Megan questioned.

"Guys! Guys, where are you! I felt the link disappear and now I can't find you!" Robin's voice echoed in his team's ears through their ear pieces. Megan tried to find him mentally and hook them up but she couldn't.

"Man, where are you Rob? Megan can't find you telepathically." Wally informed his friend. They waited for Robin's answer.

"KF, can you repeat that? I just got static and- Crap!" The team jumped.

"Robin! Rob are you ok?" This time Rocket was using the com. They heard static and then a crunch and nothing. They looked at each other worriedly.

Let's go. Kaldur ordered.

Um how will we find him? Zatanna asked. Wait, I think I can magically track him!

"Nibor dnif!" she shouted. A gold string shot out leading the team. They took five steps then the string disappeared. What? Zatanna sounded scared. That wasn't supposed to happen… The team was lost in a lab, had lost contact with a teammate, and was unable to use their powers to the full extent.

I hate scientists. Superboy concluded.

"Guys! Don't move I found your position!" Robin suddenly broke into their thoughts. The team waited for about two minutes before the ceiling above them exploded. Rocket made a bubble to shield them. The team noticed that the bubble's color looked pale.

"Hey, do you need a hand?" Robin was right above them smiling. The team jumped up and looked around them.

Well where are we Robin? Megan asked. Robin tilted his head, his smile dropped a little bit. "Um. Meg, I can feel you brushing against my mind, but I can't hear you words. You'll have to talk." Megan, and the team, stared at Robin.

"Well whatever. We have to get out." Artemis said. Kaldur nodded and motioned for Robin to take the lead. Robin's smile can back full force.

"This way, we are on the third floor. The lab on the second floor doesn't have windows; they're fake on the outside. We could go to street level or we can jump out a window.

"Robin, most of us don't enjoy just jumping out a window." Megan said.

"Did you get the files?" Kaldur asked before Robin could retort to Megan's statement.

"Of course I did. Though I wonder, how did we get split up?" Kaldur glanced at Robin's lithe form next to him. He thought about it.

"Probably because you said you found a computer that you could get the files from, but everyone else ran by without hearing you. Wally and Arty were bickering as we came in here." Kaldur's explanation made sense. Robin nodded then threw a red object at the window in front of them. The red object melted the glass in a small circle. Robin stuck his arm into the hole and started messing with a camera right next to the window.

"Got it; the camera is on a loop." The team saw a blinking object was on the side of the camera. Conner came up and broke the window easily.

"Robin smile and dove head first out he window. The team jumped quickly after him in worry. They watched as he held his arms separated from his body, but not out in a 'T', His head lower than the rest of him. He then tucked into a ball, flipping until he was head up. He straightened and shot out a grappling hook to the nearest building about two hundred feet away. His body dropped until the line went taunt. Then he started reeling his line so he rocketed away. The team just watched slack-jawed.
"So graceful…" the whispered words echoed through everyone's thoughts. Wally smile and was the first of the team to recover and follow his friend back to the cave.

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