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J'hn had been interrogating the alien for a couple of hours now. The green lanterns had come to help, but he knew they were just observing the alien for research.

"How many of you are there?" Asked the Martian.

"Just one now. I answer question, I get Toy now?"

"No!" Hal Jordan yelled. The alien didn't respond.

"I want to know what to call you."

"I Gemini twin. I killed twin for Toy. Toy should be happy. I want Toy."

"What is your name?"

"My name? Toy called me something, it was Groaza. I Groaza." J'hn looked at him curiously. He then asked the Green Lanterns if they knew what 'groaza' could be.

I think it might be a European word. Or at least you know one of their languages. – Hal Jordan

I can ask Batman for you, he just came in. – John Stewart. J'hn nodded just as Batman walked in. He appeared to be more calm.

"Batman," John Stewart started, "Um, what does 'groaza' mean?" he watched Batman's reaction. He saw Batman's cheek twitch, just slightly, but it was what he was looking for.

"I'm guessing Robin said it? It is Romanian for 'horror'." The men sttod and glared at the alien.

"He is Groaza then." J'hn said.

"What are we going to do with him?" Batman asked.

"Hal and I just called some of the other Green Lanterns. They will pick him up and take him to a jail unit station. After that you can curse his body as it rots." The venom in John Stewart's voice was obvious. J'hn sensed some painful memories, but didn't pry. Batman nodded.

"How is Robin?"

"He only woke once, but I don't think he wanted anyone to know, but he is unconscious again. I am lad to know he isn't in a coma, just mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted." J'hn reported.

"Truly, that is the only time I've ever heard someone say they are glad about someone else being that tired." muttered Hal Jordan. John Stewart slapped him at the same time as he received the bat-glare. Batman then swept out of the room.

"And then you were all like 'well this mosquito is mighty conceded about you!' or something like that. Remember Robin? Man, I wish he would wake up." Wally sighed and rested his foot on the counter next to the bed Robin was on.

"I am worried about our young friend. A coma can last for years in humans, am I correct?" Kaldur questioned his team.

"He isn't in a coma." Batman entered the room, making the whole place seem darker. Wally fell out of his chair, and everyone else jumped.

"Batman? I don't understand. Didn't Flash and…" Megan was cut off.

"They were wrong. He is unconscious, but I suspect soon he will just be sleeping." Megan looked at the small form of Robin, she could feel his conscious stirring. She smiled.

"I hope he is ok when he wakes up. Black Canary told us what happened." Artemis voiced her concern, wishing Batman would tell her it was ok. Wally got up and hugged her from behind. Megan hugged Superboy. Rocket, Roy, and Kaldur just stood aside. Roy was the first to see the twitch.

"His finger just twitched!" he exclaimed. Every turned to Robin as he shifted. Megan smiled brightly as she felt his conscious wake up.

"He is sleeping now." She whispered. For a moment everyone just stood and smiled in relief.

"Ok, since he is asleep, everyone out." Batman ordered. No one argued. Batman was the last out, and he turned out the light as he left. Before darkness covered the room, he saw Robin smile and mouth the word 'friends'.

Robin walked through the cave in Happy Harbor quietly. Well, for him, it was just normally. He stepped into Zatanna's old room. He felt a small smile work its way to his mouth, even as his covered eyes started to tear up.

"You look cute when you sleep… I'm leaving… Em rebmemer esaelp."

He sighed. He looked around and saw the empty room; it was waiting to have a new occupant. Soon it would. He sighed. He headed to the kitchen. It was empty when he walked in. He snickered and hid behind the couch as he heard footsteps.

"Dang! I can't believe it! I completely forgot about the meeting this morning! Why did it have to be on my birthday? I guess life is against me." Wally zoomed into the kitchen, only to find it empty.

"What?" he muttered. A second later everyone, including Garth, popped out of every hiding spot in the kitchen and shouted "SURPRISE!" Wally jumped and tripped over the coffee table in his surprise.

"What!" he said, completely shocked.

"Happy 17 birthday Wally." Artemis said as she pecked his cheek.

"Aw sweet !" she shouted and helped him self to the cake, then he saw Robin.

"Robin!" he ran up to the boy and gave him a big hug. Robin patted his back.

"Hey Wall-man. I'm back." Robin said. The rest of the team gathered around.

"Are you feeling better?" Rocket asked.

"Yeah, though being thrown through a wall by Block wasn't fun." Robin answered. Superboy grunted in agreement.

"At least you didn't break anything." Megan said. Robin nodded. Robin then stopped, his body was relaxed, but his whole air changed.

"What a weird room…" he whispered. He looked around himself. After a second he shook his head and looked at his worried friends.

"I did it gain didn't I?" he asked sheepishly. They nodded. Robin sighed, and then smiled.

"Well, this is a party, lets go!" the team loosened up and began to enjoy them selves. Most of the league came by and everyone was happy. Robin smiled, even though he saw some strange shadows every now and then, he knew they would soon disappear completely.

When Robin had first woken up, about half the day he thought he was on the ship, or that the alien, called Groaza, was near him. Now, he only saw hazy shadows that only lasted a few seconds. He smiled as Babra Gordon, or Batgirl as of one week after he returned form space, walked up to him.

"How are you, Robin?" her tone emphasize the Robin part. He cackled his creepy cackle. She smiled too.

"Well, Batgirl," he also emphasized the hero name, "I am enjoying myself immensely. Hey, if immensely means greatly, then does mensely mean small or barely?"

"No idea, but I take it you are feeling asterous?"

"Yes, that I'm totally traught!" Batgirl smiled and patted his head, she was only two inches taller, but she still liked to treat him like a shrimp. Robin quickly swept out her feet and caught her before she fell. The music slowed down. Megan and Superboy started to dance, as did Wally and Arty, Black Canary and Green Arrow. Robin looked at Batgirl. He felt sad because he had once danced with Zatanna to this song.

"Are you going to ask me to dance?" Batgirl asked the boy she secretly had a crush on.

"Oh, you are so crazy about me. Yeah come on!" As Robin and Batgirl started to dance Batgirl was thinking how does he know? Robin laughed.

"I'm trained by Batman!" Batgirl laughed and tried to ignore the fact that he had just read her mind.

"Robin seems well." Diana told the black shadow watching Robin and Batgirl.

"He kept saying he was fine after just a week." Batman responded. Diana nodded and smiled.

"He is special." She said. Batman smiled slightly.

"The memory episodes are almost completely gone." Batman said.

"Good, I can't believe he doesn't remember what happened with Groaza. He was so scared the first time it happened." Diana looked at the now happy red and black clad young man.

"Black Canary has been helping him, but I think letting him still help his friends is what really fixed it." Batman admitted.

"That and you." Dianna looked at Batman. "Robin put himself in front of the bullet to save you. He said it was because you were important. You are, to him. Us to of course, but you are the most important person to him." Dianna flew off to get a drink. Batman stood in the shadows smiling.

"Yes, he is also my most important person, thus why I put the new, updated tracker on him." With a swish of his cape he left the cave.

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