Chapter 1

At Bureau, 8A.M

Abhi & Daya are present & were studying some case files. Suddenly Freddy entered in bureau crying followed by vivek, they headed towards asked him the reason 4 crying.

Freddy: Sir, ACP sir aisa kaise kar sakte hai? Woh meri post vivek ko kaise de sakte hai?

Abhi & Daya looked at vivek he was smiling mischievously, DUO understood that vivek is playing prank on him, but instead of scolding him they also decided to b part of it.

Daya: arre Freddy who pichle case mein jab ACP sir ro rahe the tab vivek ne apne khud ke rumal se unke aasoo poches the aur issilye ACP sir ne vivek ko promote kar Abhijeet...

Abhi: Aur nahi toh kya...agar tum ne ACP sir ko rumal diya hota toh ACP sir tumhe promote kar dete.

(Abhi was about 2 say something but stops in midway as he saw ACP sir entering in Bureau. He quickly signals Daya & they get back to their jobs).Everyone wishes him Good morning.

ACP also wishes them. From his facial expression Abhi noticed that ACP was not feeling well, he must have cold, due to cold ACP sir eyes were watery, (seeing this Freddy remembers something he goes near ACP took out his napkin & started to clear his tears at the same time he was consoling him).ACP was shocked at Freddy's this reaction whereas vivek was giggling from back.

ACP (nearly shouting): Fredrick kya kar rahe ho?

Freddy: sir aisa mujhe Abhijeet sir ne karne ko ne kaha ke agar mein aisa karunga toh aap mujhe promote kar denge

(ACP in anger turned to Abhi, he was about 2 ask him about this when suddenly bureau's phone gives 'Bach gaya' look)Abhi quickly moved 2 pick up the phone.

Abhi: ... laash...kaha par?Acha… theek hai hum log aa rahe hai. (he cuts the call)Sir malad ke anand nagar area mein laash mili log waha per jate hain.


The team consisting of Abhi, Daya, Freddy, Vivek arrives & start to investigate. Freddy start to take pic of the laash, while Vivek interrogates with the Daya start 2 examine the laash, Abhi checks the laash while Daya searches his pocket to find clues which cud reveal his identity.

Abhi: MY GOD; laash ka chehra puri tarha se bigad rakha taki isse koi pehchan na sake...(he further inspects the laash 4 any marks , but he founds nothing)chehra ke alawa body pe koi nishan nahi hai,lagta hai maut poison se hui hai…(turning 2 Daya)Daya kuch mila kya?

Daya: nahi Boss kuch nahi mila, khooni bada chalak hai usne ek bhi sabot nahi choda jiss se Hume pata chala ke ye admi kaun hai.

Vivek: Sir, yeh log bhi nahi jante iss aadmi ke bare mein

Abhi: vivek ek kaam karo laash KO forensic lab bhejne ki tyari karo.