Chapter 7

Pune - Sunshine Hotel ,morning,4:30

The shadow silently started moving towards daya's bed. The shadow was doing its best, to not create any sound or scene, it was standing just next to the edge of the bed but before it could do anything someone from behind caught the shadow's hand with a firm grip & kicked it to the leg which made the shadow lost its balance.

It felled straight on its face with something really heavy rested on it.

Daya : kaun ho tum? Batao warna… (Daya was stopped by a painful girl's "ouch" sound. He quickly turns on the bed-side lamp & was shocked to see a familiar looking face)

Daya( shocked) Mu- Muskaan tum? Tum yaha kya?( angrily) aur yeh kya tarika hai? Pagal ho gayi ho kya? Galati se goli chal jaati ho, pata nahi ho kya jaata hai tumhe….(daya was scolding her without realizing that he was still resting on her)

Muskaan : ( teasingly ) daya, Abhijeet sir theek kehte hain ki tumhe weight kam karne ki jaroorat hai( & she started laughing. Daya also realized his position & got up, he also helped Muskaan to get up)

Daya : ( still in angry tone) par Muskaan yeh koi tarika hai kya? Agar mere haathon se kuch ho jaata toh?

Muskaan : tum kuch karhi nahi pate kyuki tumhari gun toh mere paas hai ( by this she showed him the gun & smiled. Daya took the gun from her)

Daya : waise tum yaha kaise?

Muskaan: woh maine kal shaam ko bureau main call kiya toh pata chala ki tum yaha pune aaye ho, toh maine socha ki tumhe surprise kar du, issile chali aayi.

Daya : sach much Muskaan tum na….jane do . anyways jaldi se fresh hote hai aur uske baad jail main jakar interrogate karte hain, agar kaam jaldi ho jaye toh hum Mumbai bhi jaldi jaa sakte hain.

Muskaan : theek hai.

Nashik, 8:30

Abhijeet was going through the zygnema case files & every other documents related to it when he came acrossed a paper, it was phone records of raman, Abhijeet started examining closely every nos & its detail when Devyana entered there with coffee mugs & some snacks. She handed one mug to Abhijeet & then sat opposite to him. Abhijeet was closely looking to the papers when something striked him. He quickly got up, from the chair as if it has caught fire, Devyana also got up at his sudden move. She was staring at him in confusion, trying to figure out what he got.

Abhijeet ( hurriedly) Devyana chalo jaldi.

Devyana (confused) kaha sir?

Abhijeet : tum chalo. Main tumhe sab gadi main explain karta hun..aur haan ajay ko call karo jaldi warna bohaut der ho jayegi.

They both left in lightning speed.

Mumbai-pune express highway

Daya & Muskaan were heading towards Mumbai. Daya as usual was driving & Muskaan was sitting next to him. When he got a message from Abhijeet saying that he will be back by tomorrow morning & case will be accomplished today itself.

Daya informs this to Muskaan.

Muskaan : acha hua ki Abhijeet sir bhi wapas aa rahe hai. Kyu daya?

Daya : haan achi baat toh hai….(in a teasing way)waise main bohaut lucky hui ki aaj mere saath meri dono girl-friends hai, aur woh bhi akele ( after saying this, he smirked at muskaan. To which he got a punch from Muskaan)

Muskaan( advising tone) Daya aap ko yeh toh pata hoga na ki gadi chalate samay aapka dhyan keval driving par hi hona chahiye. Ek senior inspector ko aisi laparwahi shobha nahi deti.

Daya : ab issme humara kya kasoor? Jab samne itni hot balika ho toh durghatna hona toh jayaz hai.

Muskaan started laughing after hearing daya's mix-up hindi, daya also joined her.


Abhijeet, Devyana, Ajay & other members from nashik cid team are present along the side of sea-shore. Ajay instructed his members to be alert & order them to take their positions, Abhijeet also instructed everyone with his plan & also warned them that no-one will fire since there is a possibility that there might be other people.

He strictly order that all will go ahead after his approval, all agreed & took their positions. Abhijeet started moving close to the ship which was located very near to the shore, he started observing that place in order to get an idea about the people in that ship & which would be the best place to attack on it. After observing everything minutely he alerted everybody & they attacked that ship. Since the attack was sudden the people who were on the ship were totally startled & panic, they couldn't understand what was happening, and this helped the nashik cid( ) team to get a control on them. After few mins all the gang members were arrested by . they also arrested mona who was g.f of ramesh & the current leader of zygnema gang. ajay was congratulating Abhijeet & devyana for the accomplishment of the mission, when Abhijeet pushed Devyana to other side, with this sudden push Devyana was totally shocked she stared in confusion at Abhijeet who was holding his gun but within few secs the confusion look got disappear & her face was bearing an expression of fear & concern, she was staring widely on left shoulder which was turning to deep red colour. He was shot but still he managed to shoot that person who shot him. Devyana quickly ran towards Abhijeet who was rarely bothered about the wound. She requested ajay to carry out the further procedure & took Abhi to the hospital to get the wound fixed. After getting medical help abhijeet got back to the case though devyana assured him that she would handle it but abhijeet carried out the procedure.


Abhijeet, devyana & ajay were recording the statement of mona. Mona easily accepted all her crime & also confirmed that she & her trusted member vicky killed raman bcoz raman wanted a equal partnership in the business, so they killed then asked her about akash mehra & does he have anything to do with the case. to which mona replied that he is not involved in case they just stole his identity. she explained that they got akash mehra's bio-data from a company. raman decided to use his identity & to carry out the business. but when raman started asking for a 50% partnership in profit as well as business she & vicky killed him.

After the confession, mona was transferred to jail & later it was identified that the man who shot abhijeet was none other than vicky;after all the legal procedure got over abhijeet & devyana left for mumbai.

Mumbai ; 6:30

Everybody was present at bureau quite early bcoz they knew Abhijeet & Devyana would be arriving from nashik so in order to welcome their officers they arrived early. Daya who was usually not an early riser surprisingly arrived at bureau before everyone. He cleaned abhijeet's desk & drawer & kept all his things in a well-organised manner since Abhijeet always loved it. After setting up the things daya was just checking for the last time whether he has missed something when he turned he saw Muskaan smiling at him.

Muskaan: (smiling) kya baat hai? Aaj bade good boy ki tarah behave kar rahe ho, chakar kya hai?(teasingly) kahi ladki wale toh dekhne nahi aa rahe hai?(& she started laughing)

Daya: (with serious look) theek socha tumne, aa rahe he woh log, maine toh kabki iss shadi ke liye haa kar di hai, ab toh bas…(before he could say anything Muskaan grabbed him by his collar & )

Muskaan (angrily) shakal dekhi hai kabhi aaine main, aur bade nikale shaadi karne. Tumne mujhe samaj kya rakha haan ? Dekho mujhe aise-waisi mat samajna warna pehle tumhara aur baad main uss ladki ko dono ko nahi chodungi samjhe.( she leaved his collar & left the bureau angrily; daya just smiled at her possessive behaviour & followed her )

All were waiting for abhijeet & Devyana at the entrance of bureau. After few mins a car entered from the gate & Abhijeet & Devyana got off from the car. All were happy after seeing them, daya moved forward & hugged Abhijeet tightly, due to that tight hug blood oozed out from abhijeet's shoulder, daya was terrified since he was not aware about this.

Daya (worriedly) abhi yeh kya?

Abhi : kuch nahi daya bas chotti se chot hai bas..

Daya ( scolding) choti si yeh chot tumhe choti si lag rahi hai, pata nahi Abhijeet tumhara main kya karu? Mujhe humesha kehte rehta ho ki " daya hero bane ki koshish mat kar" aur ab tum, tumne kya kiya. Tumne mujhe inform karna bhi jaroori nahi samjha?( turning to Devyana) Devyana atleast tumhe toh mujhe inform karna chahiye tha.

Daya was scolding Abhijeet like a small kid & on other hand Abhijeet had just put his head down & others were trying hard not to laugh.

Abhijeet: ( holding his ears & innocently) acha baba Sorry lo kaan bhi pakad liye ab toh maaf kar de.

Daya couldn't control his laughter after seeing Abhijeet, so he started laughing & Abhijeet also joined him. Others who were suppressing their laughter for a long time also joined them.

Muskaan's home; evening 7:30

Muskaan arranged a dinner party in her home & welcomed all team members including the forensic.

Tasha & tarika arrived early so that could help her for cooking & other work, rest of the members including Acp, , Daya, Abhi, Vivek, Freddy, Devyana & Sarthak also arrived after sometime.

After such a long time the were enjoying, they were talking about Salunkhe's girl-friend & were debating whether salunkhe's hair are real or reel also as usual freddy was discussing his wife's advices & jokes with the & daya were relaxing on the sofa & were listening to his advices but Abhijeet's eyes were searching someone, just to caught her one glimpse. It has been two weeks he have not seen her, nor he have talked to her. He was waiting eagerly just to see her, her smile, her laugh, and her eyes which used to mesmerize him but from the past one hour all his attempts to see her have failed. Due to his injury he was strictly warned or rather ordered to take rest by daya & especially salunkhe so he had no option & have to take rest.

After few mins Muskaan announced that dinner is ready so all headed towards the dining table except daya & Abhijeet who were going to have their dinner on sofa due to abhijeet's injury.

After having dinner once again all rested in the living room waiting to fill their tummies with ice-cream. Tasha handed everyone their ice-cream bowls when he gave Abhijeet his ice-cream, Abhijeet told her this is not his favorite flavor & when he was about to tell her about his choice when someone placed a bowl of vanilla flavor with cookies and chocolate strewened over it in front of him.

Abhijeet :(happily) haan yehi toh mujhe pasand hai ( he looked up & found tarika holding the bowl in front of him; finally she was in front of him, her hair were tied upwards with some curls teasing her cheeks, sometimes Abhijeet used to get jealous of those curls which used to tease her cheeks, she was looking beautiful as always; Abhijeet was totally lost in her & came out from his trance when tarika with a push handed him his bowl. Sarthak saw this & he felt something so in order to change the situation

Sarthak: guys aaj Abhijeet sahi salamat humare bich main hai aur (looking towards tarika)main chahunga ki woh humesha sahi salamat ho toh iss situation ko thoda celebrate karte hain. Kuch gaana masti karte hain

Dr.S: bilkul theek kaha sarthak,( enthustiacally) chalo gaana gaate hai

Acp(teasingly) salunkhe agar tu gaana shuru kar dega toh yaha ke log muskaan ko yaha se nikal denge ( & started laughing)

But salunkhe did not paid attention to him & started singing ' bachna-e- haseeno' song while singing he also started dancing, acp patted his forehead at this scene whereas all were trying hard not to laugh loud. After salunkhe's performance acp announced that he can't tolerate any further torture so sarthak asked tarika to sing as he knew that she used to sing well.

Abhijeet ( shockingly) tarika ji aapko gaana bhi aata hain, hume toh pata hi nahi tha. Ab toh aapko gaana hi padega.

All: haan tarika pls gaona.

Muskaan: sirf gaana nahi chalega, gaane ke saath piano bhi bajane padega.( & after saying this she grabbed tarika's wrist & led her to the piano table. Tarika was about to play When they heard some soft tunes played from guitar they all turned & found sarthak playing the guitar, tarika was surprised & shocked to hear those tunes but she kept quiet & started playing the same tune


Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se, humko pyar hai sirf tumse

Ab yeh pyar na hoga phir humse….

Log kehte hai pagal; huin main yeh bhi na jaanu

Dil lutaya hai maina ab kisiki na manu

Chain de karke maine, bechainiya yeh li hai,

Neende udake main ne tumse wafayi ki hai….

All were listening to tarika when sarthak also joined her (i.e. he started to sing the boy's version)

Kuch issharo main tumne, humse jo yeh kaha hai

Ab yakin aa raha hai , tumko bhi kuch hua hai.

Kue tumko dekhte hain, kya dil main sochte hain

Toofan jo uth raha hai, hum usko rokte hain

Now he sat next to tarika & started singing the rest part of the song though tarika got uncomfortable but she didn't react to it.

Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se, humko pyar hai sirf tumse

Ab yeh pyar na hoga phir humse….

All clapped at their performance & praised them when abhijeet got a call from . Ajay to inform him that the 'zygnema case' hearing will start after 2 days so he has to be present there. Abhijeet told Acp & Daya about his convo with Ajay. Acp order daya & Muskaan to attend the court's hearing since Abhijeet was injured. Daya & Muskaan agreed.

After two days Daya & Muskaan left for nashik while Devyana left for nagpur as the case was accomplished.

After 2 week

Mona was found guilty & so she was order to be hanged. After filling the case both Daya & Muskaan returned Mumbai. They entered bureau & found that all were working seriously that none of them noticed Daya & Muskaan. Finally Abhijeet realized it & just smiled looking at him, he greeted them but Daya found it different. At the same time tarika entered bureau with some reports.

Tarika : arre Muskaan, Daya tum kab aaye?( by saying this she handed Abhijeet the report, but daya noticed that something is wrong bcoz tarika referred Abhijeet as "SIR" he didn't even remember when tarika called him sir)

Muskaan : abhi aaye.

Daya : tarika tum Abhijeet ko sir kabse bulane lagi? (to abhirika)tum dono itne formals kab se ho gaye, aur woh bhi hum dono ke samne

Abhijeet: Daya colleagues ke saath formal relations he hona chahiye, kyu ?

Tarika: yes sir. ( & she left)

(This was the second blow from morning after their friendship Abhijeet used to call her by her name but now they were behaving like they were just staff nothing more. Daya was getting helpless trying to figure out whats the matter)


Reference to some points

The idea about abhijeet's favorite ice-cream is taken from the story 'Cid on a Crashing expedition' by Vampire BreathTarika playing piano is from the story 'Past Deeds' by Darknite0403.

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