As in any normal day in Happy Tree Town, the multicolored critters ran around waiting for death to strike. But today, wasn't as normal as they all thought. Even though nearly everyone was acting the same, feeling fear deep down inside like always, etc, it didn't seem so normal when one of the purple critters was walking on the hard gray sidewalk.

His purple feet walking slowly one-by-one, each step was slightly slow, because he wanted to show off his new.. well.. uh.. "style". The purple critter was none other than Mime, the purple deer who was a mime. But he looked different. Cuddles bumped into to him expecting makeup on his face and stripped shirt on his chest, he didn't get the response he was used to. Mime had no makeup, and no shirt, either. Cuddles looked at him curiously and tapped his shoulder. "Excuse me, Mime.. or should I even call you that, what happened?"

Mime stared at him like he was asking a question that was impossible to answer. Cuddles looked at how his mouth was actually opening, that never happens, even when he was getting killed by flippy he didn't scream! Mime spoke. He actually spoke. Cuddles' jaw dropped straight toward the ground, his ears bent down, and his pupils shrunk from the shocking event that just happened. Everybody in Happy Tree Town soon crowded around Mime as they heard him say two simple words; "I changed.".

Those two words, just those two words made the whole town shiver. They weren't used to seeing his lips move, and the way he looked was too different. Cuddles ended up fainting. Mime looked around, he quickly blushed as everyone started crowding around him asking questions. Everybody in town knew something was up, he would never do this.

But the real question is, what exactly is up? No one knew, or even spoke of it. They were too shocked to think. Mime even changed his house, and got REAL furniture. Mime simply changed, well that's what everyone thought. Except for Cuddles, he knew he didn't just "change". No one in Happy Tree Town just changes like that!

After Cuddles woke up, he thought it was just a dream, until Mime helped him up and said "You okay?" Cuddles soon felt his legs wobble as his mouth let out words, which should be forbidden in Mime's mind. Cuddles quickly felt his heart sink, the weight of this mystery quickly pulled him down to the ground.

Cuddles blinked and rubbed his eyes multiple times, thinking he was imagining Mime's new look. He cleaned out his ears too, just to check. Mime just stared at him as he was on the ground, thinking he has gone insane. Mime stared at him more, his eyes squinting at Cuddles, who was feeling uneasy.

Mime licked his dry purple lips, and keep staring at Cuddles. Cuddles looked back up at Mime, and saw how he was staring at him with soulless eyes, those soulless eyes. They weren't like Mime's...