"Sammy died on the way to hospital." The words cut her like a knife.

Abigail nodded and walked up the stairs. She felt the tears coming. But she kept walking slowly up the stairs. When she got up them, she ran to the showers.

Nothingness. She felt only nothingness. The tears started falling uncontrollably as she stepped into the shower. Sinking to the bottom, she pulled the handle to the water and let if wall. It was cold, forcing her to stay with reality. Abigail cried harder and harder as remembered all the times she and Sammy met in secret, kissing each other sensless. And at the football came, when they went "public" and kissed each other.

Minutes passed. Hell, maybe even hours before Tara and Kat came in, turned off the water and helped her out of the shower. Kat was sobbing too, but Tara just looked too hurt to cry. They helped her dry off and get her to her room. There, Abigail just sat on her bed, crying. Kat and Tara sat on either side of her, sharing the sadness, pain, and loss,

Shakily, she said "He kissed me before b-before-" Abigail succumbed to tears once more.

Tara and Kat rubbed her back as she raised her fingers to her lips as if to feel the last kiss again.

Suddenly she was remembering all of the times they kissed, again. Abagail was back to the forest from that silly field trip they took. When Sammy first kissed her. Abigail wouldn't dare admit it to anyone, but she liked it.

Then all those times they secretly met in the storage building. When he pushed her up against the wall and put his lips to hers, it was like she was more alive than ever.

The football game. When Sammy walked up to her after they had won and kissed her passionately. She heard the cheers from the crowd and smiled as she put her hands on his face and pulled it roughly to hers. The cheers grew louder as they pulled apart. Abigail and Sammy were engulfed by the crowd in congratulations.

Kissing Sammy for the last time was like heaven all over again for her. But then he died. Before the Prix de Fonteyn. His piece was going to be so amazing.

Back in reality, she was crying harder then ever, and Kat was sobbing still. Tara still had the same look of intense pain and emptiness etched into her face.

"I loved him. I loved him god damn it! And he's dead!" Abigail screamed, turning towards Kat, and crying into her shoulder.

The two crying girls sat there, and Tara joined in their hug. They sat there for what seemed like an eternity.

The day of Sammy's funeral was eerily quiet. A cloud hung over the whole second year as they marched down the cemetery behind his family. At the Academy, Mrs. Raine made the announcement of classes, but that they were optional. Abigail had heard enough. She walked to the barre, kicked off her shoes and stood in first position. The rest of the class slowly filled in the spaces. That day, they took a class. All more serious than ever. All in their funeral clothing. Mrs. Raine wasn't as harsh as usual.

Prix de Fonteyn.

Ben Tickle's performance.

He said that the judges should just disqualify him for not checking the choreography in with them. But he danced anyway,

He had used Sammy's idea. The same dance, the same montage. Strangely, no one was mad at him for taking Sammy's idea. It was like another memorial for him. Soon everyone was on the stage dancing with Ben. He pointed off the stage, and balloons fell and the cheers rose to a peak.

The had remembered Sammy perfectly. Abigail could feel once again.

I cried so hard when Sammy died:'( anyhow, was it good? Bad? Meh? I know it gets slightly off of Abigail's thoughts towards the end.