Those who know, English isn't my language and I have never actually studied it, so there is mistakes. Forgive me.

"Hey, boy, come on! We need to be soon on the gate!"

The young man waved his hand to indicate that he had heard his friend, and turned to look once again the ship what was docking. It was one of the largest he had ever seen. Red, sleek, and its sides' graced a white dragon character. He was not the only one who had come to watch the starship. The young man began to walk forward, pushing through the crowd. He listened the conversation which filled the hall. Each whispered the name of the ship.

It had finally become and everyone waited eagerly to hear was there any chances to find a job from the ship. The young man smiled. He couldn't even dream from that wonderful possibility. And he didn't. He had a good job and the space station was a nice place to live. He didn't need anything else.


Oh, but there was one who would go with the ship and leave him behind.

"Hello Gwen." Merlin turned see his friend.

"It came!"

"I saw it. It's wonderful. Beautiful. Just like you." Merlin grinned and Gwen hugged him. Merlin wrapped his arms around her.

"I leave soon." Gwen whispered.

"I know. You do great."

"I miss you already."

"Don't." Merlin begged.

"It's unlikely that we will meet again." Gwen's voice almost broke.

"Don't start to cry now. We speak later." Merlin smiled and wiped away a lonely tear. "I have to go."

"Tonight. Come. Eight o'clock!" Gwen yelled after him and Merlin nodded before he disappeared around the corner. Gwen walked to watch her new home.

The research starship Excalibur.