I have to say, I'm extremely busy with my school far a way from home in totally different country, although I have lived here (not in this town though, and this is BIG CITY) before, It's strange to be back. I try write, but this story, ah, I don't have much motivation, but I try because I actually like this one. And I haven't been speaking or writing English in here at all, so I'm afraid there is again lot of mistakes. And if anyone thinks about beta, read my profile first, then you know.

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Merlin ran like never before. Or what he remembered. It was difficult to say because of his memory lost over twelve years ago. But now he ran heading toward the station's farthest corner, Dock Ten. It was abandoned place, where some people tried to rebuild or repair their already doomed ships. One of them was Merlin's.

He cursed lightly when he lost the contact to his friends, but being glad that they were out of the station. Not necessarily safe, but now they have better chances to survive, even if Excalibur may be the target. But Merlin understood that even if Excalibur was really the target, there was no way that the space station would survive. He had heard that the coming three ships were republics. They all knew what that meant.

Join or die.

Finally he was out of the elevator and on the dock. Junks were everywhere and he ran middle of the abandoned ships, until he reached the silver-white, small 30 meter long ship. It was single-seated, but there were two small cabins. He opened the drawbridge half way before jumped in and closed it fast behind him. Somehow he knew that there wasn't much time left. He hurried to the cockpit and threw himself on his stomach. The seat complied with his posture. He looked around, placing his palms over the panels.

"Please please please. Fly." He tried to concentrate, link himself with the ship. He wasn't even tried this over two years now when he was finally gave up. Some people who he had asked help had visited and looked it, saying that it was perhaps customized to him. It was unique. They have ever seen anything like that. It seemed to be more alien than human. Maybe he had been just a passenger, not a pilot. Maybe it was the reason why he couldn't link with it.

His head fell and forehead touched the cold mat. He felt how the station trembled. With desperation he stared to console.


The world around him exploded.


They reached the bridge. The red alarm light coloured everything.

"Arthur!" Morgana yelled and pointed over the control shaft . There was no pilot, the harness hanged freely. The pilot was fell and the ship's heart, the massive orange and golden energy, what was now open had swallowed him. Arthur was on move. He reached his hand and the strings started to squirm toward him fast. Excalibur needed his pilot but the heart was still open.

"Close it Morgana!"

"I try!"

Agravaine raised his head. He was standing over Uther with Morgause. His voice what came over link was first time in years tired.

"He's dead."

Arthur closed his eyes pushing the sorrow away. There was no time to that.

Gwen was walked front of the screen where she could see everything what was happening outside the ship.

"Our home." She whispered and Lancelot took her hand.

"Merlin…" Gwaine watched with horror the view. Gwen pressed her head against Lancelot's shoulder and cried.

The strings pulled Arthur with them, coiling around him, creating the neurolink that was stronger than anything. He was now captain, owner of this ship, and the Excalibur confirmed this. Under him the heart was now closing.

"They are coming." He whispered through the link and opened the channel to everyone to hear.

"Surrender." The voice commanded.

"Never." Arthur hissed back. "Plasma?"


Arthur's mind flow through the space and he watched the three ships. They were ugly. Half organ, half metal. Twisted.

"Then we destroy you all."

"Shields!" Arthur commanded.

"There are none!"

Arthur was watching through the ship's eyes. They were doomed. Second hit and it would be over. They had only one shot, but the angle was wrong. If he ordered to fire the plasma now, it wouldn't hit anything. His only chance was fly over them, follow the curse what his father had planned.

We are so dead, Arthur though and closed his eyes when he saw how the plasma was again let toward them.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered waiting the impact in any second.

Nothing happened.

Or maybe something.

He heard something, like a howl through the empty space. Angry roar.

"That was close. My shields hold them, but no long."

Arthur opened his eyes, watching the scene, Excalibur still turning to face the enemyships.

"Who are you?" Arthur asked, watching the beautiful ship and the shimmering shield. Same time that he saw how the young lanky man smiled to him, the hologram appeared on the bridge and Gwen sobbed in disbelief.


Merlin smiled and watched directly Gwen then back at Arthur. But what he saw was Arthur standing right front of him middle of the space. "Follow me, I clear the way."

"With your ship?" Arthur couldn't believe it.

Merlin grinned. "Yes. Trust me."

Arthur stared him and gulped. It was insane; he knew it, to trust someone who had never met. But to trust someone who was saved them all. "Alright."

"I send the coordinates."

Then Merlin was gone. The information flowed through his mind and Arthur followed the white ship. It felt like he was seen that before.

"The plasma…"


"When I say…"

They faced the enemy. He checked where Merlin was, that he was out of the way.


The explosion blinded him for a moment.

"Good grief." He heard Merlin whisper, like he was standing right next to him. "Was that really necessary?"

"Yes." Arthur answered, closing the conversation out of anyone else.


"What ever you say." Merlin sighed. "Ready to jump."

"Open the gate." Arthur ordered. "Ready to jump. 5-4-3-2-1 Now."