This is my third try for this syoc story but I think I've got the plot down enough to actually stick with the story. It is formerly called Live And Let Die, and will have the same basic plot with some changes. I've maped out the story a little already so I've at least somewhat got a plan for this one.

Here is the plot summery and group summeries for those who haven't read the old story:


The world has already pretty much gone to shit. The government is being pulled to it's knees and half the world has become a war zone. Mutants were outed to the world years ago, and the world still isn't too happy about their excistance. The xmen have died a long time ago, and with them all understand between the two races diminished. You see, mutants were outed while the xmen still lived, and they reasoned with the humans, and basically were a medium between the two races. When the original xmen were wiped out due to old age, the new xmen couldn't keep the peace up as they did, the pressure the humans kept on them was too strong and they eventually were forced to give in. With rogue mutants running about causing caos, turned human's views on mutants as a whole. It started off with the registration, which led to slavery, and eventually a full blown war.

Now, humans are at the top. Mutants have been forced into hiding for fear of becoming slaves, locked up in cells or just plain killed. Most mutants are too afraid to fight back, but more and more are stepping up. This war has only hit part of the world, but is spreading rapidly. In order for mutants to survive they have to band together and fight or hide. The world is fast becoming a place of kill or be killed.

ok so there's the plot, here are some key basis:

- xmen no longer exist, they died out a long time ago.

- half of America, hasn't been hit by the war, but it's spreading fast. It's already hit most of Europe and it's surroundings.

- There are groups of mutants scattered around the areas that the war has hit. These groups will be: the sewer rats, the bandits, the alphas, and the humanitarians. Also there will be a few loners and antagonists.

- This fic will take place in the future and the present, so be prepared.


Sewer Rats: The are basically a bunch of mutants that dwell in the sewers, they live in a large "family". Most of them have a physical mutation that sets them apart from the humans and that's why they hide here. They aren't very friendly with each other, sure they help each other out, but it's more of a I'l help you if you help me type of thing. This is because there are hardly any resources to go around and it's basically survival of the fittest down there. There will be at least one or two main characters in this group and a ton of back round along with a few minor characters. What I'm mainly looking for in this group is mutants with a physical mutation, I would prefer a really young mutant along with an older-ish one (as in 40-70). I am also looking for someone who is on there own but they bring supplies to the sewer rats in exchange for things such as medical attention and a place to sleep for the night or weapons if they have any.. etc...

Bandits: They are a group of misfits (orphans, run aways, people that just don't belong and the like) They hide in junk yards, run down buildings and such and are basically scavengers. They care for no one but their own and are pretty seclusive. They move around a lot and don't stay in one place too long and are always scavenging for food and such.

The Alphas: They are somewhat like the group Gambit is in (sorry i can't think of the name at the moment, my brain is a little fried) They are mostly made up of teenagers and young adults, and maybe a middle aged Superior... They aren't really like a family but they do watch each others asses. They are pretty seclusive as in they will only let some one join the group if it will benefit them. Same thing as the others, about three or so mains and a few minor, no back round. This group doesn't have a lot of people in it. They usually dwell in the streets, they don't care if anyone see's them and knows they are mutants, they think they are the toughest on the block and they tend to be right. Usually they are pretty brutal...

Medusa: A group of brutal mutants who are fighting under Pandora's (Alpha) rule. Their main goal is to overthrow the government. They are considered antagonists because although their intentions might be considered good, they are killing and doing whatever they have to to get what they want. Most of them have lost all reason for life or just don't care about their own life, this gives them an edge because they are not afraid of doing insane mission where they will most likely die. As long as they can reach their goal, they don't care. The are pretty well known amongst mutants, mostly just rumors, no ones actually seen what they look like, if they have their dead. Some consider them a huge threat, and other a myth, no one knows for sure if they exist all they know is that they wouldn't want to cross paths with them.

Here is the forum:


Nicknames and/or code name:



Nationality (include accent if any):

Spoken languages:

birthday and birth place (I dont mean what hostpital or if they were born in a f*cking toilet, I mean state or country):


appearance ( include height, weight, hair color and style, skin color, eye color, body build, facial features and anything extra like scars, tattoos or piercings, or physical mutation if any, I think you get the point now):



Weapons (if any, be realistic, they aren't gonna have a grenade launcher and lazer guns):

skills (beside their power, include fighting style):


Weakness (power weakness and other weaknesses) :




Group (include at least two you'd prefer them to be in but I will have the final decision):

How they found/joined the group:

Position in group (ie: infirmary, weapons (teaching and making), guard and/ or look out, brute (defense, could teach the younger ones to fight), scout (goes out and collects resources). not all groups will have every one of these so choose two or give me one you come up with):

Romantic interests (don't give me a specific person give me a type of person or an example, your character may or may not have a love relationship) :

History (include before the war, maybe a bit about their family and how they found the group they are in if they are in one):


Views (how do they view the world as it is, what do they think of the war and how do they view mutants and/or humans):

Clothing (not just one outfit, give me a general idea and maybe a few examples):

Possessions (what do they travel with ie: a backpack with a few changes of clothes, a bit of food, a water bottle.. etc. They are not going to me carrying makeup and hair products or laptops and game boys, be realistic. Also include anything they carry on their person):

Are you ok if I kill the character , put them in a slightly elicit scene or make minor changes to them?

Anything else I need to know about them?:

Give me a few plot ideas that I can use with them (optional):

And that's it! Again, sorry it's a lot, but I like details :)

Just so I don't overload ya, I'm going to put the cast list as of so far on the next chapter along with a list of already taken powers, so please don't submit until you've taken a look at the powers and at what ocs I'm still looking for.

Also, to change things up I'm going to let you all choose the title, I'll change this title to the official one once I get enough votes, here are the options: