Cast List as of so far:


Pandora (Alpha), created by TheWritingGirl23 (Leader)

Blade Semi (Bravo), created by; San child of the wolves

Azriel (Charlie), created by; San child of the wolves

no name yet (Delta), created by; TheMomeRathsOutGrabe

Enzo DeLuca (Echo), created by; Myself

Beau (Foxtrot), created by; TheMomeRathsOutGrabe

Elizabeth Lily Owens (Gamma), created by; Purple Zippyness



Dante Mizah (leader), created by; darkmaster429

Danny Comeau, created by; TheMomeRathsOutgrabe

Matthew Ryder, created by; Kairi Avalon

Anne Murrow, created by; TheWrittingGirl23


Sewer Rats:

Alex Harrison (leader), created by; TheMomeRathsOutgrabe (leader)

Grace Evans, created by; StarGazer

Raiden Lucas, created by; Rex123

Callie Lyna Rame, created by; Death For One

(Will accept about 1 0r 2 more mains, a mix of ages and genders please!)

- no more 16-18 year olds here, give me one older and one younger at least please!


Mick Harrison (co-leader), created by; TheMomeRathsOutgrabe

Axel, created by; myself

Tarquinn, created by; myself

Jannie Alcott (leader) created by; darkmaster429

Astrid Oconner, created by; Choco23Symphony

(Positions available: healer, younger child)

- need someone with healing powers, and a younger child (age 4-9)


Nicholas Arthur (bandits), created by; Rook2pwn

Jalen Bartik (Alphas), created by; BeatTheFox

Satanya Rostov (Alphas), created by;FresianFire

Henri Valon (Bandits), created by; Munamana

(Will take a few more to be put in the sewer rats)

-need at least one younger kid (age 8-12)

Powers list (These powers are already taken, don't submit an oc with any of these powers or they wont even be considered!):

Manipulation and control of time -

Manipulation of electricity-

manipulation of sound waves

ability to transform into other people by basically stealing their soul and identity ( that's a mouthful but I love it!)-

ability to transform in a large wolf

manipulation of the earth/dirt

manipulation of ice

Ability to enhande, stop other powers and to take their powers

puppeteer ability: ability to put people into a trance like state and control their actions

Ability to control ink; make their tattoos come to life

ability to create weapons from their body


Super strength/tough skin

seeing future


creating sheilds

cat-like senses/abilities


projecting blue power beams

hallucokenises (haha, I don't think that's right... ah well idk what to call it )

fray skin (not sure what to call it)


Thanks for the submissions guys! I need four more but will take six more at max, so read what's left and act quickly if ya wann get in, the spots are sure to fill quick!

Once I get all the ocs I need I'll be replacing these chapters with the prologue and first chapter or two once I get them written.