Ch. 11 – Sinking Like Sand

Mac's left hand ached.

Throbbed even.

It also looked like it wasn't going to let up anytime soon.

Jill's grip tightened a little more and MacKenzie kept her mouth shut. Wincing only slightly as Jill loosened up and then tightened it again. The pattern took her a minute to figure out, but she did, finally. Every time the plastic surgeon's needle poked through Lindsay Boxer's skin, Jill's grip strengthened.

Sure, she probably wasn't in as much pain as Lindsay, but at least the cop was getting good drugs.

Mac was with Jill when the hospital called to inform them that as one of the emergency contacts on Lindsay's record, her presence was requested. Jill had just given her keys over to one of the attendants at the parking garage to have it washed. Mac had stopped in with lunch and seemed to be at the right place at the right time.

"Where's Cindy?" Lindsay asked almost completely unaffected by the doctor working on her.

Jill opened her mouth to answer when the rapid click of heels against linoleum drew their attention to the cracked door.

"Lindsay? Jill?" Cindy called out as she rounded the corner and pushed the door open to enter the room.

"Daddy?" Cindy looked at her questioningly. "Okay," Cindy's attention snapped to Lindsay in the hospital bed and Mac watched her do a quick assessment of her girlfriend. "What happened?" Cindy pushed the railing down on Lindsay's free side and pulled up a stool to sit on.

"Hi." Lindsay's grin was only slightly sheepish.

"No. You aren't 'hi'ing me. What happened and why does it look like someone tried to chop off your arm?" Cindy barked and pointed at the gash that was being stitched up.

Turning to the doctor, Lindsay apologized, "Sorry for this one. She's a little crazed."

"Crazed?" Cindy snapped and Jill snickered. "Jill calls me and says that she's on the way to the hospital because you were attacked by some psycho with an axe. I'm not crazed. I'm pissed off and worried, so start explaining, Linds." Cindy's head snapped in Jill's direction and she asked, "Did anyone call Claire?"

"I did," Jill answers. "I told her to stay home. This one isn't in mortal danger so…" The lawyer tried for teasing, but earned nothing but a scowl from the prone brunette and the agitated reporter.

"I had stopped by earlier. She still has three sick people at home," Lindsay spoke up. "I had stopped there before picking Jacobi up at the Hall. We went over to Amy's building to have a chat with a few of the people there, trying to follow up on some information," the inspector explained squeezing Cindy's hand. "So we get to that Shue kid's unit. He was cool. Invited us in. We were chatting when Jacobi pointed out an inconsistency in the story. Next thing I know there's an axe." Lindsay shrugged and winced.

"Inspector, if you could not move around so much while I'm giving you stitches," the doctor grumbled.

"Sorry," she said softly before continuing her story, "It was over after that. Shue went a little psycho, grabbed the axe and started swinging. Caught me in the arm. I was spun and smacked my head off the desk." She pointed to the bandaged area along her right temple. "Jacobi put a slug in him and is watching him upstairs until some uni's get here for regular detail."

"An axe? He came at you with an axe?" Cindy repeated. Mac wasn't sure if it was to her friend's benefit to hear, but she still kept her mouth shut.

Lindsay just nodded as the doctor applied a covering to the stitches. Cindy's face palled a little more.

"Inspector," the doctor broke the quiet softly, "I'm going to get the nurse to get your discharge papers and instructions for wound care."

The four women watched the man scurry from the room and the silence settled back over them. Jill finally let Mac's hand go to take up a seat on the side of Lindsay the doctor had worked on.

No one expected Jill's hard swat to the outside of Lindsay's thigh. "I'm going to kill you!"

Lindsay shrank back and Cindy swatted the other side.

"Hey!" Lindsay protested. "I just got stitches."

"And you scared the shit out of us!" Cindy shot back.

Mac looked over her shoulder and saw the nurse standing in the doorway with the discharge paperwork and a white paper bag.

"Augie," Mac finally spoke up and pointed to the man standing in the doorway.

"Hello ladies, I'm Nurse Pickard. If you're done abusing the patient, I'd like to discharge her," the tall, brown haired man grinned and strode into the room. Stepping behind Jill, he handed a clipboard over the blonde's head to Lindsay and instructed, "I just need you to sign the top sheet and the rest of that is yours. There are aftercare instructions and a prescription for an antibiotic and additional pain meds if you need them."

Lindsay shuffled through the paperwork and noticed the work release. "Not fit for duty?" she questioned looking up and glaring at the younger man.

"Dr. Eckovich put you off work for five days and it's limited release for another two weeks. That gash on your arm is pretty deep. He didn't want you to take the risk of reopening it. He's made sure to send everything to a Tom Hogan. Also, since the look you're sending me may actually kill me, I'll tell you know that someone needs to stay with you for the next twenty-four hours. Is there a boyfriend or husband that we can call?" The nurse smiled what Mac assumed worked on a lot of women and he was delivering information they didn't like.

Unfortunately for him, it didn't work on any of the women present. "Girlfriend, buddy and Linds," Cindy looked pained as she let her girlfriend know, "I still have to cover the raid and get back to the paper…"

"I have depositions and the final bit of trial prep…" Jill whined.

"Uh, I can…Lindsay, if you don't mind, you can come stay at mine until Cindy's done at work," Mac offered quietly.

"So you'll have someone to watch you. Great," Nurse Pickard said still slightly red from the look Cindy gave him. He took the offered clipboard back and handed MacKenzie the white paper bag. "There's some pain meds that she'll need in four hours in there and some extra dressings for her head and arm. Have a good day, ladies."

The four watched him leave before Lindsay started in on a protest, "I can go home by myself. I'm fine."

"No," Jill and Cindy both stopped the inspector.

"Really, Lindsay," Mac interrupted their bickering. "It's really no big deal. I have work I can do. You need to relax and keep both of our girlfriends from freaking out further."

"You have your bike," Jill reminded Mac.

MacKenzie looked at Cindy and they both nodded. "I'll take Cindy's car. You and Augie can take my bike. She's good on the Duc."

Cindy tossed Mac the keys without protest and Mac tossed the keys to the Duc to her. "Helmets are locked on the back."

"Thanks," Cindy offered to MacKenzie before leaning in and kissing Lindsay's pouting lips. "Be nice and quit pouting, I'll be by to pick you up later."

"Cindy," Lindsay whined as the redhead and reporter got up to leave.

"You're going with Mac," Jill stopped her. She turned to her girlfriend and said, "I'll come by after work?"

Mac smiled and pulled Jill in for a kiss. "I'd be thrilled."

The two brunettes watched their girlfriends leave before Mac turned to Lindsay and held up Cindy's keys. "Ready to go?"

Rolling her eyes, Lindsay stood and slowly followed Mac out of the hospital.

Jill propped her head in her hand as her body curled right to face the door as MacKenzie came bouncing back through. Her girlfriend was quite the vision, bouncing into the room just as she'd left it, naked, when Jill's stomach began a low gurgling. They were both hungry and had already worked off enough energy for the night after sending Lindsay home with Cindy.

Mac held up two bottles of water, a package of crackers, pepperoni and cheese. "So," the darker woman said as she slid on the bed and pressed her back against Jill's naked torso, "I realized that I need to go grocery shopping. Without spending a half hour or more cooking, I bring you offerings of meat and cheese."

"Hmm," Jill hummed and leaned down to nip at Mac's hip. Groaning, Mac squirmed at the attention. She laved at a section of brown skin pinched between her teeth before releasing it to say, "I'm good with that."

"Here." Mac handed off one of the bottles of water and began making little sandwich crackers. She gave the first one she made to Jill. It wasn't the most ideal snack, but it was either that or Pop Tarts. Mac's stomach didn't think the Pop Tarts were the way to go.

Sitting up, Jill took the snack and examined the layers of cracker, meat and cheese topped off with another cracker. She bit into it, her left hand cupping under chin to catch the crumbs.

Mac stuffed a whole one in her mouth and exaggerated her chewing as she watched Jill daintily eat. The grin spread over Jill's lips as Mac inched closer, the other woman's mouth still half full with food. The brunette made kissing noises through her mastication and Jill pulled back, shaking her head.

"Eww," Jill grimaced playfully, swatting away the searching hands.

Mac changed tact and gripped Jill's hips before pulling the blonde down towards her. She made short work of swallowing the rest of her snack and straddled Jill's thighs. Involuntarily, Jill tensed her legs and pushed up to meet the still slick center of her girlfriend. Both groaned at the contact.

Wiggling her eyebrows, Mac leaned down to run a tongue over a creamy skin and a flat stomach. Her left hand reached down to the floor, picking up a few slices of pepperoni. She places the two slices over Jill's hard nipples and looked up at her lover.

The amused grin Jill gave her was encouraging. Mac slowly worked her way up Jill's left breast, kissing, licking and sucking the underside of the small mound before running her tongue up to meet the piece of food she had placed earlier. Sucking into her mouth, she chewed quickly and worked her way over to the one on the right.

She pinched it between her teeth and traveled north, dragging the piece of meat over Jill's chest, up her neck and chin and offered it to the blonde beneath her. Lips closed around the food and pressed against her own. The younger woman's right hand swept down the lawyer's lean frame to slip between her thighs.

Jill groaned and bucked up into the touch. She swallowed the food she'd taken from MacKenzie and husked, "I didn't think pepperoni could be that sexy."

Laughing, Mac shrugged and worked her fingers over wet folds. She looked up and caught Jill's eyes. "You're amazing enough to make almost anything sexy."

"You've already gotten in my pants," Jill panted as a skilled set of fingers circled her clit and then dipped inside of her.

Mac shook her head, leaned down and kissed her way along Jill's neck. She worked around Jill's jaw and pressed her lips against parted, panted ones. She sucked the lawyer bottom lip into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue. The hips below her bucked as she squeezed Jill's clit. Letting the lip go with a pop, she looked down into dark blue eyes. "In your pants or not, I'm just stating a fact, councilor. You," Mac kissed her left cheek, "are," she kissed the right cheek, "amazing," she ended her declaration with a hard press of her lips to Jill's.

Jill's legs opened wider and Mac took the opportunity to reposition herself and sink three fingers into her lover. The pace she set was languid, dragging the digits out with meticulous care, wanting her lover to feel everything she was doing. Her thumb stretched up and circled the woman's clit.

Jill's right leg came up and wrapped around the back of Mac's thigh to press them closer together. Her stomach coiled in preparation for the release her body was swiftly approaching. "Mac," she breathed, canting her hips in rhythm to the long fingers filling her.

"Christ, Jill," Mac hissed at the nails raked down her back. She arched back and Jill took the opportunity to suck a dark mocha colored nipple into her mouth, nipping at the erect bud.

Mac's nipple fell from Jill's lips as she her body stiffened and she cried out her lover's name. Mac's left arm slipped behind Jill and held the woman against her as warm, thick fluid covered her right hand. Muscles grappled and pulsated around her fingers, sucking her in as Jill came underneath her.

Both women collapsed on the bed, Mac landing with most of her weight pressing Jill into the mattress. The blonde's right leg loosened around the body on top of her to rest lazily on the back of slick thighs. Mac's face pressed into the crook of Jill's neck, trying to gently ease her fingers out of her girlfriend's core.

Strong, thin fingers wrapped around her wrist stilling her movements. "Stay," Jill half panted and pleaded. "For a minute, please."

Mac could only nod and settled more firmly against her girl. They relaxed in the quiet of the room; Jill could feel and hear the steady heartbeat of the woman on top of her and melted. Slowly, she pulled Mac's hand from between her thighs and brought the damp hand up. Threading their fingers together, she let her tongue slip out to lap up her cum on Mac's hand.

The younger woman stirred at the sensation and ground her center against a hip bone. Laughing, Jill teased, "What's wrong, baby?"

Mac's head popped up and she squinted at the other woman.

Jill shook her hand free and ran it through thick dark locks. She leaned up and nipped at Mac's chin. "Let me take care of you," Jill whispered and flipped them over. Mac's whimper as she reversed their positions was all the consent she needed.

The morgue was unnaturally quiet as Cindy walked through as she usually did, as if she belonged there. For this particular Friday, she wasn't surprised that the morgue was lacking its usual buzz of staff and techs. After Claire had returned from taking care of the boys and recovering from her own bout of flu, she returned to a semi-functioning lab that her seeing red a good three days later. For the last three days, Claire had sent them to a training conference in Massachusetts.

The doctor hoped that they would be able to learn a little more and function better as a team. As it stood, Claire didn't have the time to try and train the people that should already know what to do. Cindy shook her head at the twenty minute rant the club was all subjected to the night Claire got back to work.

"Skipper," Claire greeted her first as she stepped through the doctor's office door. "How was your day?"

Cindy smiled and said, "Not too bad. Looking forward to the weekend though. My pieces for the paper are set for most of next week."

"Hey," Jill greeted and scooted over to make some room for Cindy to squeeze between herself and Lindsay.

Cindy eyed the rock glass in Jill's hand as she plopped down. "Hi yourself. How many of those have you helped yourself to?"

Lindsay leaned over and pecked Cindy on the cheek as she held up her own empty glass that once held the Glenlivet Claire favored and kept hidden in her office. "We've only had two…"

"Three," Claire corrected, smirking as she held up the half empty bottle. "We were getting an early start. Well, they were. I have to drive home in a half hour."

"I thought we were all going to Joe's?" Jill pouted as she held up her glass for Claire to freshen up.

Obliging, Claire poured another finger for her friend and then capped and stowed the bottle away in the model of the lung she had on top of the filing cabinet. "You may. I was going to go home and pass out. Having a skeleton crew here the last few days has left me little time there. I'd like to see my kids awake once this week."

"Ah, and what prompted the early start with buzzed and more buzzed here?" Cindy directed the question to Claire who sat across from her with an amused smirk. Lindsay threaded her left hand through Cindy's hair causing the reporter to roll her eyes indulgently. Lindsay always got a little handsy when she drank scotch.

"We got a conviction on my cases. Two convictions actually," Jill answered instead, beaming at the redhead before knocking back the rest of her drink. "And I'm not that buzzed."

"I'm not either, just right actually. Feel all warm and languid," Lindsay put her two cents in.

"Well then, it's been a good day all around." Cindy grabbed Lindsay's wandering hand and threaded their fingers together. She held tight and placed it in her lap, eyeing her girlfriend sporting a somewhat dopey grin.

"And I'm cleared to go back to work, fully functional," Lindsay reminded them. "I can get away from the desk."

"The wound healed up nice," Claire added. "They did a good job stitching you up. Your scar won't completely fade, but at least it will be a thin line instead of a big, wide one."

"Well then," Cindy leaned down and pulled out the bottle of tequila she had picked up on her way over and handed it off to Claire, "We'll save that for later."

"Oh, tequila," Jill and Lindsay both crowed and made a grab for the bottle that Claire quickly snatched out of their reach.

"We can crack it open another night." Claire glared at the two pouting adults. "Why the purchase?" she directed her attention to a blushing Cindy.

"Uhm, I just thought we'd celebrate is all, but you all started without me." Cindy patted the head of dark curly hair that rested on her shoulder.

"What are we celebrating Cindy Lou?" Jill asked and swung a leg over the reporters lap.

"Me taking up Lindsay's offer to move in with her…"

"What?" Lindsay's head snapped up to stare at her girlfriend.

Cindy shrugged. "Just thought we could try it on a trial basis. I have four months left on my lease and maybe I could stay there more often and see how we do."

"Awe," Claire and Jill cooed together.

"But…I was gonna…" Lindsay's mouth worked and then she snapped it shut. Her brow knitted together as she pouted, "I was going to see if you wanted look at a new place together. Maybe a two bedroom and make one an office for when you work from home?"

Cindy directed all of her attention at Lindsay, turning as much as she could towards the woman on her right to rest their foreheads together. "That's sounds frickin' awesome, Linds." She leaned in and pecked scotch coated lips.

"Can we go home and celebrate?" Lindsay whispered.

Cindy nodded and pulled away from her girlfriend. "What are you going to do, Jill?"

"I was going to try to cook for Mac…"

"You suck in the kitchen," Lindsay blurted and giggled.

The other two women laughed, but agreed with the inspector's assessment. Jill rolled her eyes, but conceded, "I do. So I'm thinking take out from Manuel's and then…" Cindy stopped the rest of what she knew to be very dirty things Jill was going share. The attorney wiggled her eyebrows, her eyes twinkling under the florescent lighting as Cindy glared.

"I don't need to hear that much," the reporter warned. "Between you glowing and Mac glowing…"

"We all get the picture, Jilly," Claire admonished.

"Hot, super hot sex," Lindsay finished up and held her hand up over Cindy's shoulder for her friend to slap.

"Some of the best sex ever," Jill couldn't help but needle her friend.

The four stilled as buzzing sounded in the room. Three sets of eyes turned towards Lindsay and the phone at her hip. "Boxer," came the near instinctually reply as Lindsay answered the phone. "Right…I'll meet you out in front of the hall in five, partner."

Three groans echoed off the wall as Lindsay disconnected, looked at her 'club' and said, "We've got a case ladies. Let's go."