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Mysterious hooded mech in the distance a few hours into the night...

"So what it so important that needs me?" The mech asked.

"Master," A shadowy figure came out from the trees, "The Autobots are in possession of an ancient relic..." The mysterious mech suddenly leaned forward into the light. The light reflected off the purple paint and gave a faint shine to the black on the rest of his body.

"An ancient relic? What is it?" he asked ever so carefully. Even though he trusted his SIC that ever little bit, he knew he could be sending him into a trap.

"It appears to be one of the weapons created by Primus himself master, although I don't know if this is true or not." The SIC murmured, "Soundwave tells me little."

"Well then Starscream, you'd better find out."

Alex's POV...

3:00am. I suppose it's the stress of the exams, I thought as I was pulled out of sleep once again. Usually after an exam I would be flat out, but tonight? No. My brain hadn't stopped buzzing. I checked on Webook to see if Jack was online, and it turns out the only person that use it at 3am was Sierra – Jack's ex. With nothing to do, I grabbed a book and started to study, but after half an hour, I was getting nowhere.

"Stupid head. Why can't you just sleep?" I moaned to myself. I decide the best way to get tired was to go for a walk, so I grabbed my jacket and put some shoes on and crept down the stairs, not wanting to wake anyone – especially Annie. As soon as I got outside, I regretted it. It was boltic*. It was too late to go back indoors so I started to jog around the farm. I avoided the woods, knowing that all creatures come out at night (I don't really want my head bit off by a snake :S) so I found my way over to the old 'abandoned' barn – Ironhide's place. As I sneaked over to the door, I made myself known by bashing on the rusty lock – probably scaring 'Hide in the making. I laughed as the old mech grunted and shifted into place. Opening the door I casually walked in still grinning as he looked down on me.

"Stupid boy. Next time you do that you will have a cannon up your aft!" He muttered. But we all knew he never meant that, but we also knew he wasn't going to admit – any time soon – that he liked us.

"You said that the last time Hide. I know you won't do it," I smiled then went over to the 'hang out'.

"Alexander," He started, "Why aren't you recharging?" Ha ha, he was concerned.

"Sleep Ironhide, sleep. And I'm not sleeping because I'm not tired." I stated.



"You're lying."

"No I'm not."

"Then why has your heart rate went up?" And he had me. That was the only problem with transformers – they knew everything. Alright, technically, I had been lying – but only half lying.

"Alright, alright!" I laughed at the face he was pulling, "I can't sleep because dad was quiet all night. It was worrying. Have you got any idea why?" It was pointless asking, I knew he knew what was going on.

"What makes you think I know why?"

"Because you go to every meeting with dad and the Autobots." Revenge was sweet

"Fine," He sat down and let me climb onto his hand before saying anything else, "On Cybertron..."

Optimus' POV...

It was worrying. How the pit had an ancient relic – that is supposed to be lost btw – found its way to earth? The last I had heard about it was in the legends and myths I had been told as a boy. It was a weapon of mass destruction and manipulation, it was said to change those who wield it. Even those stronger. But the even more worrying thought was 'what if?'. What if the Decepticons new about the relic, and they come to claim it? Pit would break loose and when they changed, Primus knows what could happen. I tried to think away from that. I thought of the new 'Bots that had come. Well, new was probably the wrong word to use. They had come around 10 years ago, and since then, had adapted to the human way. I remember when they first came, Prowl had nearly glitched, Bulkhead had nearly crushed him, Blurr had whizzed around the desert that many times, I lost count after 5 and Sunstreaker had complained about his paint being scratched. Why they had been together I have no idea. But they weren't the only 'new' bots*. Actually, the others weren't new bots at all. The matrix had used its powers on Jazz, Que and Ironhide to bring them back. I still wonder if they wanted it. Jazz had been happy to see Epps and the rest but there was something about him that made him change. Ironhide was happy that he could see his little Annabelle and the Lennox family – even he was surprised when they had another child*. And Que... Well, he was happy that he had Ratchet to compete against in science, although, I have heard a few bangs coming from his office*. As I came out of my thoughts, I hadn't realised I had started walking out into the open air. Earth was a peaceful and beautiful planet, and although her species can be quite violent, they are not so different from us. Despite the calmness of the countryside had on me, my thoughts of 'what if' reappeared. If my predicament was correct, I knew we didn't have long to enjoy this freedom – if He was rising, We were falling.

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*1: List of the bots that will be appearing in the first of my series is:

Optimus, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, the Twins(Sunstreaker and Sideswipe), Bulkhead, Que, Jazz, Magnus, Arcee, Prowl, Blurr(:D) and more will come into it later I think

*2: In these stories, Transformers tend to only have one child not two or three.

*3: It's Wheeljack. He loves his bangs.

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