chapter1 A USUK

The anticipation was killing the american as the the 9 o'clock showing of Doctor Who grew closer, and Iggy was still in the damn shower. What is taking him so long, anyway? Gah. It had been about ten hours since Alfred had picked up his favorite Brit from the airport, and things were just weird.

Everything was fine and dandy but Arthur just didn't really seem that into it. At first the American just thought that he caved and watched the British airing of the new episode which he said he wouldn't! Though after a while that just didn't seem like the case. It was like he was deep in thought and only partially listening to basic blabble from the american.

Alfred had even tried to break him of his trance a few times by telling him that he was going to become one with Mother Russia and that he was going to start only speaking in french , but even that didn't work!

After lunch the green eyed blond seemed more aware, but the worry in the American's blue eyes never left. What's he thinking? Did I forget a holiday, something important? Is he planning something? Do I have something on my face? It was maddness. Like living with a zombie, but maybe it was the doctor ... Damn confusing brits!

Around 7:30, after three games of Risk, in which England had taken over the world and completly smashed down have of the world, it wasnt till the thrid game when american gain some more control and got to so every one of Arthur's moves were the death of him, then there was one round of Monopoly, which there was no winner, just a broken boad and small plow that was now MIA.

After this Arthur asked if he could use the shower. The man was fidgeting and a light blush played across his face. Alfred thought nothing of it, thinking the American summer heat was getting to him. "I don't know why he just didn't take his shirt off or something a while ago," the American mumbled as he went to open some more windows. "I did," looking down at his toned middle,"it doesn't kill you the electric bill does." It wasn't like he was cheap or anything, just the night air and being able to hear each other was better as AC units always have to be louder than you. Alfred rolled his eyes and cleaned up the game, while whistling the Doctor Who theme.