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(Thalia's POV)

Annabeth walked towards the board, stroking her chin, apparently trying to think of something to show us. Then she smiled and nodded like she had an idea before turning to us.

"Ready?" I asked and she nodded.

She started off by tracing a square in the air in front of her with her fingers. Then she held out her right hand and started moving her thumb like she was clicking something…

"Is it a TV show?" I asked. She nodded and proceeded to hold up three fingers.

"Three words," Rachael stated, getting another nod from Annabeth, who then held up four fingers and patted her forearm. Rachael spoke again, "Four syllables."

Annabeth nodded again. Then she stood on her toes and held her arms up above her head.

"Tall?" Grover asked, sounding very unsure, and Annabeth shook her head. She stayed on her toes but she started waving her arms everywhere.

"Flying…?" Leo asked, looking up from what looked like a small robot. Annabeth shook her head once more, seeming to lose patience. She started moving her hands more frantically.

"Large? Big?" Piper suggested. Annabeth nodded and held up two fingers.

"Next word," Rachael said. Annabeth clapped her hands together once, creating a loud sound.

"Clapping?" Percy asked. Annabeth shot a quick glare his way before shaking her head. She made another sound by hitting Chiron's desk repeatedly.

"Banging?" I suggested and she held her hands a shoulder's width apart before bringing them closer together, as if saying to shorten the word. I tried guessing again, "Bang?" She frantically nodded her head.

"Big Bang Theory!" Rachael exclaimed and I held my ear in annoyance. Annabeth nodded, smiling at Rachael.

I heard Percy groan to my right before he said, "You actually watch that? It's not funny!"

"I like it," Annabeth snapped and even I could feel the ice in her voice. She walked back over to me and sat down. With Rachael being the person controlling the game, I decided to not participate in the next round. I spaced out for a while before I felt eyes on me. My head snapped to my left and I saw Leo quickly look down, his face flushing red. That was weird.

"This is getting boring," Nico said and I realized that I had missed Rachael's turn and who-knows-how-many more.

"Do you have another game idea?" Rachael asked him. Nico shrugged, but then Piper raised her hand slightly. We all looked at her and she said, "We could play I Never."

I leaned forward in my desk and said, "Just to clear, we're not playing the strip version of this game, right?" My question was more so aimed at Jason than at Piper. When they realized this, Piper and everyone else stared at Jason.

Jason snorted. "Not with you here," he said to me.

"Great," I retorted.

"Alright, everyone put up ten fingers," Piper said, putting up ten fingers. Everyone followed her example.

"So who's first?" Grover asked. Everyone around him yelled "Not it!", but he didn't realize and yelled it last. Grover sighed and started to think. "Alright… Never have I ever… sworn."

"Well, fuck," I said and put down a finger; so did everyone but Grover.

"Are we going clockwise?" Leo asked.

I looked at him and nodded, which caused him to blush and look down. I shook it off and said, "Which means Annabeth is next."

Annabeth sighed and then said, "Never have I ever been kissed." Once again, everyone but the speaker put a finger down.

"I didn't know that this game was going to be so childish," Jason said, rolling his eyes. "Try to make it interesting, Thalia."

"Never have I ever… broken someone else's arm," I said. I looked around and saw that only one person tentatively put their finger down: Annabeth. My jaw dropped and I smiled so big that I thought my face would crack. "Was it on purpose?" I asked.

"Not exactly," she said shyly. "I didn't mean to break it, but I did mean to hurt her."

"Wow," Percy said, a chuckle escaping from his smirking lips. "Annabeth Chase, the Golden Child, has anger issues. Who knew?"

"Shut it," Annabeth said harshly, not even turning to him. His face fell at her comment and the tension in the room was suddenly noticeable.

"I think it's your turn, Leo," I said.

He started to concentrate. "Um… Never have I ever… gotten suspended." Jason, Percy, Nico, and I put down a finger.

"Never have I ever," Piper said, not needing to be reminded that it was her turn, "been arrested."

Thankfully, no one put their fingers down. The game went on and Jason, Rachael, and Nico took their turns. Percy was thinking when Annabeth said, "How long have we been here?"

"Almost an hour," Leo replied.

"Isn't Mr. Brunnercoming back soon?"

We all froze and started listening hard. Sure enough, the far-off sound of a door clicking was heard. "Back to our seats!" I whispered frantically. Everyone shot up and rushed as quietly as they could back to the seats where they originally were. Everyone slumped in their chairs as if they were being bored to death. We were just in time, because Mr. Brunner cracked open the door not even a second later.

"Very good," he said. "I'll be back in two more hours. Keep behaving." He shut the door and I could hear him wheeling back down the hall. When his door opened and shut again, I knew we were in the clear.

"That was too close," Annabeth said.

"Eh," I answered back.

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