Barnabas sat upon a large bolder along the sea shore, as the bright moon and stars reflected off the water in the ocean. He slowly slid his hand into the pocket of his coat, fingering for something specific. He pulled out a small piece of purple glass and sighed. ''Angelique.'' He whispered to himself and placed the piece of glass back in to his pocket. Just then Victoria appeared behind him.

''May I sit?'' Victoria asked, looking down at Barnabas. He looked up and smiled.

''Of course my love.'' Barnabas smiled, sliding to the edge of the bolder so that Victoria could sit beside him. They sat in silence staring at the dark moonlit ocean, until Victoria lightly placed her head on Barnabas' shoulder and linking her arm with his. She let out a soft sigh, breathing in the cold air. Barnabas smiled, bringing his nose to her hair.

''Do you think she could of ever changed?'' Victoria asked.

''Who are you talking about my dear?'' Barnabas asked, looking down at Victoria.

''Angelique.'' Victoria said. ''If she hadn't of died, do you think she would of changed.''

''I don't know. Angelique was always very, confusing. But she never loved me, that's one thing I know for sure.'' Barnabas said.

''I don't believe that, I just don't think she knows how. She's never been loved by a man so how can she love one back?'' Victoria said, bringing her legs to her side and taking Barnabas' hand and wrapping it around her waist. Barnabas smiled as Victoria once again placed her head on his shoulder.

''Well none of that matters now, because I have you. Forever.'' Barnabas whispered into Victoria's ear. ''Your who I love. I've always loved you.'' Barnabas said.

''Always?'' Victoria asked, looking up at Barnabas. Barnabas softly placed his index finger beneath Victoria's chin. He leaned in and kissed Victoria.

''Always.'' Barnabas whispered. Victoria smiled and placed her head on Barnabas' shoulder again.