"Ardestia are you ready to go yet? We're all waiting on you!" Naomi called from the living room. The girls had been waiting on Ardestia for over an hour and it was already a quarter to noon.

"I'm coming right now!" Ardestia called back from her bedroom. She had been searching for her purse for over a half hour and it was no where to be found. "Has anyone seen my purse?" Ardestia stepped out into the hallway to look at the group sitting around the coffee table.

"I borrowed it..." Naomi stood up from her seat and walked over to the hallway, "Forgot to ask, sorry - can we go now?" She was obviously anxious to shop for her dress, for all the ones at home did not fit right.

"So we're sharing now?" Ardestia asked sarcastically as Naomi approached her. She placed her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes back, "Fine." Ardestia sighed and walked with Naomi to the door. "Can I drive..?" Ardestia looked back at Barnabas with a smirk on her face.

Barnabas bit his lip in thought before finally pulling out the car keys from his pocket and walking over to her, "Do you have a permit?"

"Try a license." Ardestia smirked back at Barnabas and took the keys from his hands. She watched as the girls finally stood up from their seats and walked over to the door. At the same time, Barnabas showed an uncertain look on his face and Ardestia sighed, "I know how to drive."

"Better than your mother I hope.." Barnabas managed to look at Ardestia with a small smirk and Ardestia couldn't help but laugh at his comment.

"Oh I promise, I drive much better than mother." Ardestia grinned and opened the door with the keys still in her hand. "And never get mom mad while she's driving." She added and looked back at Barnabas with a slightly stern look.

"Why not?" Abigail asked while they walked down the gallery and stepped over to Ardestia's side.

"Because you'll die." Barnabas muttered from behind and Ardestia and Abigail looked back at him with grin on their face. He smirked and managed to let out a soft chuckle when the girls continued to smile at him."Ah, you two think I'm kidding."

"Oh no I believe you. One time mum and I were-" Ardestia paused at the sight of Barnabas gazing at her with a smile on his face. This caused her to furrow her eyebrows and she felt a smile curl on her face, "What is it?"

"You talk just like her." Barnabas found himself sighing this happily and he watched Ardestia look at him with a confused look on her face. Soon Ardestia's uncomfortable frown disappeared, leaving her to only smile and look back at Abigail.

"Sarah or my mom?" Ardestia grinned up at Barnabas while pulling a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Both." Barnabas smiled back at Ardestia and the two remained this way until Angel cleared her throat, grabbed onto Ardestia's arm and pulled her ahead.

"Let's go - we have shopping to do and cute guys to make out with." Angel didn't look back to see her father's reaction to her comment and she continued to walk with her hand still clutching Ardestia's arm. It was when Barnabas cleared his throat and raised an eyebrow at his other daughters that Angel sighed, "And dresses to find."