Once the girls were gone, Barnabas turned away from the door and carried Angelique to her bedroom, in which neither one of them spoke to each other. Oddly enough, Angelique's usually weightless body felt heavier than he had ever remembered it being, and he found each step he took while carrying her to be a sturggle. Finally, when reaching the bedroom door and having her open the door know, Barnabas placed Angelique on the bed. He let out a relieved sigh and stared down at Angelique as she adjusted herself on the bed, making sure not to move her ankle as she slipped under the covers. ''Are you sure you don't want me to take you to the hospital?''

''You can't drive, and I can't either...'' Angelique answered in a sigh, placing her head down into the pillow. Barnabas bit his lip before recutantly nodding his head. Angelique watched as Barnabas slowly walked backwards to the door, turning the knob.

''Well just let me know if you need anything.'' Barnabas stammered as he turned the knob. He kept his eyes around Angelique, for his eyes could not seem to focus. At this moment he realized that everything was going black, and he slipped down to the floor. His head slammed against the door knob and he let out a painful grunt. Angelique gasped at the sight of Barnabas fainting.

''Barnabas are you alright?!'' Angelique asked, pulling away the covers and jumping up from her bed. Immediately falling to the ground, she let out a small scream of pain. '' #!*% it.'' She hissed, staring down at her ankle. Angelique took notice of the large bruise forming on her ankle and sighed. ''Barnabas!'' She repeated and this time he simply grumbled. Angelique tried to think of what could be wrong and she surveyed his appearence and stopped at his long fingers. ''That's it, you need blood.'' Angelique exclaimed and began dragging herself over to where Barnabas sat against the door. Once she was sitting at Barnabas side she held her arm out to Barnabas, ''Here.''

Barnabas forced his eyes to open and eyed down at Angelique's arm. She had placed her arm only centimeters away from his mouth, and he could smell the pulsating blood run through her flesh. ''Wh-what?'' He shivered. ''I coul-couldn't.'' Barnabas turned away from Angelique who only sighed and brought her hand to his chin, forcing him to look at her weakly. ''I can't drink from you..''

"Barnabas I swear to god if you don't take this #!*% arm and bite it I'll kill you!" Angelique yelled and shoved her arm closer to his nostrils. Again, he reached for her arm and and yanked it away nose roughly.

"You already did that, remember?" Barnabas hissed and he watched Angelique roll her eyes and scoff. "I refuse to bite from.a human - I haven't done it in years."

"And how the #!*% have you survived? Surely you go hunting - at least with animals."Angelique sighed and rested her arm in her lap.
"Josette does for me, yes. She just hasn't gone in the past few days." Barnabas explained while continuing to stare at Angelique's defeated expression. "Why do you care so much? I'll be fine, I'm sure." He said these words reassuringly to Angelique and she smiled faintly.

"I honestly don't know - I'm not used to having a heart." Angelique murmured and tilted her head towards the ground. "Are you sure you'll be alright? Blood comes back Barnabas, I'd be fine." She watched as Barnabas chuckled softly.

"I assure you that I'm fine, but I'm glad to know that there's always a free arm to sink my teeth into."

"There always was." Angelique found herself murmuring her thoughts aloud, and her widened eyes slowly looked up at Barnabas.

The two of them sat in silence before Barnabas finally cleared his throat and gulped, "It's when you say things like that - that's when I'm not okay." Barnabas snapped and scrunched his nose.

"What do you mean?" Angelique asked softly with a raised eyebrow.

"When I was locked in a box for two hundred years, you were still there." Barnabas paused to look down at his hands resting in his own lap. Finally, he allowed his eyes to look into Angelique's. "You never thought to let me out earlier- I had no one else, I would have fallen in love with you eventually."

"I thought you said you would never love me - bur then you said there was a time where you did love me, and that we could have spent an eternity together." Angelique now rubbed her bare arm with her other hand and stared down at her shoulder. "Was the duration of your love for me truly that short? To where I can't even recall you caring for me as if you did love me?"

"I did love you, but the Angelique I loved went away far too quickly in our relationship. And she was replaced with a far more controlling woman. Still, I continued to have an affair with you in hopes that you'd go back to your normal self - and I fell out of love when it never happened." Barnabas watched Angelique as she stared at her arm. "Angelique what are those marks on your arm?" He asked and gently reached out to run his finger over one. Just as his hand touched the skin Angelique smacked his hand away and slipped her sleeve over her arm.

"They're nothing." Angelique muttered under her breathe, not daring to look Barnabas in the eye. She heard the vampire sigh of frustration and reach out for her arm again, pulling the sleeve up and gasping at the sight of scars going down her arm and wrists.

"Did you get into some sort of accident? Or are these what I am praying they are not?" Barnabas looked up and down Angelique's arm sadly until finally gaining the courage to look into her eyes. "You placed these scars here yourself didn't you?" Barnabas asked softly and looked back down at her arm. In that moment his eyes darted towards her other arm and he immediately snatched it , slipping the sleeve up to reveal another set of scars. "Oh Angelique…" His mouth gaped open and he shook his head. "Why would you do this to yourself?"

Angelique gulped in response to Barnabas question, but she refused to speak to him. She allowed Barnabas to take her other arm and now both of her arms were revealed and her wrists were being held in the tight grip of his hands. "I got depressed after having Ardestia - I feared that I wouldn't be able to take care of her. I didn't know the first thing on how to be a mother, or if I truly wanted to be one. It was all so much to take in - I just felt so alone." Angelique forced back tears as she spoke and for a moment Barnabas looked up at her with the saddest eyes she had ever seen. "I found some sort of relief in it, and with time I just stopped. I didn't want to, but I did for Ardestia."

"I thought you always wanted to be a mother - you and I talked about children a couple times." Barnabas reminded Angelique and gazed back up at her. "You're a fantastic mother. And not a single scar should be here - there has to be at least -"

"Thirty seven cuts on each side - every time i cut i did one on both sides." Angelique bit her lip, fearful to see Barnabas' reaction.

"Good god Angelique were you trying to kill yourself?" Barnabas asked and Angelique bit her lip.

"That was the goal at the time, yes." Angelique said plainly and Barnabas bit his lip before bringing his lips over her wrist.

"I may not be a fan of eternal life .but I am not a fan of death either - especially not yours." Barnabas muttered while continuing to rub his thumb over her wrist. "I don't want Ardestia to lose you, Angelique. She doesn't deserve that."
"She'll never lose me -she's my little girl." Angelique choked as a tear fell from her face. At this moment Angelique noticed Barnabas wince in disappointment and she cleared her throat.

"And she's your daughter, and I shouldn't have kept her from you." She found herself looking at Barnabas and he nodded his head.

"And I swear to always take care of her for all of eternity." Barnabas whispered softly and gripped his fingers around her wrists, bringing both of them to his lips and kissing them.

"Why did you ever love me?" Angelique asked bluntly and Barnabas looked up from her wrists. He thought for a long moment before managing a smile on his face.
"You were quite shy when we were first speaking to each other, I actually thought you didn't enjoy my company. I followed you everywhere, after all." Barnabas grinned and watched as,Angelique giggled. "I liked that about you, and I also liked how modest you were. You never talked to boys, I can't recall you ever speaking to any of us." Barnabas dazed off a bit as he remembered his childhood with Angelique. "I remember the way you looked out into the ocean, it was as if you were hypnotized by the waves - meanwhile I was simply hypnotized by your eyes." Barnabas whispered softly.

"You remember all of that?" Angelique tilted her head to the side and bit her lip. "What else do you remember?" She asked this in a rather eager tone.

Barnabas' lips curled into a somewhat devious smirk and he,looked down at the wrists he gripped in his hands. "I remember these," He muttered and brought his lips to her wrists and firmly kissed both of them. Barnabas looked up from her wrists to see Angelique simply biting her lip. "And I remember these long beautiful arms being the only pair I wished to in wrap with my own." He murmured against Angelique's skin as they trailed up to her arms.

When Angelique didn't stop him Barnabas allowed his lips to trail up to her shoulder and soon afterwards her neck. This caused Angelique to let out a satisfied purr. Still, Barnabas gulped and brought his lips to her ear. "Tell me if you wish for me stop." He whispered softly in Angelique's ear before sliding his lips down her neck again.

Angelique closed her eyes as Barnabas brought his lips to her ear and she shook her head slightly, "I don't know what I want you to do." She murmured back and watched Barnabas as his lips moved away from her neck to stare at her blankly. He composed himself quickly and brought his hands up to Angelique's cheeks.

"Well how do you feel when I do this?" Barnabas brought his lips to hers and kissed Angelique roughly.

Angelique gasped into the kiss and sat up on her knees, wrapping her arms around Barnabas. Her tongue licked the bottom of his lip, begging for entrance.

Barnabas wrapped his arms around Angelique's waist and slowly began to pull her to him until eventually she sat on his lap. He opened his mouth as soon as soon as Angelique licked his bottom lip and his grip around her waist tightened as they kissed.

Angelique slipped her lips away from his and brought them to his neck, rolling her tongue over Barnabas' cold flesh. Barnabas rolled his eyes back and slipped his hands down to her waist and pierced his nails into her sides.

Angelique let out another gasp in which she pulled away from his neck to smile at him, "Ow?!" She laughed while he continued to stare at her blankly.

"…Well would you rather me do this?" Barnabas smirked as his fingers slipped away from her sides and brought them to her stomach. He stopped for a moment to look at
Angelique's expression. Before she could oppose, Barnabas tickled Angelique.

Angelique shook her head as he tickled her, barely able to speak through her laughter. "St-stop pl-please!" She giggled and tried to push him away, eventually he brought his fingers down to her legs and she kicked frantically until Barnabas let out a painful groan.

"You just kicked me in the-" Barnabas slid Angelique out of his lap and laid down on his side. "Son of a #!*% ." He hissed and turned on his back.

"Sorry.." Angelique bit her lip while staring down at Barnabas as he groaned in pain. After a while she looked towards the door and bit her lip, "Maybe I should just go.." Angelique suggested and found herself backing away from Barnabas. She was about to stand up on all fours when he snatched her arm and pulled her to him roughly.

"Don't leave, please." He whispered weakly as he looked into Angelique's pale blue eyes. To this day Barnabas had never seen a pair of eyes quite as gorgeous as hers, and with his other hand he brought a hand to her cheek. "Stay." He said firmly with determination in his eyes.

"The girls will be home soon - we can't do this now."

"If not now, when?"

"Don't you see Barnabas, we never can. Ever." Angelique pouted as his thumb brushed her cheek. "I can't have an affair, nor can you."

"But Angelique, I think I-" Barnabas struggled with his words and Angelique quickly shook her head.

"You don't, you can't."

"And yet somehow I've still do." Barnabas winced in pain as he reached his arms out to snake around her waist. "I don't know why I do, but I do know that I don't want to stop."

"But I can't feel the same, Barnabas. I want to, but I'm not allowed." She debated as he snaked his arms around her waist. "Barnabas, stop. Please." Angelique begged as he slipped her into his lap. "Let me go, believe me I want to but I can't."

"But you can, Angelique." Barnabas countered as his lips found their way to her neck and his arms tightened around her waist. "You must do what makes you happy - no matter how it makes anyone else feel."

"I don't consider my husband as anyone." Angelique muttered as she tried to find displeasure in his kisses.

"Do you want to be with me - isn't that what you've always wanted?!" Barnabas asked loudly and Angelique sighed.

"Yes but I am afraid that once we're together that you'll get tired of me - or you'll find yourself missing Victoria. And once again I'll go crazy because once again I'll lose you and-" Angelique was cut off by Barnabas smashing his lips against hers.

"You are the only thing I want, as long as you remain this way. Sweet, innocent, and yet still strong and independent." Barnabas whispered against Angelique's lips. "And since when do you care what is right and what is wrong?"

Angelique rolled her eyes at Barnabas' words. "Since when am I nice, or sweet, or innocent?" Angelique now had her eyebrows raised and a small smile had invaded her lips. "And since when do you not care?"

"Oh and I forgot beautiful." Barnabas smirked as he inched closer to Angelique. "I do care, just not right now." He answered bluntly. Angelique rolled her eyes once again and quickly got up from the floor. Letting out a scoff before turning on her heel. "Where are you going?" He asked, watching as Angelique walked over to the door.

"After that, as far away from you as possible. You're so - suffocating." She looked at him as a shiver went down her spine. "It's annoying." Angelique said bluntly before walking out into the hallway and storming down the hallway.

It was seconds later before Angelique heard footsteps behind her in which case she began running to her room. "Let me go!" She yelled out as arms snaked around her. "You think you want me now - but once we get back home you won't. All you want is my body, otherwise you wouldn't be so god #!*% hormonal." She hissed as she tried to pull him away from her.

"You really don't have any feelings for me, do you?"

"I do but I don't want to be your toy again. I refuse to be thrown away like a piece of trash."

"You're not a piece of trash, and I'd never treat you like a toy. However you are none the less a doll."

"Maybe so, but it's obvious that you still want to keep the other one. I'm not doing that Barnabas."

"I do not!" He shouted and quickly released Angelique from his hold.

"Then fine," Angelique turned to face Barnabas, crossing her arms. "Look at me right now and tell me you don't want to be with Victoria and that you want to spend an eternity with me and only me."

Barnabas' eyes widened at Angelique's words and he quickly composed himself and lifted his chin, "And will you do if I say all of that?" He copied Angelique by crossing his arms, staring down at her as if he were trying intimidate her.

Angelique bit her lips and took a small step forward, slipping her arms around him hesitantly. She gulped nervously as he looked into her eyes. "Then I'll give up everything to be with you. I'll divorce Roger and give up my mortality once again. I'll force Ardestia to at least accept the fact that you are her father." Angelique said these words confidently and watched as Barnabas' eyes filled up with hope.

After Angelique had finished speaking Barnabas quickly cleared his throat, but as soon as he looked into her eyes he froze. "I- I." He struggled with his words and watched as Angelique held her was feeling lightheaded but he forced himself to speak in fear of losing Angelique."I-I can't breathe when I'm around you. I-I c-can't speak." Barnabas felt the walls close around him as he spoke and he struggled to find air as the feeling of claustrophobia kicked in.

"Barnabas..?" Angelique asked worryingly as Barnabas seemed to struggle with his words. "Barnabas!" She repeated herself when Barnabas fell on his knees in front of her.

"I need blood n-now!" Barnabas struggled to find air through his hunger and he reached for Angelique's arms, pulling her down in front of him. "Please Angelique, I'm starving." He begged.

Angelique fell to the floor obediently and quickly pulled her hair to one side, exposing her bare neck. "Hurry before you starve." She said worryingly.

Barnabas was hesitant in looking up at Angelique's neck, knowing that he would not be able to control himself. But at the first sight of her neck Barnabas took a hold of Angelique's waist, pulling her to him before piercing his fangs into her neck.

As he drank, Barnabas slipped Angelique into his lap. For once, the woman didn't oppose or comment on the fact that she was so close to him. It was when Angelique wrapped his legs around his waist that he began to wonder if she was finding pleasure in this. He groaned, forcing himself to pull away from Angelique's neck so that he could furrow an eyebrow at her.

Just then the front door opened and David gasped at the sight of Barnabas and Angelique in the middle of the floor. "Oh my- oh #!*% ." He turned on his heel and closed the door behind him, bumping into Ardestia in the process. She looked up at him, confused with his protection of the door. "If you love me you won't go in there."

"Yeah well good thing we just started dating." Ardestia countered as she pushed David away from the door to open it. Immediately, she screamed at the sight of Barnabas and her mother lying on the floor. "What the #!*% is this?!" She yelled angrily, looking back to see a group of girls with their mouths gaped open.

"Abby you owe me five bucks." Naomi whispered in Abigail's ear and she groaned, pulling the money from her pocket.

"You two bet on how long it would take for my parents to hook up?!"

"Wait - your parents?"

"Are you alright?" Barnabas asked and Angelique quickly nodded her head. "Good because I feel dreadful." He muttered and Angelique frowned, patting his back before standing up from the ground.

"First of all Abigail give your sister her money back because Barnabas and I aren't hooking up - he hasn't had blood in days and he could have starved without mine." Angelique explained in a firm tone as she walked over to the door.

"Second of all, Ardestia, you have managed to fail on keeping all of this a secret, so for that you're grounded until your birthday." Angelique placed her hand on the door frame and watched as Ardestia scoffed.

"But I shouldn't have to keep any secrets!" Ardestia debated and before Angelique could counter Barnabas cleared his throat.

"No you shouldn't - nor should you be punished for not doing so." Barnabas chimed in, silencing Angelique in the process. "But I shouldn't be shunned for something your mother hid from you - all I'm asking is that now that my daughters know that you are your sister that you give me a chance to make up for the eighteen years that were taken away from me."

Ardestia stared at Barnabas blankly, blinking frantically in shock as he approached her. Eventually he held his arm out to her and she took steps away from him, pressing into David's chest in the process. David slowly wrapped his arms around Ardestia, protecting her from Barnabas.

Barnabas continued to reach out out to her until Angelique placed her hand over it, forcing his arm back to his side.

"I need to go to bed." Ardestia murmured, pulling away from David and walking past Barnabas and Angelique.

Barnabas turned as Ardestia walked past him and took a hold of her arm, causing her to form to break. "Ardestia I-" he looked down at her arm and saw her skin crack before his eyes. She quickly snatched her arm back and stormed across the room to the bedroom door. She quickly turned the knob and stumbled over to the nearest bed.

"Wait- that's David's bedroom." Angel furrowed her eyebrows and looked to David. "Are you two-?"

"No." David answered plainly, letting out a sigh as he looked over at the door. "I need to be with her right now, it's obvious no one else here can speak to her without asking something of her." He shot his entire family a small scowl before storming past them and rushing across the room over to his bedroom door. David knocked gently on his door before turning the knob, peeking his head in to see Ardestia pacing back and fourth across the room. She stopped at the first sight of David, freezing in her tracks completely.

David sighed and walked into his room, closing the door behind him. "I hate to sound rude, but why did you come to my room?"

"Because I just want to be alone right now." Ardestia brought her hand to her forehead. David smiled as he walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her.

"And how are you alone right now?" David smirked as he swayed them back and forth. He brushed a piece of hair behind her ear.

Ardestia smiled at David's question and brought her head to his chest, "I'm with you, and we're alone." She pulled her head away from his chest to smile up at him.

David rested his chin on Ardestia's head, "So you want to be alone..with me?" He asked as she pulled her head away from his chest.

"With or without you, yes." Ardestia nodded her head and watched as David continued to look down at her. "But I'd prefer to be with you." She whispered as she reached up to kiss him.

David hummed in response to Ardestia's soft kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist. "To be honest, I don't know how I went so long without anyone - I mean I had my mother but it wasn't the same." David frowned as he tried not to think of his mother's death, for it was Ardestia's mother who had caused his painful childhood. He noticed Ardestia look down at the floor sadly and David tugged at her waist, "You don't think I blame you for that do you?" He asked, instantly regretting bringing up his mother's death. "Do you?" He asked again when Ardestia didn't look up from the floor.

"It's just-" Ardestia let out a sad sigh and looked up at David, but found herself looking away from him to stare at the window. "How can you stand to even look at my mother? After all she has done to your family?" She finally looked over at David, who closed his eyes and bit his lip.

When David opened his eyes he saw Ardestia staring up at him sadly and his arms tightened around her waist, "Because I'm crazy about her daughter. I swear I think I'm-" He quickly stopped himself before realizing that there was no turning back and that he had to finish his sentence. He gulped nervously as Ardestia brought her hands to his chest, "In love with her."

This caused Ardestia's ashamed frown to be replaced with a surprised smile, "You're in love with me?"

"I know we just met, and I'm sure it took Nathan months to say it to you but-" David tried to explain himself before being cut off by Ardestia's lips.

"We were together for six months and the word 'love' never left his mouth. That's why we broke up, he wasn't nearly as mature as you. And that's why I'm in love with you too. Even if we just met five days ago, and we're technically cousins and can probably never have children." Ardestia giggled before bringing her lips to David's.

"We can always adopt, if we ever decide to bring children into this insane family." David looked back at the door. "And if you ever in your right mind agree to marry me." He looked back down at Ardestia and shrugged.

"Well then you're lucky that my mind doesn't work like others, because even though we just met I'd say yes in a second." Ardestia brought her head to David's chest once again and wrapped her arms around him.

David was surprised by Ardestia's words, and as he swayed them in place he was silent, curious to test Ardestia's words. He bit his lip before looking down at Ardestia, "Then marry me." He found himself saying with a small smile and Ardestia's immediately widened.

After a long moment of silence between them, David frowned and immediately brought her back to his chest, wrapping his arms around her from behind. " Never mind." He sighed and buried his lips in her shoulder.

"Ask me again." Ardestia looked down at her shoulder as he kissed looked up at her with a shocked expression before gulping.

"Are you serious?" David watched as Ardestia turned to face him and she brought her hands to his chest. "But we haven't even done anything or gone anywhere and we-"

" I've been reading my mom's journal - and I found out Barnabas had promised marriage to my mother after a month of knowing each other - he went away for a year and when he came back Barnabas claimed she was different. And he fell out of love with her." Ardestia explained as her hands entwined with David's.

"I don't want you to ask
me unless you can promise to never get tired of me - and that you'll accept the fact that I may change. And if you can't, then don't ask until you can. And if you think you never can, never tell me or else I'll go bloody mad." She said all of this in a firm tone as David smiled, clearing his throat to keep her from speaking.

Ardestia bit her tongue as David stared down at her nervously. "Alright um," He rambled, getting down on one knee without taking his eyes off of Ardestia. At that moment he bit his lip, taking a taste of alcohol. David ignored this foul taste and coughed. At this moment he caught Ardestia laughing, "I should just get up shouldn't I?" He sighed and and began to lift himself off the ground but Ardestia pressed him back down on his knees.

"No, don't. This is really fun." She shook her head and David let out a sigh.

"But Ardestia I'm trying to be serious and you're laughing." David sighed, trying to get back up.

Ardestia pushed David back down on his knees and sucked in her last laugh, "Alright go ahead I'm done now I swear." She said reassuringly and looked down at him with an eager smile.

David took in a deep breathe before lifting her head up to stare at Ardestia intimately. "Ardestia Blair will you-" He suddenly paused to look back towards the bed and before Ardestia could stop him David wrapped his arms around both of her legs, throwing her over his right shoulder.

David ran over to his bed and threw Ardestia off of him as she giggled. "Kiss me." He finished his sentence in a demanding tone, causing Ardestia to bite her lip before leaning in to kiss him softly. She pulled away after only a few seconds, causing David to frown and reach out for Ardestia, dragging her to him. "I said kiss me, not touch my lips with yours."

Ardestia rolled her eyes and brought her lips to his in a rougher matter. With time her tongue licked his bottom lip, begging for entrance. She whimpered against his lips, still begging to explore the inside of his mouth.

David opened his mouth as Ardestia whimpered, placing his hands on her waist while they kissed. "…Ardestia.." He whispered her name in a pleasant hiss. "We should really get to bed." David sighed, pulling away from her lips to look down at her face.

"And do what…?" Ardestia smirked, looking down at the mattress underneath her. " We've already gotten to the bed."

David sighed, looking over at the clock on the wall and then over at the door. "Yes we have, but now it's time to sleep. They'll hear us out there if we do…anything." He answered as he crawled across the bed. He gazed down at the empty spot next to him while also eyeing Ardestia, who grinned and filled the spot willingly.

Margaret stood in the middle of the hallway with her mouth gaped open, for she was still in shock from Ardestia's words. She tried to laugh it off, hoping that she may have just heard her wrong. Still she looked around at her sisters with a nervous smile and a cracked giggle to match, "Did I just hear Ardestia say 'my parents?'"Margret looked around at her sisters who stared back at her blankly. At this moment Margret bit her lip in anticipation, as if someone was going to jump out and start laughing.

When that didn't happen, Margret turned to look at her father who wore an ashamed look on his face, and she finally let out a scoff. "Holy #!*% ." She looked over her shoulder to see her sisters eyes widen. "You're Ardestia's dad?" Margret gasped dramatically nodded his head slowly.

The fourteen year old then looked to Angelique who tried to keep her eyes darted in another direction. "Wait a second - you're that chick dad used to go out with right before mom." Margret watched as Angelique turned to look at her with a small smirk.

"I guess you could say that, although he never took me anywhere - except his bedroom." Angelique looked over her shoulder to Barnabas.

Angel rolled her eyes, "He said-" she pushed her sisters out of the way to approach Angelique, and before she could do anything rash Barnabas stepped inbetween the two women. He then looked down at his daughter and cleared his throat, "I lied." Barnabas said plainly and looked around at the group of girls. "About everything. The only full truth is in Angelique's journal."

"And what about what happened after the last page?" Naomi chimed in, cocking her head to the side. Some of the girls looked back at Naomi and nodded their head in agreement.

"He and I will tell you absolutely anything you want to know." Angelique looked to Barnabas worryingly, hoping that he would simply nod his head at the girls.

"Why should we believe you now?" Josette crossed her arms at Angelique, scowling. "I guess what I'd like to know is - Who the #!*% are you anyways, and how do you know my dad?"

Angelique bit her lip at Josette's question and looked to Barnabas before answering. "I'm an old friend-"

"Right there - boom - you're lying." Abigail brought her fist to her palm and made a childish rocket sound.

Angelique's mouth gaped open as she looked back up to Barnabas, who simply shrugged at his daughter's comment Angelique let out a sigh, rolling her eyes back to Abigail. "Fine, you're dad and I used to have an affair." She admitted.

"Yeah and it looked like you guys were picking up where you left off.." Margaret murmured and Josette forced herself not to laugh, bringing her hand to her mouth.

"Hey-!" Angelique and Barnabas both said as the girls snickered.

"Well when did you guys have an affair?" Abigail attempted to ask civil before noticing Naomi's furrowed eyebrows.

"Like two hundred years ago, remember?" Naomi rolled her eyes back at Abigail.

"No -! I haven't gotten to read the journal yet !" Abigail snapped and Naomi sighed, turning to look at her father again. "I don't even think dad has yet!" She waved her arm out in his direction until Margaret pulled back down.

"What journal?" Margaret asked curiously, noticing Angelique roll her eyes. "Your journal? From two hundred years ago?" This question replayed in her head until she came to a realization, in which she gasped and brought both hands to her mouth. "You're two hundred years old?!" She asked loudly and everyone around her brought a finger to their lips.

Margaret rolled her eyes, "Oh who cares, no one here knows us - they're smart enough to not drive through Collinsport. Lucky #!*% ." She hissed, scowling at the doors around them.

Angelique furrowed her eyebrows as she watched Margaret act somewhat hyperactive, and she couldn't help but look up to the older girls, "Did someone put something in her drink or something?" She asked bluntly and they all exchanged questionable looks.

Margaret looked over her shoulder and frowned when they all shook their heads, "Damn it. I was hoping that this all wasn't actually happening so that maybe I could wake up tomorrow to a normal life." She sighed, looking over at the clock in the kitchen and slumping her shoulders, "And now it's three a.m. and I've discovered my whole life is a lie." Margaret frowned, bobbing her head downwards towards the ground in front of Angelique.

"Are we all sure that she isn't high?" Josette looked to Angelique with a worried look. This time Barnabas let out a sigh, causing everyone to look at him.

"Leave her be, she's most likely just tired and needs to sleep." He said defensively and Angelique nodded her head in agreement with him. "It is late, so tomorrow we will all wake up and sit at the kitchen until all of these problems are resolved, am I understood?" Barnabas looked around at his daughters who all nodded their heads obediently.

"Yes sir " Many of them said in quiet tones and Barnabas stepped out of the way to allow them to walk through, pulling Angelique over to his side to keep her out of the way as well.

"Do you need more blood?" Angelique whispered in Barnabas ear as his daughters passed her. Just then Josette stopped in front of them and gave her father an apologetic look.

"Before you ask why I didn't freak out like Maggie did, Abby told me everything - or at least everything she knew - back at the party." Josette was looking at both Barnabas and Angelique as she spoke before turning away from Angelique completely.

"You made sure not to inject venom into her right? You can't lose control, apparently you've done it before." Josette raised an eyebrow and Barnabas knew she was referring to Julia.

Nonetheless the vampire nodded his head reassuringly to his daughter and brushed a piece of hair away from her face. "I know, my heart. I was very careful with Angelique, and I swear to you that I was simply drinking blood - we were not doing..anything." Barnabas gulped for this statement was only half true. He sighed and brought his hand behind her neck, stroking her skin with his thumb.

Josette looked away from her father to stare up and Josette, "I know, but if you two were-" Angelique had opened her mouth to speak but Josette quickly held her hand up in the air. "I won't kill you, but I will tell mom." She said firmly and watched her father roll his eyes, pulling his hand away from her neck to rest it back at his side.

"I prefer not be threatened or warned while I am in pain, Josette we agreed that hunting was your job for everyone." He countered, wincing at the pain of talking in a firm tone. "I need to go to sleep, Angelique will you, and only you, escort me to my room, it seems I need at least another ounce of blood - in which case you cannot stand up afterwards, luckily I have two beds." He paused to look at Josette, "All because you decided to busy yourself with other things."
Barnabas began to walk back into the hotel room, holding onto Angelique for support. Josette rolled her eyes before noticing his limp . "Are you seriously that hungry for blood, dad? You had an ounce a couple of days ago when we left." She called back to Barnabas questionably.

"What are you talking about?" Barnabas raised an eyebrow, eyeing his daughter over his shoulder.

"You're limping." Josette answered plainly and nodded her head in the direction of his leg. She watched as Angelique looked over her shoulder, widening her eyes at the sight of Barnabas standing at an angle.

"Oh um - He tripped over me." Angelique looked up at Josette and shot her a nervous smile. Josette only looked back at her with a confused expression on her face, "I mean my leg- he tripped over my leg."

"You're such a bad liar." Naomi spoke up, looking at both Angelique and Barnabas with a smirk. She watched as Barnabas looked at his daughters angrily.

"She is not lying, and I ask that you please refrain from being rude to her, even if you believe she deserves it - which she doesn't." Barnabas said defensively, lifting his chin up.

Angelique slowly turned her head to Barnabas, staring at him in pure shock. "I don't?"

"She doesn't?" Josette and Naomi exchanged a furrowed brow and crossed their arms.

"Why of course not, Angelique has changed since then." Barnabas nodded once at his daughters. "Have you not?" He eyed down at Angelique with his chin still raised in the air. The vampire watched the woman smile faintly and nod her head.

"Now if you'll excuse us," Barnabas took Angelique by the hand and pulled her away from the circle, ignoring the pain he felt in between his legs as he walked quickly to his bedroom.

Angelique went with Barnabas willingly, looking back at the girls with a furrowed brow as they glared at her. She turned to look at the back of Barnabas' head as they seemed to rush to his bedroom.

Once they were in his bedroom Barnabas closed the door behind him, locking it and testing it by yanking at the knob. He looked up at the hinge before turning to Angelique, seeing that she had already taken the liberty of sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling her hair to one side of her neck. "You don't seem to be very famished to me." She muttered, breaking the silence between the two.

"I am, I can barely walk." Barnabas walked slowly over to the foot of the bed where she sat. He gazed down at her as she kept her eyes on the mirror and he looked over his shoulder at her reflection.

He watched as Angelique stared blankly at the mirror, slowly bringing her hand to the mark on her neck, trailing it up to the bruises on her face. Barnabas looked down at Angelique's arms, taking notice of the fact that she had pulled her sleeves back down.

Angelique felt Barnabas' stare and she tried to ignore it, continuing to trace her hand over her own cheek in silence.

At this moment Barnabas cleared his throat, reaching out to take Angelique's in his. He let out a sigh as he stroked his thumbs over her fingers before bringing her hand to his lips. "Angelique.."

Angelique watched as Barnabas continued to play with her hand until finally taking a seat next to her. He looked into her eyes intently before bringing his other hand to her cheek, " I've really scarred you haven't I?" Barnabas frowned, looking down at her hand again.

"You never meant to," Angelique found herself muttering and Barnabas looked up at her in surprise. "I mean you hurt me but, well, I cursed your entire family and hid a child from you years."

"You had your reasons.."

"They weren't logical, though." Angelique countered, blinking as Barnabas's grip tightened on her hand. "If you are not in need of blood, Barnabas-" She paused, trying to pull her hand away but he held onto her tightly. "I should really be going." Angelique looked back at the door worryingly.

"I simply do not understand you, just twenty minutes ago your legs were wrapped around my waist, and now you're wishing to run away." Barnabas furrowed his eyebrows at Angelique.

"Because I got caught up in the moment, and now I'm trying to find my sanity." Angelique gulped, looking back at Barnabas blankly. "If you really cared about me you'd let go of both my hand and my heart."

"But I don't want to."

"But I do want you to, and if you really cared for your family and me, you'd do as I wish."

"But-" Barnabas stopped himself suddenly, looking down at Angelique's hands once more before slipping his own hands out of . "Fine. I'll let go."

"Thank you." Angelique turned her back to Barnabas, pulling her hair to one side, "Do you need blood or not?" She asked in a questionable tone, eyeing him over her shoulder.

"Perhaps a little more would help." Barnabas answered, clearing his throat the moment he felt her eyes upon him. He lifted his chin high in the air and reached his arms out to Angelique, holding onto her shoulders for support as he slid closer to her. As Barnabas did this he felt her shiver under his touch. "Are you alright, Angelique?"

"I'm fine." Angelique answered in a cracked tone while her teeth fought off the urge to grind. "You're just very cold, like winter almost." She went on to say as Barnabas positioned himself behind her.

"I apologize." Barnabas said coolly, leaning forward to bring his mouth near her neck. "I hope this may warm you up, but if it doesn't ." His voice trailed off to see Angelique nod her head.

"It's fine," Angelique shrugged, taking in a silent breathe when he brought his mouth near her neck. "I happen to enjoy winter - it's my favorite season."

"I did not know that.." Barnabas' furrowed his eyebrows and pulled his mouth slightly away from her neck. "Why is that?"

"It was December of '72 when I found out I was pregnant, December 25th." Angelique answered, bringing her hand to where Barnabas had breathed on her neck.

Barnabas smiled, "You do know that December 25th is the date of Christmas, right?"

"Of course I do." Angelique furrowed an eyebrow, slightly insulted by the question. She had always known what Christmas was and she celebrated it every year after Ardestia was born. Still, Angelique wondered if Barnabas meant something else by his question and she looked up to see a sad look on his face. "What was your point in asking me that?"

Barnabas furrowed his eyebrows, "You don't remember the first time we made love?"

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