Chapter 23

The next evening, Thursday evening, it was Chelsea's bachelorette party. Amy, Torrie, Melissa and I had all been invited. It was a lot of fun. Steve's bachelor party took place that evening as well. Phil and Randy went with John to it.

Everyone had their fun on Thursday evening. When Friday came the wedding party and immediate family were busy doing stuff. I was one of Chelsea's bride's maids, along with Ally, Kourtney, and two of Chelsea's best friends. One of her friends was the maid of honor. Steve's groom's men were Chelsea's brother and the rest of the Cena brothers. Steve's best man was Boog.

But I spent Friday morning and afternoon with the bride and the rest of the bride's maids. All of us got our nails done and then went out to lunch. Steve and his groom's men were picking up their suits for the wedding and then doing whatever else.

Friday evening was the wedding rehearsal and dinner. Dinner was a lot of fun. The attendance included the wedding party, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, plus the dates of those people. Everything was supposed to be about Steve and Chelsea. It didn't play out that way, though. The two made everything out to be about them and then their immediate families—parents, siblings, and grandparents.

Chelsea pointed out her parents, grandparents, and her brother. She spoke out her appreciation for them. Steve did the same thing.

"Well, tomorrow at the reception all my brothers and not just my best man alone, who is my baby brother, will be giving a toast to me," Steve said. "So here's to all my little brothers, John, Dan, Matt, and Sean: I want to tell you all that I am very proud of all of you and I am proud to call myself your older brother. I would not trade any of you for anything. I wouldn't even want to have any of your eliminated from existence. I'm glad I have had every single one of you in my life since the day each of you were born. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for each of them. But I want to address each of you individually and I am going to start from the youngest and work up to the oldest."

I smiled as I looked at each of John's brothers.

"Sean, you mean the most to me, because you are the baby of the family. I was born first and you were born last. You and I have our own special relationship, because of that. It is because of the relationship we have that I wanted you to be my best man. I feel you might be overlooked for certain reasons, because you are the baby of the family. I wanted you to be someone special in the wedding party and not just another groom's men. I am proud of who you are and who you will become: a kickass social studies teacher."

"Amen to that," Boog said. Everyone laughed.

"Matt, you are a hard worker and a good man for choosing your career path: a firefighter. You are saving lives and not just putting out fires. You have shown that you are not only a great brother, but a great older brother. You are a great example for our baby brother."

"I have three older brothers to show me how to be a great older brother," Matt said.

"Yes, very true, John and Dan are great older brothers as well," Steve said. "And speaking of Dan." Dan smiled. "I'm proud of you as well for your career choice. I know you are heavily involved with kids trying to keep them in school and out of gangs. Jordan would be proud of."

Jordan was Dan's friend who had been shot when they were both coming home from school.

I looked at Dan. He nodded his head.

"And last, but certainly not least, the first little brother I was blessed with, John," Steve said.

I looked at John with a smile. He smiled brightly.

"You are the most special to me, because you were the first little brother Mom and Dad gave me. But I am very proud of you, because you have everything. You have a great job, a great girl who you also are engaged to…"

John and I looked at each other with a smile. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed me.

"…But also you have a baby on the way! I was not sure who the first of you, me, and our little brothers was going to become a dad. We all know that is you. I cannot wait for my nephew to be born and be called Uncle Steve! You are going to be a great dad, because we have one of the best dads in the world, who has taught us a hell of a lot. But we also have the best mom too. And Trish, you're going to be a great mom too."

I smiled. I was happy to be addressed as well.

"I already call you my sister," Steve continued. "Thank you for making my brother so happy and bringing joy to everyone in my family. The same goes for you, Ally and Kourtney. Thank you for making Dan and Matt happy. My brothers and I all have great women in our lives. It is thanks to John and Trish that Sean is so happy too. His girlfriend is Trish's baby sister, Melissa.

"But I love and appreciate everyone I have mentioned: my brothers and their girlfriends and fiancé."

"And all of them will be my family after tomorrow too," Chelsea said. "I'm an aunt already thanks to my older brother and my sister-in-law. But I can't wait for my new nephew, John Felix Anthony Cena III to be born."

"Yes, everyone," Steve said. "Let's give a toast to my little brother, John and his fiancée, Trish, who will be blessing the Cena family with a new edition this November."

"To John and Trish right now!" Chelsea said. "But to Steve and me tomorrow!"

"To John and Trish!" Everyone said.

John and I both smiled. We looked at Chelsea and Steve. "We love you," Chelsea said. Steve nodded his head.

At the end of dinner and everyone was leaving, Chelsea and Steve both said good-night to each other. They slowly made their way out of the restaurant. They were being traditional and spending the night away from each other. Chelsea did not want to say good bye. It was very sweet and cute. But she was not the only one who was spending the night without her fiancé.

John, Dan, and Matt were spending the night away from me, Ally, and Kourtney to be with their older brother and baby brother. They were all going home to their dad's for the night. It would be father and sons bonding time. I was not sleeping alone either. Kourtney, Ally, and Melissa were coming home with me. Chelsea was going to spend time with her two BFFs. She needed alone time with them. She spent a lot of time with me, Ally, and Kourtney. We all considered ourselves sisters, because we were all serious in our relationships with our men, the Cena brothers.

"Okay, you have fun with Ally and Kourtney," John said.

"I will," I said. "Have fun with your brothers and Dad."

"I always do." He gave me a hug and kiss. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"Bye-bye, JT," John said kissing, hugging, and touching my belly. I smiled.

The Cena brothers and their dad were all off then. I said good-bye to Chelsea and her two friends, Kat and Rachel. My girls and I then left and headed back to John's and my apartment.

The four of us had a lot of fun. Melissa was the one who was mainly talking, though. She was giving the real lowdown on her and Boog's relationship.

"I am in love!" Melissa confessed.

"Finally, she said it," I said.

"Have you two said it to each other?" Ally asked.

"No," Melissa said.

"Why not?!" Kourtney said.

Melissa shrugged.

"Melissa, if you really love him and want him to know, tell him," I said. "John was in love with me after three weeks. I was the same."

"Yes, but Sean and I were not really dating until last month," Melissa said.

"You two were talking everyday by some form of text message, Facebook, e-mail, phone, and Skype," Kourtney said.

"Yes, but we just talked. I was seeing other people. He was seeing other people."

"Yes, but you two communicated," Ally said. "You did a long distance relationship, but you were not exclusive."

Melissa sighed.

"It doesn't matter when you fall in love," I said. "If you feel that way, feel that way. Sean is not going to break your heart, sweetheart."

"Yes, but I have to go back to Atlanta in August," Melissa said. "I will be breaking his heart by leaving."

"Sean gets that," Kourtney said. "But you two can do the long distance thing again. Plus if you tried, you can see him before November."

"Oh, hell yeah," Ally said. "John Sr. will give Sean time off if he wants to go see you. I think it would be great for Sean to go see you."

Melissa nodded her head. "I can't believe I have everyone calling him Sean instead of Boog."

"John was the one who started that nickname for him when they were kids," I said. "Steve only referred to him as Sean tonight, because he wanted to make him sound as an adult and not a baby brother. He is the best man after all."

"Ally, what is going on with you and Dan?" Melissa asked.

Ally smiled. That was the big question everyone was wondering. She and Dan had been together for a couple years and were living together.

"We are in a good place. That is all," Ally said. "Chelsea and Steve are getting married tomorrow. Trish and John are engaged and having a baby. When Dan is ready to propose and when he proposes, I will happily accept."

Meanwhile at John Sr.'s house…

"Well, this is nice," John Sr. said. "I have all my sons under my roof for the night."

"It'll happen again when I get married," John said. "Trish is going to have us spend the night before our wedding away from each other. Her sister did the same thing as well."

"Is there a date set for that wedding?" Matt asked.

"I'd say sometime next year. Trish wants to have the baby first. But by the time he comes, we'll have Thanksgiving and then Christmas on the way."

"You two should talk about a date and decide on a place," Steve said.

"Oh, we are. We have actually decided that we are having the wedding ceremony right in the same place as the reception. The guests will all be seated at their tables and then when it is ceremony time, the wedding party will make their way in and the ceremony will take place on the dance floor or something like that. There will be a DJ, though."

"Find a place with a stage," Boog suggested. "You could have the ceremony right on it."

"That's a great idea," Matt said.

"Who are going to be groom's men and your best man?" Boog asked.

John laughed. "Randy is going to be my best man. But all of you get to be my groom's men. Trish and I want someone to get ordained as a minister to perform our wedding ceremony…"

"…Oh, let me, please," John Sr. said.

"Really, Dad?!"

John Sr. nodded his head. "Let all your brothers be groom's men and let me perform the ceremony. I would love to do it."

John nodded his head. "All right, looks like I'll have five groom's men then."

"Why five?!" Steve asked. "If you have Randy, Phil and all of us that is six."

"Phil doesn't care about being part of the wedding party. I was thinking of asking him and you if you wanted to perform the ceremony. Dad has claimed that job, though."

"Hang on a minute," Matt said. "Are you all right over there, Danny boy?"

John and his brothers all looked over at Dan. He was off in his own world.

"Hey, dumbass," John said, throwing something at him.

"What the hell, man?!" Dan said. He looked at his brothers.

"Are you all right, bro?" Matt asked. "You haven't said anything in regards to John's wedding plans."

"Very true," Boog said.

"You haven't said much since we all came and sat in here," John Sr. said. "Is everything okay in that head of yours, Dan?"

Dan nodded his head. "I am just thinking."

"What about?"

"About me and Ally."

"Is everything okay between you two?" John asked.

"Yeah, it's all great," Dan said. "There just has been a lot going on the last few months. We found out you and Trish is having a baby. Then you two got engaged. You found out the baby is a boy. Now Steve and Chelsea are getting married tomorrow."

"What does that have to do with you and Ally?" Steve asked.

"I have just been sitting back and taking a look at you and John with Chelsea and Trish. I have said to myself that I want what you all have. Then I realize I do not have to look anywhere to get that. I have that with Ally."

"Are you thinking about proposing to Ally?" Boog asked.

Dan smiled. "No, I am going to propose!"

"That's great, Dan!" John Sr. said.

"Congratulations," Matt said.

"Yeah," John said. "Ally is crazy about you. She likes to do her own thing, but at the end of the day, she is happy to go home to you or you to come home to her."

Dan smiled. "I am too. I actually have a question for you, Steve?"

"What?" Steve asked.

"I want to propose tomorrow. I'll do it in private. I just want to do it tomorrow. I have a little bit of a plan, actually."

"Let's hear it," John Sr. said.

Dan smiled. "I'm going to take her away from the reception and go outside. Then I'm going to ask her to marry me."

"That sounds great," Steve said. "You could even ask her to marry you while dancing."

"I thought of that, actually. I don't know. I just want to do it tomorrow."

"Do whatever you want. Just do not make a big scene of it."

"I won't."

"Well, looks like one of you will be married and then two of you engaged. But then one of the engaged ones is also going to be a dad," John Sr. said.

"Kourtney and I are in a good place in our relationship!" Matt said.

"Yes, you are. You and Kourtney take your relationship in whichever direction you want it to go. John and Dan want to marry their girls. Steve is marrying is his tomorrow."

"All right, Sean," Dan said. "What is your status with Melissa?"

Boog grinned. "I'm in love!"

"Great!" John said. "Have you said it to her?"

Boog shook his head.

"Why not?!" Matt said.

"Well, first off, she goes back to Atlanta, her home in August," Boog said.

"Who gives a shit?! If you love her, tell her!" Dan said.

"Yeah, tell her," Steve said. "You two can do the long distance relationship again. You can go see her in Atlanta…"

"…Whenever you want to go see her, you can take time away from the restaurant to go see her," John Sr. said. "You just make sure you do your schoolwork."

"Thanks, Dad," Boog said. "Getting through college is my number one priority."

"Next May, you graduate," John said.

"Yes, I do."

"Trish and Amy say Melissa is doing a great job with her internship with the firm. They also say she is considering putting of law school for a little while to work. They say there is going to be an internship available for Melissa at the Atlanta branch when she goes back. After she graduates, she'll be right back out here and have a job with the branch here."

Boog smiled brightly.

"See she'll be back here after graduation," Dan said. "That's a win-win."

"She's here until August, Sean," Steve said. "Worry about her leaving when the time comes. Enjoy her while she's here. If you love her, tell her."

"Yes, I told Trish that I loved her after three weeks and she said it right back to me," John said. "You're an awesome person, baby bro. You always make Melissa laugh and smile. You are not afraid to be yourself in front of you. You sure as hell showed that at Thanksgiving dinner when you said you'd make breakfast in bed for her."

Everyone laughed.

"Do you seriously love Melissa, Sean?" John Sr. asked.

"Yes, I do," Boog said.

"Then tell her you do. Let her know how you truly feel about her. Always let a person know how you feel about them if you consider them important to you. Don't be afraid."

Boog nodded his head.