"Hey, i'm Zoe. What seems to be the problem?" She asked the patient she had been given. She had had a boring day, and she wanted something to make it a bit more exciting.
"I have a cut. There." The girl, Niamh, replied.
"How did you get it?"
"Have you not seen the news?" She sighed. "I was protesting about the police after they shot someone they shouldn't have, and someone hit me with something."
"How did you get hit while protesting?"
"People starting throwing stuff everywhere." Niamh said. "I think someone's protest board hit me. I can't remember." Zoe noted 'amnesia' down on her notes.
"Did you lose consciousness at all?" Zoe asked. All she was curious about was the protesting being on the news...
"I think so." Niamh said. "I remember getting off the floor but not being hit."
"Okay." Zoe nodded. "Can you look into this torch for me? Follow the light with your eyes.

Zoe conducted the procedure, and noticed that Niamh was still a bit dizzy. She had no sickness, so she was sure that she didn't have a concussion.
"Are you sure you don't feel sick?" Zoe asked again to make sure while lowering the bed hoping to get rid of the last bit of dizziness.
"No I feel fine." Niamh shook her head.
"Okay." Zoe said. "I will be back in an hour or two to check on you before we let you go."
"Thank you." Niamh said, watching Zoe leave.

"Zoe? Have you seen this?" Linda asked, ushering her over.
"Seen what?" She asked,hoping for news about the protest.
"That out of control protest around the corner!" Linda said, and Zoe sighed with relief. "The police think it will spread..."
"Oh." Zoe said, and looked at the live broad cast, and sure enough, Zoe recognised the shop around the corner covered with broken glass windows and fire. "How many peopleare down that road?"
"A lot." Linda said. "More and more teens are joining in."
"Oh." Zoe said, worried about the hospital. "So I guess Im working later tonight."
"Nick said we all should." Linda grimaced. "I want to get away from here so i'm not all caught up in it, but I guess helping others is more important."

"Hey mum." Jess said, walking up behind her.
"Oh, hey." Zoe said, kissing her forehead. "School finished already?"
"Yeah." Jess beamed. "They heard about that thing on the news getting worse so they sent us home as it was supposed to reach the school."
"I see." Zoe said. "You should have gone straight home as you would have been safer there. You have a key right?"
"Yeah... but you drive me home. It would take me over an hour to walk there." Jess said.
"I'd rather you go home..."
"And walk past the soon to be riot?" Jess asked. "Sure, i'll go now."
"No." Zoe said, realising that that was the way home. "Stay. I don't want you walking through that."
"Cool." Jess said, and walked into the staff room, putting her bag on the table and getting out her phone.

"All police are told to stay at work." Linda announced. "They just said on here. Some are going down there with all the shields and everything. Some are coming down here to guard the hospital."
"Good." Zoe said. "The last thing we want is this hospital going up in flames like the last one."
"True." Linda said. "Look at how big it is." Zoe turned and walked to the screen, and it had grown in size since she saw it last.
"Woah." Zoe said. "It is bigger than before..."
"I know." Linda said. "I hope it doesn't get too bad..."
"Well it is already bad..." Zoe said.
"But I don't want it to get any worse.." Linda said. "I want to be able to get home."
"So do I." Zoe said. "If it gets so bad, we might not be able to get out of the hospital."
"I doubt it will get that bad." Linda said.
"Don't hold your breath." Zoe said, and walked off to find Jess.

"Jess?" Zoe said.
"Ya?" She said, looking up from her phone.
"I have to work late tonight." Zoe said.
"Why?" She asked.
"Because on the protest." Zoe said. "Its getting bigger and more and more casualties are going to be brought in."
"Oh." Jess said. "Im fine. I have my phone and charger in my school bag."
"Trust you to carry that around everywhere." Zoe tutted. "Stay in here will you? I don't want you wandering around."
"Don't worry." Jess said. "I won't be going anywhere."
"Good." Zoe said, and walked over and hugged her. "I love you."
"I love you too mum." Jess said, not taking her eyes off her phone, and Zoe rolled her eyes. Kids these days with their technology.

Dixie and Jeff walked in with another young girl.
"What have we got?" Zoe asked, helping to roll the trolley into Resus.
"Seventeen year old female, with burnt arm and laceration to her forehead. Lost a bit of blood on scene, and lost consciousness on the way here."
"Okay thanks Dixie." Zoe said, and watched them leave. Lenny and Sam came in to assist.

"I will sort out the wound to the head." Zoe said. "You assess and treat the wound."
"Sure." Sam said, and began to get a closer look.
"Do you want me to phone up for a head CT?" Lenny asked.
"Yes please." Zoe said, looking into the head wound. "Hmm, its quite deep. Will definatly need a few stitches in that."
"This burn is bad." Sam said. "Its already oozing."
"Well clean it up the best you can." Zoe said, wiping the blood off the girls face. She walked out and got Linda to put in the stitches which Sam cleaned and dressed the burn.

"Any news?" Zoe asked Nick, who was watching the news in the staff room.
"Police predict the protest will get here tonight." He said. "But they are calling it a riot now."
"Oh dear." Zoe said.
"Yeah." Nick agreed. "There are police surrounding the hospital right now."
"What about Yvonne?" Zoe asked, knowing he still cared for his ex girlfriend.
"She is stationed outside." He said glumly.
"She will be alright." Zoe said, rubbing his back.
"I know." Nick said. "Its everyone here that I am worried about at the minute."
"Don't be. We are all being protected to this probably one of the safest places."
"Im not so sure." Nick said. "Police can't stop flying fireballs so easily."
"Oh." Zoe said. "Where would the safest place be in the hospital?"
"Probably nowhere." Nick said. "Maybe the far end, not by the ED entrance. But it will soon reach there."
"What about upstairs?" Zoe asked.
"Upstairs will be better, yeah." he said, now that he had thought about it. "Jess?"
"Yeah?" Jess replied, looking up from her phone again.
"If anything happens, I want you to get upstairs." Nick said. "It will be safer there."
"I know." Jess said. "I was listening to your conversation."
"And I don't want you joining in with the rioters." Nick joked.
"Ha. As if I would." Jess huffed. "I wouldn't hurt anyone on purpose."
"I know." Nick smiled. "Thats my girl." Jess smiled at him, and got back to her texting.

Zoe went to check on Niamh again, and she was worried.
"Yeah?" Zoe asked, while checking her head.
"Who was that girl that was bought in?" Niamh asked nervously.
"Her name is Chloe." Zoe said. "Chloe Mullin. Do you know her?" Zoe asked, as she heard her gasp.
"She's my best friend!" Niamh said. "Can I see her? Is she okay?"
"She is fine. She is still unconscious though and has a head wound pretty much exactly the same as yours."
"Can I see her?"
"Not yet." Zoe said. "We have to wait until she wakes. She is currently having a CT scan."
"That is the thing that x-rays your head, right?" Niamh asked, hopingto be right.
"Yes it is." Zoe said, impressed. "How did you know?"
"I had one when I was younger." Niamh said. "I got knocked out at school and they sent me to the hospital and I had one done."
"How did you get knocked out?" Zoe asked, intrigued.
"Oh, someone threw a basketball at my head really hard." Niamh said. "It hurt so bad! I had a black eye for ages."
"Im not surprised!" Zoe said. "It could have been worse though."
"I guess so."

They heard a crash of glass breaking outside the cubicle, and Zoe opened the curtain to see a fire ball being extinguished.

"So it begins." Zoe sighed, and went in search of Jess and Nick.