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Natasha worked quietly on her story on the Stark pad, she had no idea how much she would enjoy this new found hobby, or how creative she could be. She enjoyed it so much that it almost made her forget the fact that she was sick, hacking up a lung, or how much snot was coming out of her nose and onto a tissue,

"Natasha." Pepper called out to her for the fifth time in the past two minuets, it wasn't until Pepper put her hand gently on Natasha's knee. This caused Natasha to jump suddenly, she was brought out of her little world on the page by this contact and she looked around to see what was going on,

"What?" Natasha asked curiously and confused as she tried to catch up on what happened between when she started to write down her little story and now,

"I've been trying to get your attention for the past few minuets, you've been coughing really ugly Natasha. Why don't you take a break from whatever has you so engrossed and take a shower and see if you can't get any of that yuck out of your throat." Pepper explained and suggested to Natasha, it was then that she noticed how sore she had been from coughing and how gross the table was with all the used tissues, Natasha blushed lightly and started to pick up the tissues,

"Sorry, yeah I'll go do that." Natasha apologized as she saved her work on the story and then take the large wad of tissues in her hands to the trash can where she dumped them and went back to her room, she went to her dresser and picked up a clean pair of green sweat pants and a black t-shirt and headed to her joined bathroom. She turned the water on and waited for the bathroom to fill up with the hot steam from the hot water in the shower, As the little windows and the mirrors started to fog up she started to cough on a more frequent interval, though this was a good thing. As she coughed she could feel the mucus in her chest loosen enough for it to be easier for Natasha to cough up. When she was ready she got in the shower and sat on the by now already warm floor of the shower and just let the hot water hit her, it felt good, she was warm, her chest was looser, and of course her sinuses weren't swollen and under pressure. She stayed this way for a long while, just enjoying the hot steam and working to clear out her throat from all the gross gunk in her throat. When she felt like she was done with that an ready to get out she stood up and went through her normal routine of taking a shower, when she was finished she turned off the shower and just sat down on the little bench in the bathroom and just kinda waited for the cobwebs to clear and just readjust from being out of the shower, when she was ready she got dressed again and pulled her robe on tightly around her to keep herself warm when she would exit the bathroom, but before she did that she spent a few minuets with tons of tissues and trying to blow out all the mucus in her nose. After a few minuets of her grossing herself out she felt her nose was as clear as it was going to be she left her bathroom and returned back out to the living room where she had left pepper about half an hour or better ago,

"How are you feeling Nat?" Pepper asked her curiously as she looked up from the laptop she was working on at the moment,

"A lot better, I can finally breath through my nose, but I'm still not a hundred percent." Natasha replied with a smile, she was definitely feeling a lot better than she had been the past couple of days,

"Good, glad to hear it." Pepper said happily with a smile on her face, she was glad that her friend was feeling much better now. Natasha made her way over to where she was before she took her shower and went right back to work on the story she was writing, an hour or so later Pepper looked over and saw her writing continuously non-stop. What ever she was writing it was just flowing from easily,

"Whatcha writing there?" Pepper asked, though this time Natasha snapped out of her zone much quicker this time, though at the question she did blush slightly,

"Oh nothing." Natasha answered shyly, as much as she wanted to say it did embarrass her just a little bit,

"Oh come on, you can tell me, you know it won't go any further than you and me." Pepper replied trying to coax her into telling her, Natasha faltered for a moment and then she caved, if it was anyone else she wouldn't come clean to them but for Pepper, for Bruce, for Steve, she would, anyone else it would be questionable verging on no,

"Ok, well a 'friend' of mine, told me they like poetry and it was a secret hobby for them. And it had me thinking, and then last night when you woke me up from my nightmare I had a dream that made for a great story and I thought I'd try and make a story out of it." Natasha explained as she tried as hard as she could to not blush,

"Poetry, that explains the book of poetry I found a while back. I tried to figure out who's it was but I couldn't quite figure it out." Pepper said thinking out loud,

"Yeah, the person that belongs to wants to keep it a secret." Natasha said gently with a smile, and Pepper nodded in response,

"Ok, though I have to say whoever is writing that stuff it's really good stuff, they shouldn't be ashamed of it." Pepper added after a second,

"I'll tell them next time I see them." Natasha said with a chuckle, she wasn't sure if Bruce would be embarrassed that someone found his poetry book or if he would be proud that someone thought his writing was good. At that moment Steve came back into the living room looking awake and refreshed,

"Hey, there you are, thought you'd be asleep all day." Steve said as he sat between the two very beautiful ladies, Natasha out of reflex quickly hit save and logged out of her private directory from the Stark pad she was using, Steve noticed this and he chose not to say anything, if it something she wanted him to know he figured she would tell him if and when she was ready to,

"No, I'm actually feeling a lot better. I'll be down in the gym wiping the floor with you again in no time." Natasha teased lightly,

"Really, Romanoff? You're on then, but you get better first." Steve said with a joking tone in his voice, it was very evident to both Pepper and Steve that Natasha was feeling better, compared to the way she was the day before it was a relief to the both of them,

"So who's up for some Chinese?" Natasha asked them both curiously,

"Sure I'm always up for it." Steve said, though for him he could eat anything, a super soldier's metabolism knew no bounds,

"Great, I'll make the call." Pepper said which left Steve a little miffed,

"Well shouldn't we check with the guys?" Steve asked Pepper curiously,

"I know Bruce, he isn't picky, and Tony only wants Shwarma, so unless you want to have it for the umpteenth billion time this week then we leave him alone." Pepper answered smartly, which left Steve with a dumbfounded look on his face and he just agreed to what the other two wanted to do without any further complaint.

The order for the five of them was made and about half an hour later the food was delivered to the tower, once it had arrived everyone had gathered in the dining area to eat together, it was good that they all gathered around for meals, it gave all of them that sense of family, of structure,

"Hey, Red feeling better or are you still a gross puddle of yuck?" Tony asked snakily, which of course earned him another smack to the arm,

"Oww, why are you hitting me?" Tony asked Pepper as he rubbed his arm,

"Can you just wear a mask for the next couple of days? I don't wanna get sick." Tony said to Natasha, which again Pepper smacked him for his insensitive comments towards Natasha,

"It's ok, Pepper. I'll wear the mask, but while I wear the mask, Tony has to wear a muzzle so we don't have to put up with his motor mouth running a million miles a second." Natasha fired back at Tony which left him speechless along with the others that were there,

"Well glad you're doing better, Red. Now are we gonna eat or let it get cold." Tony said with a smile that almost verged on fake, but to people who knew him best it was genuine, he really was glad that Natasha was feeling better.

The group ate together exchanging some good hearted comments, laughs, and some comfortable silences aside from the gentle sounds of them eating. Much to Natasha's embarrassment a chopstick full of noodles fell just short of her mouth and down her chin, Steve saw this and quickly got her a napkin and started to pat down her chin,

"First the stuffed dog and now playing with your food, I'd say you were turning into a kid again Romanoff." Steve teased her lightly,

"Oh ha ha" Natasha replied as she gently pushed his hand away and cleaned herself up as best she could. After which Pepper dragged Tony with her and they both cleaned the table and any mess that was made during their meal, Steve went off to do God knows what. No one really knew where he disappeared off sometimes, sometimes it was to learn more about the world he lived in now, sometimes it was to go searching for Bucky, everyone knew he was still alive and in the wind, as much as they wanted to help him he turned them down knowing how dangerous it was with Bucky at the moment. Bruce sort of meandered for a moment and this gave Natasha the perfect opportunity to tell him what she needed to,

"Hey big guy." Natasha called out to him and got his attention and then strode over to his side,

"I'm glad you're feeling better Natasha." Bruce told her gently with a smile,

"Thanks, I need to tell you something though." Natasha thanked and told him, to which Bruce just looked at her wondering what it was she needed to tell him. Natasha look around to make sure no one was listening and she moved her mouth close to his ear so she could whisper it,

"You might want to find another hiding spot for your poetry book, Pepper stumbled on it." Natasha informed him, he looked at her with an embarrassed and horrified look on his face, which caused her to smile at him,

"Don't worry, she doesn't know it's you, but she is a fan of your work." Natasha said normally as she took a seat next to him, now Bruce was just embarrassed by the complements.

"Hey if it also makes you feel any better, I've taken up a hobby similar to yours." Natasha said hoping to make him feel better,

"You are? What is it you're doing?" Bruce asked curiously as he started to forget about his embarrassment,

"Well, the other night-" Natasha started explaining to Bruce what she already explained to Pepper, when she was finished Bruce smiled at her,

"I'm glad I inspired you a little bit to try new things." Bruce told her gently which earned him a little smile from Natasha,

"Thank you Doctor, you always seem to know what I need." Natasha said semi-jokingly and semi-seriously, Bruce smiled back at her words,

"Well it's in this doctor's professional opinion that you need to make sure to get some more rest." Bruce replied back to her jokingly, the playful banter they had together was fun and very much enjoyed by the both of them,

"Yes Doctor." Natasha joked back, but she knew he was speaking because he cared, he wanted her to rest a little bit before she went back to writing more of the story she had started, Natasha gave a little yawn and stretched a little bit, sleep was starting creep up on her and she could feel it,

"Go on get out of here, we'll catch up some more later." Bruce told her gently before he got up,

"Have a good nap." Bruce told her before he kissed the top of her head gently, she didn't object to this, as a matter of fact she loved the little show of affection. She never got any attention that was so loving and innocent, she relished in the moment and smiled,

"Thanks, I will." Natasha responded softly before she herself got up and started to head off to her room, she took some cough medicine so she could sleep a little more peacefully. The cough was getting better but it was still a pain and kept her awake at night, after that she crawled into bed and pulled out her stuffed dog Alexi and cuddled him close as she tried to fall asleep. As sleep started to slowly claim her she hoped she could dream more about the dream she had the night before, it really did make for a good story and she needed to know more about what happened, with those last thoughts she fell into a peaceful sleep with the occasional cough or snort.

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