Okay! This is a story that I've been planning and/or writing for probably close to two months now. It was all completely planned out (and a good portion of it was written) before season three even started airing, so it's probably going to conflict with any canon established in season three. I know for a fact that it conflicts with Lomille.

This entire story is already written, and it's quite lengthy, so bare with me guys. You'll be getting pretty much daily updates though, because it's all written out. So hopefully that makes up for it. Barring this first chapter and the last chapter, every other chapter will be roughly somewhere between a thousand and fifteen hundred words. There's a couple exceptions, but even those exceptions aren't too long.

The idea for this story has been in my head for a while, but I wasn't sure if wanted to write it, because I knew it was going to take ages to plan and write and I'm still not sure I did it justice. But hopefully, I did okay. This whole fic is centered around the idea of the Red Thread of Fate, which if you know what that is, great. If you don't, sit back, enjoy the ride, and you'll learn eventually. Whether you know about it or not, just be forwarned that I took a few liberties concerning the whole Red Thread myth. If you know about the myth already then when the time comes you'll know exactly what I did that's different. If you don't, I'll be sure to tell you later. But I don't want to ruin the surprise.


Ends and beginnings—
there are no such things.
There are only middles.
–Robert Frost.

"Hey Logie?" Kendall Knight stares up at the giant neon sign in front of him, several Chinese letters lighting up the street they're all standing on.

Logan Mitchell turns to face his best friend of ten years. "Yeah?"

"What's this place even called."

The genius shrugs. "Not sure. But if I had to guess," He steps forwards and taps the much smaller paper sign that is hung beneath the large neon one, "I'd say it's something like As Fate Would Have It."

The group of six walks inside and are all impressed by the nice interior of the Chinese restaurant. It was several miles from the Palm Woods and none them have ever been there before, but it had been the restaurant that had won, so here they all are.

Kendall picks up one the take-out menus that are lying near the hostess stand of the restaurant they are currently in. "Uh, can anyone read Chinese?"

"I can." Lucy offers, leaning closer to the blonde, "but if you don't want my help you can always read the descriptions that are in English right underneath the Chinese."

Kendall notices where she's pointing and flushes. "Oh…Yeah that would be helpful."

The rocker chic shakes her head, smiling at the tall boy. James and Carlos smirk, knowing that even though it doesn't seem like it, Lucy is actually flirting with their friend. He seems completely unaware of it, however. Or, if he is aware of it, he's not interested. He's more interested in making the resident genius attempt to pronounce some of the names of the dishes with him.

A young Chinese girl, no older than any of them, walks up to the group, smiling brightly. "Hi. How many tonight?"

"Six." Camille says, smiling brightly. "We're celebrating!"

The hostess smiles while she grabs the correct number of silverware and menus. "Great! Well follow me this way." She heads towards the left side of the restaurant until a sharp voice yells at her in Chinese. They all turn to see an elderly lady, apparently the hostess' boss, speaking quickly. The hostess, whose nametag says Li, replies, also speaking in Chinese. They argue back and forth for a minute before Li sighs and turns to the right, leading the group of friends towards the empty half of the restaurant. The group all turns to one another, shrugging in confusion before following the young girl to a long table with three chairs on either side.

Logan slides into one of the middle seats and Kendall quickly slides into the seat beside him. He doesn't seem to notice the way Lucy's eyes flicker in disappointment before she slides into the seat across from him. Carlos sits down next to her and James occupies the seat beside the Latino. Camille shakes her head and sits down next to Logan. The waitress comes and gets their drink orders, quickly returning with six sodas. Kendall quickly chugs half of his before turning the genius on his left. "What are you getting?"

The shorter boy shrugs. "Not sure yet. The menu is huge and we've never been here before."

"Who cares about the meal?" Carlos exclaims. "I can't wait for the fortune cookies!"

James shakes his head. "I think I'm going to try the sushi." He says after skimming though the menu options. "Now I just need to figure out what kind I want."

"It all sounds delicious," Camille admits, "I don't know what I want either."

"There portion sizes look pretty big here," Lucy mentions, "I don't think I'd even be able to eat all of anything on here. Want to split something with me?" Her last statement is directed at the blonde across from her.

Kendall smirks, this time picking up on Lucy's subtle attempts at gaining his attention. "Sure. I was thinking the number three sounds good." He points to the item on her menu. "What do you think?"

She reads it over quickly and smiles. "Sounds delicious."

Their order decided, the blonde turns back to his best friend. "Did you pick something yet, Logan?"

Logan flips idly through the menu once more. "Actually, the chicken ramen sounds really good. It would be cool to try actual ramen for once and not that stuff that comes in a Styrofoam cup."

"Hey!" Kendall pretends to be insulted. "That stuff is delicious." The genius makes a face and both boys start laughing.

They quiet down as the waitress returns to get their order. They all order and then continue talking amongst themselves until the food arrives. Everyone steals a little off of everyone else's plates (except for Logan who refuses to touch James' sushi) and they all decide that is probably one of their new favorite restaurants. At least for Chinese food. Things go smoothly until about halfway through dinner. "I had my entire high school convinced that I could read palms." Lucy tells them all and Carlos actually snorts into his drink.

"No way." Kendall says, shaking his head. "They actually bought that?"

"Yeah." The rocker nods. "I'm an incredible actress. Let me see your hand."

Kendall extends his hand and when Lucy reaches out to grab it she accidentally hits her drink, knocking it over onto Logan.

"Ah!" Logan pushes his chair back quickly but it's too late. He's already soaked in Lucy's Mountain Dew. "Damn that's cold!"

The tall blonde draws his hand back, just before Lucy can grab it, and turns all his attention to his friend. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Logan dabs at his pants with his napkin. "It just looks like I didn't quite make it to the bathroom." He chuckles lightly.

"I am so sorry, Logan." Lucy apologizes, handing the short boy some more napkins. "It was a total accident."

Logan smiles reassuringly at the girl almost across from him. "I know. It's fine, really. I'm going to go to the bathroom. Maybe I can at least make them not sticky."

He stands up and no one is surprised to see Kendall stand up as well. "I'll come with you." He grins cheekily at his brunette friend. "Four hands will get it done faster than two."

"And while you're gone, I'll get us some fortune cookies." Carlos looks for their waitress as the other two boys head off to the bathroom. When he can't find her, he waves at the elderly lady from earlier.

"Dude, that's not our waitress."

Carlos shrugs off James' concern. "She's been watching us all night. So she's probably not too busy."

It's as if the elderly lady already knows what the energetic boy is going to ask her for, because when she gets to the table she sets down six fortune cookies. One if front of each of the chairs. "Enjoy." She tells him, smiling and letting her gaze linger on the two empty chairs just a moment longer than normal.


A few minutes later Kendall and Logan both return from the bathroom, the smaller boy looking a little drier. "Come guys!" Carlos unwraps his cookie as soon as they're back in their seats. "We have to play the game."

He opens his fortune cookie and pulls out the little white paper. "You will have great fortune and success…in bed." He grins. "Sweet! You next James."

The pretty boy opens his cookie as well, pulling out his fortune. "A smile and a positive attitude will take you far…in bed." He smirks. "I like these fortunes."

"I'm next." Logan smiles, already holding the white piece of paper. "Huh…It just says: the more you fight, the more tangled you become."

"That's weird." Kendall breaks his own cookie open. "You must have gotten one that wasn't supposed to go out." He reads his fortune silently and his eyebrows shoot up. "I think I must have too. Mine says: Ignorance is no excuse. Fate will always find you."

The six friends all share quizzical glances. "Those are lame!" Carlos finally declares. "Find out what your lucky numbers are and then forget about them."

Both boys flip the fortunes over, the confusion on their faces increasing. "That's weird…" Logan trails off as he finishes reading what's on the back.

"My doesn't even have any lucky numbers. It's another weird fortune."

"Mine too."

"Sometimes even fate needs a helping hand. You can't see it, but hopefully you'll be able to hear it."

The table is eerily silent as they finish reading. "Well." Camille finally breaks the silence. "That's weird."

"Yeah, you must have gotten the two fortunes that were supposed to be jokes or something." Lucy gets up and grabs two more fortunes from a large bowl that is sitting on the counter. "Try a different one." She hands them each a cookie.

They crack open their new cookies and disbelief washes over their faces. "Mine says the same thing!" Logan cries.

"Mine too."

"Okay…" James gets up and moves towards the bowl, grabbing a large handful of cookies. "That has to just be a weird coincidence." He deposits the pile of cookies in front of his two friends. "Try again."

Six cookies apiece later, and everyone is beginning to think they'd better just leave. "It's just not your guys' night for fortunes." Camille tells them as she laughs. "I mean eight fortunes that all say the same thing. That's crazy."

They get up, leaving the appropriate amount of cash for their bill and head towards the exit. "I know," Kendall agrees. "That's never happened to me before."

They all wave politely to the elderly Chinese lady who is standing by the entrance. She gives a half bow as they walk by. "Goodnight everyone. Goodnight Kendall. Goodnight Logan."

They're all so wrapped up in the mystery of the freak fortune cookie incident that it never occurs to them that there's no way that this complete and total stranger could possibly know the two boys' names.


"Isn't that new documentary you wanted to go see playing today?"

Logan looks up from where he's reading on the orange couch in apartment 2J. Next to him, Carlos and James don't even blink, both too engrossed in their video game to be bothered with whatever Kendall is talking about, especially since it has the word documentary in it. "I think so." He replies after giving it some thought. "Actually, yeah, I'm pretty sure it is. I'd better go see it. It's only in theaters for the weekend."

Kendall's face lights up at the smaller boy's words. "I'll come with you!"

The genius raises an eyebrow at this. "Don't you have plans with Lucy? To go see that new horror movie?"

The blonde waves a hand dismissively. "We can do that any time. I'm sure she'll understand that the documentary is only showing for the weekend."

He completely misses the way the brunette frowns at his easy dismissal of his plans with their rocker friend. "But-"

"Come on!" Kendall's voice is slightly pleading and this catches Carlos and James' attention. "We haven't done anything just the two of us in ages!"

"So you want to go see a documentary…?"

"Yes! Well, no. But I want to hang out with my best friend. I miss you, Logie."

Logan sighs and the other two boys behind them smirk at one another, knowing the smaller boy is about two seconds from giving in. Except before he can even open his mouth, Kendall beats him too it, by singing, of all things.

"Let's go back."

Everyone, including the blonde, blinks in shock at the words that have just come from the leader's mouth. Before anyone can question it, however, Logan starts to sing as well.

"Back to the beginning."

Then, because the past minute hasn't been weird enough, the boys open their mouths and begin to sing together. "Back to when the Earth, the sun, the stars, all aligned."

There's total silence once the two boys finish singing. No one wants to say anything: James and Carlos because they're not sure if they're friends still have the urge to sing and Kendall and Logan because they don't want to accidentally start singing again. After several minutes of silence James decides to chance it. "Uh, guys…what the hell was that?"

Both genius and hockey player are pale as they turn to face their friends. "I have no idea." Kendall tells them.

"Wait…you mean you didn't just decide to sing?"

Logan shakes his head. "It's hard to explain, but I couldn't help myself. I had to sing. I don't even know what song that was."

The four friends all exchange horrified looks, Kendall and Logan looking far more concerned than either James or Carlos, however. Because even though it's kind of concerning that their two best friends have randomly burst into song, both the pretty boy and the Latino can see the entertainment value in this situation.

At least for them.

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