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Also, I've uploaded another Kogan story. Although, it's not really a story. It's actually a collection of the one shots that I've written on another website that are too short to stand on their own. There's only one chapter up so far, but I'm going to add more. I'd love if you'd check them out. These drabbles were some of the most fun things to write and I'd love to know what you guys think of them.

The past is the beginning of a
beginning, and all that is or has
been is but the twilight of dawn.
–H.G. Wells

Jennifer Knight watches with a smile as her five-year-old son and his two best friends play in the front yard. Her smile falters momentarily as she notices her blonde haired child look down the empty street yet again. It's almost as if he's waiting for something and, for the life of her, she can't figure out what. Moving carefully, she's only two months pregnant, but she likes to be careful all the same, she walks over to her son.

"Kendall, sweetie," she squats down so that she's closer to eye level, "what's wrong?"

Kendall shrugs. "Mommy…something's missing."

Jennifer has heard her son say this before. And every time he does, he gets the same far away look in his eyes. Like he's searching for something he can't see. "What do you mean, baby?"

"Someone is missing." Kendall replies, turning his head to stare down the empty street.

"You mean Daddy?" Her husband is at work and she'd thought Kendall knew that.

The blonde shakes his head. "No, Daddy's at work. He'll be back. Someone else, mommy. Someone who is going to be special to me."

Jennifer blinks in shock at the young boy's words. She's not sure she understands what's going on, but her son sounds more serious than she's ever heard him and she can't help but believe that he's telling her the truth. "How do you know?"

"Because he kind of already is," Kendall places his small hand over his heart, "in here."


Logan stretches and appreciates the way his muscles don't protest the movement. It's been several months since the accident and the genius has all but made a full recovery. He's still got to take it easy, but in a few more weeks he'll be back to singing and dancing full time with his two best friends and his boyfriend.

He and Kendall had come out to the public about their relationship as soon as Logan had been well enough to do an interview. He'd still been in casts and everything, but he'd never been happier than when he'd been able to grab Kendall's hand and tell the whole world that he and the blonde belonged to each other. It's been just enough time since then that the hype from the media is finally starting to die down.

It helps that Mama Knight has refused to let Logan leave the apartment until today too. True, he's only gone down two flights of stairs to the pool, but it's not the walls of 2J and he's glad for the change in scenery. Mama Knight, half because she wanted to and half because she'd had strict orders from Mama Mitchell, had refused to let the genius out of her sight since he'd returned from the hospital.

Kendall had been even worse, going so far as to shower with Logan (although -the genius's face flushes when he remembers the feel of Kendall's hands and his mouth- he suspects that wasn't completely a protective gesture). Logan didn't mind that as much. It is far less embarrassing to be doing everything with your boyfriend than it is to do everything with your boyfriend's mother.

"LOGAN!" His name and an excited squeal rip him from his thoughts.

All four friends turn just in time to see Camille launch herself at the genius. The hug, by her standards, is pretty tame, and Logan is very glad. He's not sure he's body is up to a full on Camille tackle just yet.

"Hey!" Kendall growls, as he eyes the actress warily.

"Oh relax!" Camille pulls back, releasing Logan and sticking her tongue out at the blonde. "He's all yours. I've shifted my sights elsewhere." Her gaze flickers over to James who gives her a charming smile in return.

"It is really good to see you though." A new voice joins the fray as Lucy walks up to them, sitting on the edge of Carlos' pool chair. She leans over and hugs Logan. "Congratulations on snagging Kendall. I'm sure you two are going to be very happy." And Logan is relieved to note that she sounds like she genuinely means it.

…Until she smacks him on the back of the head.

"Ow!" The brunette cries, rubbing the offended area. "What was that for?"

"For being an idiot." She gives him her best stern glare. "No matter how much I might have liked Kendall-which, really, wasn't all that much. Not compared to how you felt- I would never have wanted you dead or hurt. None of us would."

"What about being able to choose your own fate?" He asks.

"Well, yeah, that's important too. But if fate wants what you want then it seems pretty stupid to fight it."

"Absolutely!" Kendall agrees with a smirk, pulling Logan onto his lap and kissing the genius soundly.

"Not again!" Carlos cries as he and James make gagging noises.

"They've been all disgustingly happy and couple-y since we got back from the hospital!" James shudders dramatically.

"I dunno…" Lucy waggles her eyebrows at the two boys. "I think it's kind of hot."

"So hot." Camille agrees.

Logan flushes and even Kendall looks embarrassed and they shift uncomfortably under the girls' predatory gazes. The girls watch them squirm for a minute before smirking at each other and bursting into laughter.

"Totally kidding." Lucy tells them with a smile.

"But it was so worth the looks on your faces."

Logan turns to his boyfriend with a crooked smile. "We may have picked the weirdest people at the Palm Woods to be friends with."

"What are you talking about, Logie?" Kendall gives him a quick peck before glancing none too subtly at James, who is tanning, and Carlos, who is still wearing his helmet. "We are the weirdest people at the Palm Woods."

And the genius has to laugh at that, because, honestly, it's completely and totally true. Thread or no thread, the genius thinks as he looks around at his friends, they were all meant to find each other.


Later that evening, both boys are lying in Kendall's bed, limbs tangled together and sharing slow, lazy kisses. Kendall runs his hands across Logan's chest, fingers tracing the few scars that will never completely go away. The genius shudders under the taller boy's touch and the blonde smirks.

"I'm glad you're feeling better, Logie." He flips them so that the genius is flat on his back and Kendall is on top of him. "Because it means I get to do this."

And he leaves a trail of kisses down the smaller boy's chest before moving to mouth at the obvious bulge in the Logan's boxers.

"Kendall…" The genius hisses in pleasure at the contact.

The blonde smirks, moving up to kiss his boyfriend. He rolls his hips forward and both boys groan at the friction.

Afterwards, they lay cuddled together, both feeling sleepy and sated, but not wanting to let go of one another and drift off just yet. "You know," Logan sits up suddenly, "Lucy was right."

"Hm?" Kendall asks sleepily, eyes half-lidded and clearly only half following the conversation.

"She was right. It was pretty stupid of me to fight this. Especially since…"

This catches the blonde's attention. "Since what?" He asks, pulling the smaller boy against him and kissing his shoulder.

Logan turns his head and kisses the blonde. "Since I always knew it would be you." He tells him breathlessly when they finally pull apart. "Even before I knew you, I knew it would be you."

Kendall chuckles lightly. "I guess it must be fate then." And even though he sounds like he's joking, both boys know that he really isn't.

And the blonde pulls the genius back down onto the bed. They fall backwards together, getting lost in the pillows, blankets, and each other.

And as fate would have it…



Joanna Mitchell sees her five-year-old son look up from his book as she walks into his room. "Are you still reading?"

The brunette nods. "Yeah." He holds up the book, one far more advanced than a five-year-old should be reading. "It's really good."

"Why don't you go outside and play, baby?" She worries about her son. It's fairly obvious that his intelligence level is well above that of a normal five year old. And while she doesn't mind this at all, it does worry her that the younger boy seems more interested in books than kids his own age.

"No thanks." Hortense gazes out his window at the sight of children playing in the Texas sunshine. "I'd rather read."

Joanna chooses her next words carefully, not wanting to upset her son. "But wouldn't you like to go make some friends?"

"Not really."

"Hortense," She moves to sit next to her son, "You really need to try and make some friends."

"Don't worry mom," Hortense laughs and sends her a dimply smile. "I'm going to have the greatest friend in the world. I just have to wait for him."

Joanna blinks in surprise at the light tone in her son's voice. She's hasn't heard him sound that carefree, well ever, honestly. She smiles at him, somehow completely able to trust her son. "Oh yeah?" Hortense nods. "How do you know?"

"I can feel it." Hortense lifts his hand and places it over his heart. "In here."