Chapter 1 - On Your Own

*13 years later in California*

Chad's POV:
"Well thank you all for coming to see your children preform." The host announced. I was at Abby's performance for her school talent show. This is also Abby's first year of singing so she is nervous like hell. I feel sorry for her. Everyone else here is so experienced and she isn't. I hope for the best though.

"How about we introduce our next contestant? This is our very own Abigail Dylan Cooper!" He said and Abby was on stage with the school's band behind. Here she goes.

"Hi I'm Abigail and I'm singing a song from the time I was born, this is On Your Own." She introduced herself. Then she started to sing.

"This time, you crossed the line, leaving me in the dark
But I, will light the way without you
This time I realise, you could've had my heart
But I'm, not going down without you

You were putting on a show, putting on a show
so I'd rather be alone, rather be alone

Take another step and I'll lose it
Sick of hearing all your excuses, breaking down your walls, breaking down your walls
I'm not waiting for your call, waiting for your call
Say another word and I'll lose it
Everything you do is so useless
Before I have to go, before I have to go, I just wanted you to know, wanted you to know
You're on your own

How did it blind us to the end?
Never saw right through it
a dose of your own medicine
so read my lips

you're on your own
you're on your own
you're on your own
you're on your own
you're on your own
you're on your own
you're on your own"

She finished. Everyone was clapping and screaming. I'm pretty sure I looked like one of them people who clap to fast and too much.

"Right we'll take a break and be back in a minute." The host said. Abby came down the stairs running and into my arms for a hug.

"Hey you did well." I praised her.

"Thanks, I felt so nervous up there. I felt the world was gonna explode." She answered back.

All of a sudden a boy came up to us. He was just a little taller than Abby, had brown hair and really dark brown eyes. He tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around. "Oh hey Henry." She said to him. So his name is Henry…

"Hey Abby I just wanted to say you were really great in that performance." He said. He's kissing up already.

"Oh thanks. See you on Monday." She said and he walked away smiling. Abby turned around to me and I was smirking at her then her face fell. "Don't tease me about this."

"Who was the boy?" I asked teasingly.

"Henry. He's in my math class."

"Ooh math class. Have you multiplied with him? Oh wait, that sounds bad." I whispered after I realised what I said.

"Ew. That's really gross dad."

"Well do wanna go get ice-cream?" I asked as her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Yes!" She said and we made our way to shop. But when we got home, we got news that I knew would change our lives forever.