"It'll be even more perfect when baby number four arrives." Chad smiled as we kissed again.

One (and a bit) Year Later

Sonny's POV:

The house is filled with what sounds like a choir singing Happy Birthday to the youngest Cooper.

Chad and I welcomed our baby girl, Sophie, a year ago today. The birth itself was crazy. When I was visiting Chad on the set of his criminal detective show, my contractions started. And, it's very difficult to grab your actor partner's attention when his scene is literally trying to calm a hundred screaming extras. All in all, I somehow managed to get his attention and we made our way to the hospital. The birth itself wasn't the worse… hurt like hell but it was mostly plain sailing. Sophie arrived that December night and she looked exactly like Abby when I held her. She has been the best Christmas gift we could have ever asked for.

Of course, the older kids adore Sophie. I'm pretty sure they collectively cried when they saw her in the hospital that night. Chase and Taylor are so protective over her. It's incredible to see how the two of them can work together for once in aid of making sure their little sister doesn't cry. And Abigail is thrilled she can be the model when Sophie wants to start experimenting with makeup, and Abby can always give Sophie any advice for manoeuvring through life.

The triplet's lives are insane as well. Chase decided to follow in his parents' footsteps and try acting. He booked his first television gig on a teen drama… I know. It sounds very familiar but like father like son. Abby's continued working hard in school. That child is all about making sure she can do her best and pushing herself to be better. She's so determined it's scary sometimes. And Taylor… honestly, that boy only talks about his pet snake. OH! I should mention, Paul the snake gave birth. Therefore, Paul the snake was actually Pauline the snake. You can bet we definitely weren't ready for that to happen.

And Chad and me? We've never been as strong. We've been through a lot of trials and errors but somehow, we managed. We got married this past year. We had a lovely quiet ceremony that got crashed by the So Random and Mackenzie Falls casts but that made it so much better! We may have done the whole marriage and kids thing in a crazy order – heck, we even had triplets – however, it was perfect.

As I look at my husband holding my youngest daughter whilst my older three kids pull funny faces to make her laugh, I realise that this is what everything led to. I'm complete. We're complete.

I mean… only took me 8 years to complete this so… that's not too long right? Lol I'm so sorry. With everything happening in the world, I suddenly remembered that I never completed this story. So, hopefully, this is a satisfactory ending to make the story complete.

Catherine x