The Story of Bella Bachelor ~ Chapter 1

A/N: So this is my first fanfic, so I don't know how this will turn out. This is the story of Bella Goth (Bachelor) from my POV. In my version, she also has an older sister called Jessica, as well as some extra added family members. Also, some of her best friends don't fit in with the Sims timeline, but I used them anyway. The story starts when she is 9 years old and continues until she graduates university. So without further ado, let's start the story!

'BELLA! MICHAEL! GET DOWNSTAIRS NOW!' said a voice from the bottom of the stairs.

'Coming, mom.' I sighed. My older brother Michael was always trying to keep his cool.

We both walked out of our rooms at the same time, and stopped outside my door before we set downstairs.

'Mike, do you think that we're in trouble?' I asked, because my parents never usually used that tone of voice with us.

'I really don't know, sis.' he said, ruffling my hair.

So anyway, let me introduce myself. My name is Isabella Olivia Bachelor, but EVERYBODY calls me Bella! I have two siblings, my sister Jessica who is 10 years older than me and in university, and Michael who is 7 years older. Typical me, being stuck as the youngest of three. I look much different from my older siblings, they have light skin and brown hair, whilst I have tan skin and black hair.

So anyway, Michael and I sped downstairs and sat down on the sofa.

'So kids, your mother and I want to tell you something.' my dad said, with a serious expression on his face.

'Pleasedon'tsaywe'removingpleasedon'tsaywe'removing' I thought, trying not to look nervous. I swear that I heard Michael gulp.

'Well... um... Michael.. Isabella.. I'm uh.. pregnant.' my mom stuttered.


'W-what did you just say?' I see where Michael gets his timid streak from.

'Michael, don't you know what this means? We're going to have a new baby brother or sister in a few months time!' I was literally bursting with excitement.

'Oh and also, you probably won't be happy, but... it's triplets.'

'YOU ARE SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME?' I felt my face burning up.

'I'm afraid so, Bells. So, will you promise to be a big help to your mother and I for the next couple of years?' Well done dad. Thanks for putting me on the spot.

'Umm... okay.' I tried putting on a brave smile. Then I realised that my mom was starting to look upset, so I went to give her a hug.

'When are the babies due?' Did Michael really just ask that?

'Mid August.'


Then it hit me. This must be a family pattern.. kinda. Jessica was 10 when I was born, and I'll be 10 when the babies are born. Wow. Unless it's just chance.

'Well, Mom, Dad, Michael. Can I go outside to play with my friends?' It slipped out of my mouth before I could finish.

'Sure, honey! Just be sure to be back by half 6.'

'Okay. Bye, I love you!'

Then I ran. Ran past the patch of grass across the road from my house where I play with my bestest friends Darlene and Kaylynn. Past the graveyard. Until I found myself standing right in front of Goth Manor. Why was I there? Mortimer and I were still good friends, but he usually isn't my first person to to go with my problems.

'Uhh.. Bella? You alright?'


I turn around slowly. 'Uh.. hi Mortimer! Nice day, isn't it?' I felt my face turning red. My favourite colour. Typical.

'Yeah.. so how come you've just been standing outside my house for the last five minutes?'

Dang! Well, I have been known to daydream.

'Have I? Well.. umm.. can I tell you a secret?'

'I guess so.'

'Well, don't tell a single soul, but my mom is pregnant with triplets!'

'Are you kidding me? I'm sorry, but she's like forty! How come she's still that fertile? Oops, sorry! Did I offend you?' he looked sympathetic and walked to give me a hug which I accepted.

'It's alright. Yes, I'm telling the truth. I've just found out now. Shocking, right?' Now we were talking and acting like we did when we were best friends.

'Well, congratulations! So, when will they be born?'

'Mid August.'

'Oh. Well, I have to get inside, my dinner is almost ready. Bye!' And then he was gone.

I didn't know what to do so I trailed back down the road to my house, when I heard shouting.

'BELLA! BELLA, COME HERE! BELLA!' Typical. Darlene, Kaylynn and her aunt Zelda were standing in my yard. Typical of them.

'I'd appreciate if you didn't invite yourselves into my yard, screaming my name.' now I was suddenly angry. What was wrong with me today?

'Ooh, keep your hair on, miss fusspot!' Zelda teased. She always has a soft spot for me, she's best friends with Jessica, so I've known her all of my life. Along with Kaylynn. We met Darlene two years later.

'Sorry. But listen guys, don't react loudly like you usually do, but.. mymomispregnantwithtriplets.'






I groaned. They are always loud. All of my best best friends are loud. Even Jennifer, though she lives in Riverview. We mostly see her at school. Oh god, this will have to be repeated on Monday.

'Yes, I'm deadly serious.'

'Jessica hasn't told me that yet!'


'Congrats, Bells!'

I smiled at Kaylynn. She was the most normal friend I have, as well as the oldest. Then I was mobbed by hugs.

'Thanks guys, but I have to go inside now. Bye!' I then paced back through my front door. Wow, what a crazy few hours.

End of Chapter One

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