Story of Bella Bachelor ~ Epilogue: Part Two

Final part of this story. Boo. Well, my new story was released on Saturday. It's called Living Without a Mom and it focuses on the Sekemoto family in Sunset Valley. So, I really can't let go of writing with Bella and Morty. I might have planned a story that'll come out in like three months time where Bella goes missing, and not by aliens. Hmm.

Twelve years later

I'm heavily pregnant with Mortimer and I's second child. It's going to be a boy. This time we decided on a name before I give birth. He's gonna be called Alexander. I can't wait.

Cassandra can't wait for her little brother to be born. It's rare that she's excited for something, she gets her grumpy side from her dad. She and her cousin Autumn are the best of friends, they're inseperable.

I was correct, Mortimer is an amazing dad. He takes Cassandra out on fun trips and buys her surprise treats every week. She's the apple of his eye, a real daddy's girl.

Everyone always says that I'm a good mom. I suppose I am.

Seven years after Cameron was born, Dylan and Darlene finally married. Taylor and Louise are still living the single life, not like they care. Victoria finally managed to get a boyfriend the other week, but he doesn't look very trustworthy. His name's Don Lothario. He's a downright creep if you ask me. He looks like a total womanizer. Taylor said that he saw him looking at me with an expression of lust on his face. Urgh, he can screw off. I'm never cheating on my Morty. We're all wishing that Victoria would just leave him but she won't listen. Great, I predict an impending family fall out.

Anyway, back to now. Mortimer's at work and Cassandra's at school. Thankfully we don't live in Goth Manor yet. Living with Gunther and Cornelia would be plain awkward. Instead we live in a modern house right in Bridgeport. I was walking down the stairs to answer the phone when I suddenly tripped and fell flat on my face. My first thought was panic as pain flew across my body. Was the baby alright?

Oh crap. I don't think he is. The baby is coming. Why now?! He's still supposed to be in my belly for another month! Ignoring the fact that a bump is probably appearing on my forehead right now, I managed to run and finally answer the phone.


'Hi Bella, it's Darlene. Today is my day off and-'

'GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!' I screamed down the line.

'What? Is everything alright?'

'No! I'm kind of in labour right now!'

'Are you serious?!'

'Darlene, now isn't the time!'

'Okay, okay. I'll pick you up in five minutes. Want me to call Dylan so he can call everyone else?'

'Yeah. Get him to call Mortimer too.'

'Okay, doing that now. Wait by the door.'

Darlene, being late as she is, arrived twenty minutes later and I waddled over to the car.

'Okay Bella don't worry. Mortimer has been notified and he's meeting us at the hospital. Now please, don't give birth in the car. We only bought it yesterday.'

I gave Darlene a death glare and she stepped on it. Thankfully the drive to the hospital only takes about five to ten minutes.

A few hours later

After what seemed like forever, we finally welcomed young Alexander Goth into the world. He looks so much like his daddy. But he's so small.

After everything had calmed down, Cassandra came in and made her way straight to her baby brother. During this, Mortimer cuddled me close and whispered in my ear,

'I'm so proud of you.' , before kissing me softly. I smiled at him.

'I love you.'

'I love you more.'

And that's when I knew that our family was complete. Nothing could break us apart.

Or so I thought.

To be continued

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