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It took another half hour for the energy on and around the shore to die down and Ozymandias sighed from where he sat on top of an apartment building, admiring the way the moon gleamed over the ocean, the tide coming in and out, waves crashing against the rocks below the pier. It was an exciting night and he was honored to have been a part of it. Nite Owl and Rorschach proved themselves to truly live up to the expectations of being a mask tonight which meant a lot to what he and the others stood for.

He likes the pair; he felt they made a good team despite being nearly polar opposites with Nite Owl's youthful chatter and boyish smiles and Rorschach's gruff demeanor and wise above his years- despite not knowing his true age- attitude towards things. They just fit perfectly it seemed. Even while they were being interviewed earlier, Ozymandias recalls, their differences were there. Nite Owl smiled and enthusiastically how his partner used his wits to save them both while Rorschach stood close (very close, Ozymandias thought as he watched from afar) and nodded along, inputting his point of view every now and then or correcting Nite Owl when the excitable boy mispronounced something or skipped over a detail. It never bothered him, being interrupted or corrected, and he'd just smile and nod or affectionately nudge his elbow against the other man's.

Ozymandias didn't know….well, he kind of had hiss assumptions about the meanings behind the gestures but he chose to keep his lips shut. He liked both men, they were polite and he thought them as fond acquaintances he looked forward to seeing more often, so he didn't want to strain any developing relationship he would want to form with the two or even damage their own friendship by voicing his assumptions. He was many things but Ozymandias knew he was no fool.

Once interviews were over and Nite Owl threw his arm around his partner while they had their picture taken, the duo waved their goodbyes and walked off together, their steps never moving out of sync, some mutual happiness and calm over them that perhaps didn't have much to do with the Figure case.

Now, everyone gone and this part of town put back in its usual silence, Ozymandias did his mediation for the night then opened his eyes to watch the sea with a sigh. The sound of a garbage bin being knocked over makes him abruptly stand into his fighting position but when the culprit swears he relaxes.

"Losing your grip, Edward?" He asks with a smirk, allowing his voice to swim back to its native German accent for the first time that evening. "I am afraid you're getting too old, my friend."

"Shove it, Adrian. You know I'm a fighting man and I refuse to go down without one," the Comedian, Edward, groaned, walking over to sit beside him.

Ozymandias, Adrian, smiled and chuckled. "I will keep that in mind."

Edward scoffed then fished out a cigar from his belt and lit it, Adrian rolling his eyes at his older companion as he sat back down, turning his gaze back to the sea.

After a few minutes of silence, Edward let out a perfect smoke ring and giggled at it, amused at his own creation then said, "Hell of a night, hey kiddo?"

"Indeed," Adrian replied. "Those two deserve it. Rorschach had been through a lot gather leads and such so it is a relief to both he and Nite Owl that the predicament is over."

"Until the next spook comes a-knockin'," Ed noted with a laugh that made Adrian laugh back in response.

"Of course," he said. "There is always something going on in this city yet I am relieved that they have a decent system between them."

"System?" Edward sneered. "Now between you and me, Blondie, Birdy and Inky got more than a system between them."

Adrian's eyebrows rose and he felt himself pale from the realization. "You saw and have thought the same as I then," he muttered softly, gazing down at the hands folded in his lap. He looked up at his elder man. "What do you think will happen if our assumptions are correct, you think?"

Edward became silent and he sucked a moment or two on his cigar under the other's azure gaze as he thought. Sighing he said, "Well, from what I've seen in my years of heroing is that sort of thing never ending nicely."

It made sense, Adrian concluded. But he just couldn't see anything bad happening to or between such admirable men and the mere thought greatly saddened him. "Edward," he softly began, trying to sound clear despite the tightening he felt in his chest. "Is there anything we can do that, I do not know, would prevent anything ad from happening?"

Standing and tossing the cigar over the ledge, Edward turned his gaze away from the blue of the ocean to the small blue pools pleading up at him. Adrian always looked so small when he didn't understand something or felt like he could've done something better for someone which was a slight relief from Edward's point of view considering how arrogant the younger man can be at times.

With a sad half-smile, Edward affectionately (though a bit harshly) ruffled his friend's blonde locks. "I think as far as these things go, kid, it's best to let glory years stay that way and let nature take its course, whether it proves to be good or bad in the long run. Everything happens for a reason, ya know?"

Adrian nodded and carefully fixed his hair back into place as he stood up next to Edward. "I understand but-"

"Ah-ah-ah," Edward lifted a finger to his face to silence him. "No more 'but's, alright? Now I don't want to hear any more about Owl-Eye and Freaky-Face's relationship for the rest of the night. I agree to work with you once a week and, believe or not, I want to make the extra pair of arms and legs you graciously provide useful. You got me?"

The blonde's cheeks flushed (he hated being scolded) but he nodded.

The seriousness of Edward's face softened again and he clapped his companion on the back, steering him towards the fire escape. "Now, Mr. Veidt, if you would be ever so kind to follow me, I can tell you something our new friend Sheriff Coulson was able to share that would take your mind off things."

A grin appeared on Adrian's face. "A certain magician's location acquired at last?"

Edward simply grinned back and winked before launching himself down the fire escape and trotting through the alley below, waiting for Adrian to follow.

Adrian was ready to lower himself onto the fire escape too but he stopped a moment and looked instead up at the moon and stars above. Closing his eyes, he did something he hadn't done since he was a child: make a wish. I wish for life to be kind to my friends and that, in the future, they will not step out of line and be happy. Let the glory years last beyond this decade.

"Ozy, you coming or what?! Like you kindly pointed out, I ain't getting much younger!" The Comedian called from below.

With a proud smile, Adrian opened his eyes before stepping down the fire escape, landing softly beside his companion before they strode off, discussing plans of their own to catch the illusive illusionist at last.

Still, as they walked and talked like any other night, Adrian still had one thought on his mind:

I hope my wish comes true.